Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business? related questions

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Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business?1House2012-09-21 18:49:02
I'm trying to get my home business to the next step , but do not have the capital to make it happen , for reasons beyond me from getting a loan . I have to be able to advertise and pay the fee of suppliers in various shows but most importantly we need to establish a real store for people to come and where I can work on my product in a more effective environment for my work .
Is there government grants and/or loans that I can get to start a small business?1mizz lynn2012-11-02 04:19:01
Where I can find them?
How do i find small business grants or government loans?1Milli2012-08-31 19:28:03
How I can find small business grants or loans from the government?
Where can I find free access to apply for government grants or small business loans?2Roderick2012-11-03 11:22:03
Where I can find free access to apply for government grants or loans for small businesses ?
Do you know of any legitimate resources to find government business grants?1Abbado 2012-11-04 09:08:04
My girlfriend and I are exploring the idea of ​​starting our own business in real estate investment . We are currently working on a business plan to present a business loan or grant . Does anyone have a good resource for government business grants available to start a small business in real estate ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know there are a lot of ads out there for companies that offer to find grants applicable to a hefty fee . We are not interested in that. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
What is a good site to find info about business loans , grants , and any other government .?1gil2012-10-04 09:44:01
My husband and I were looking to start a small business and would like to know if anyone has an idea on a website that can help us get a little help from commercial loans and anything else . . . any information will help. ( They were new at this) thanx :)
Government grants for small business?1Meranda2012-10-01 01:57:02
I have the intention of having a small business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any way that the government can help me with a financial interest or just under any of the loans ?
Are there any small business government grants available in Ontario?0Comfort Emma2012-09-20 08:15:03
I have a business , but like any business is difficult to implement , especially since it has started not long ago . This is a successful company, but I am short of money . I live in Ontario , Canada . Does anyone know if grants or low-interest loans available from the Government of Ontario ?
Government grants/ small business startup loans....?0Erica2012-09-17 04:24:05
I have a business plan and a building chosen that I would buy . I've looked at several websites including grants.gov and sba.com to find a way to get the money I need , and I have not had much luck . I'd love to get a scholarship , but it is really hard to find grants that qualify. I have horrible credit , so a loan will also be hard to get unless you can find a way to obtain financing on anything but my own personal credit history . I have not anyone to co - sign for me, either . However, I am confident that my business will be successful, due to the fact that I have absolutely no competition whatsoever in my area . Also I have a business plan and a unique sound and some very good ideas . Has anyone here ever gotten a grant for this purpose? How about a business loan with bad credit ? Any idea ? Any information helps ! Thank you all ! !
Starting a small business. Need help with where i should apply for government grants.?0Victorine2012-10-08 01:29:09
I am located in a U.S. territory and we need your help if you know where I can get a loan or small government grants / funds to start a small business .
How to get funding for a small business(government grants/loans)?2daran2012-10-19 22:01:02
So I have a pretty good idea for a business and they do not really need a lot of initial capital . I do not think is good enough to win a prize , so do not think I would win any challenge pepsi or whatever . But only for a regular retail online , how can I get funding . I thought I heard that the government help with donations or loans because they want to encourage small businesses . And , if you can , I can get some resources ? Like links to websites not money itself haha. Probably only need between 5 - 10k at most .
Are there grants for someone to start up a first time business, restaurant/bar... and where can I find them?0Shanelle2012-11-03 15:11:07
I've never owned a business, and my income is not that great. I would like to start a restaurant/Bar in Alabama. I was looking into Small business loans, but wanted to see if there might be some Federal Grants for first time business starters first, hoping it would allow me to have to borrow less. I haven't qualified for a small business loan yet, as I wanted to research what type of investment I'm looking at first. If anyone has suggestions or answers, it would be greatly appreciated.

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