Am i right to stop paying for a business debt if my ex business partner will not provide the bank statements? related questions

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Am i right to stop paying for a business debt if my ex business partner will not provide the bank statements?3EricB's2012-11-04 02:17:02
I used to be a business partnership with my sister, no trade agreement was signed, and my name is not on any bank account or credit card, etc agreemnet separate ourselves from the company on June 30 last year, took half a customer of each. i have been paying a sum of money each month in the past trading account to cover outstanding debts. My sister and I no longer speak due to unrelated issues, has moved house and not know where I live, I text message and asked copys of all bank statements and outstanding balances on my records , has refused to let me copys of the statements , saying the business is no longer operational , is my business , even though the bank account is still in operation and has check books and cash cards for him , so I left to pay my half , I 'm putting this in a savings account for safe gaurd myself! Am I wrong to want to know that the debt is paid Beng, and I have the right to see the statements if my name is not on it?
Associated Bank: Is it legal for a Bank to not provide tangible loan payment statements?0N-PROPER-COLL 2012-10-09 12:02:00
I have a second mortgage associated with the bank and do not provide monthly statements or eStatements this loan. I've been doubling the payments to repay the loan faster, but without statements , I have no idea how they are applying my payment . I can call and get the information by phone . Is it legal to not provide any account history tangible payment ?
Applying for home loan, can lenders look further back beyond the current bank statements that we provide them?4*Mean~ppl~need~prozak* 2012-09-30 20:55:02
I recently received a large cash deposit into my checking account for the down payment , but do not want to have to deal with writing a gift letter or having to justify that these funds came . I'm thinking of leaving the funds in the account and let them sit there for at least two months until they are considered " veterans " . After that , I will submit bank statements , but my question is if I'm really in the clear or not if they (the lenders ) only asks for two bank statements newer . They will have the power to review my account further behind giving them ? I'm afraid I can see the cash deposit if they are even a month past the two statements provided ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another question is whether part or we should not let our real estate agent or mortgage broker know this information, and that's why we are delaying further action for now ! Is this the right information so that they know ? Will we have problems with them if you know? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any ideas would be helpful ! Thank you !
15. As a bank loan officer looks over your business plan, which of the following statements is?0GIGI2012-10-06 13:32:49
15. As a bank loan officer looks over your business plan , which of the following statements is MedlinePlus more likely to get more attention when considering the progress of your MedlinePlus company will do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ? Your cash flow projection MedlinePlus B. His latest balance sheet MedlinePlus C. Your personal financial statement MedlinePlus D. Its current income statement
Is my bank not a good business partner?1twela2012-10-26 20:12:02
I have a net worth of around $ 1.1 million. I have never been late on a payment , and have been in the same job for 23 years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A year ago , I decided to open a franchise that would require an initial investment of about $ 200K . My bank staff - a local bank - not lend me a dime of unsecured funds , even though he offered to lend me $ 120K against a $ 150K rental that I had free and clear. That's not really a business loan itself , but rather a home equity loan . I'm borrowing from myself, but fair. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 7 months later, we're at the point of balance and a great opportunity to open a second location , with the promoter pays $ 40K to finish off , leaving us with only about $ 75K of expenses to make us even. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have $ 30K of it in cash, and yet I have about $ 25K of that home equity loan . That leaves me $ 20K short . But when I asked the bank , said they would consider for the remaining unsecured $ 20K , but would have a fast payback of no more than three years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus That sounds like total garbage . It's as if they do not want to pay any portion of their money , but only want to lend you money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this typical , or should I do some shopping for a bank ?
What do I need to provide to qualify for a personal or small business bank loan?0Jovita2012-09-21 07:38:02
I am fairly new to us here , will need a little credit for doing things , what are the requirements to qualify for these loans . Gladly would like to get an idea of ​​what the rate of interest of these loans are for my planning . Bank wants a head to head discussion on this topic , but my work schedule is so strong , you can not visit in this part time.Can someone ? Great ideas are welcome. Thank you.
A business partner wants a personal loan and has a very high debt to income ratio?0Missmoo2012-08-27 10:10:03
A business partner has maximized its influence on the purchase of rental properties . He takes the credit card debt and mortgages on several houses , and a car loan in a classic car . No bank will lend you money . He has asked for a loan to buy more goods . What fees are expected?
My partner in a small business got a business loan and personally guaranteed it, question about this?0Helen2012-08-26 05:43:03
The loan was in the name of the company , but the loan officer made ​​him sign a personal guarantee on it . The loan was for $ 25,000 and now is saying , because he personally guaranteed the $ 25,000 that is being used as start-up towards money and percentage of the company that owns , even though the loan was in the name of companies . Can you use this $ 25,000 to property of the company , or to be used for operating costs and what not? The company is only worth about $ 60k , so this extra $ 25k you're getting a much more substantial amount of property.
What will happen if I stop paying my secured debt?1The One2012-11-02 15:38:02
In 2008 I bought a 07 yamaha R6 funded by HSBC at a high interest rate . The loan is secured by the bike . My payments are too high .
If i stop paying on a car loan, how long before the bank re posses my car?0rayne2012-09-26 17:53:04
My ex husband and I just got divorced and have both our names on the title and I have only my name on the record , and the court will have as its owner . I can make payments and have always and will continue . He wants to repay the loan , which I know is impossible. I want to bear fruit , but how long the bank allows someone has the car before I report it , " IF " , not paid at all? so you can actually cancel a loan that is easy and if so , how long befor the bank takes measures payement Repossesion if not made?
Can I sue a business partner for abandonment?0secret agent 784.2012-10-08 02:19:46
I have a business partner who owend two companies, Dec 2007 we climbed to our office and our business moved to our other business office and kept doing the same business has done before. In January I saw that it has added another company to its DRE license, I called and ask what this is all about, he said he has been waiting to tell me a while ago ......... said it is opening another office doing the same business as we did, but with another partner.I was surprised to hear this being my best friend and moveing ​​partner.prior our office to another, let two guys go and official remained only five loan we went to our other office ..... Shop for openeded partner in February 2008 the couple called our office and speak with our agents, within a few minutes all the players were gone and all our current files were working .. ...... went straight to my office mates again ........ so now we are partners in a single business, both received a small monthly salary and benefits if there was any.The issues affected by the economy and we were forced to abandon our wages, eventually lasted for the past 8 months there profit.I has been received a letter from a lawyer today to say that we are being sued for past salary has not been paid for it, and any profits.He has not contributed to the company in any way or called or came to the office in two years and is now trying to sue. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do, I have the legal right to sue hime for stealing our business together for the last time, and taking information and all actors? ? Basically he changed his name and took all the agents and information, but me.He tells me I owe 30,000 for American Express card says that you used to pay for advertising when we were still working together. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any information is appreciated
Ex business partner being a pain help?1trudy2012-08-14 22:13:02
Hey guys , I need legal advice here , I had a silent business partner and opened a beauty salon together, signed the loan business , which had the business license in my name , and the lease, the All he did was get a family friend put a wall to fix some pipes and paint this "friend " also purchased a reception and air conditioning (small) and an old barber chair , bought a ( di ger 50% of what service brought , he was only there 6 months) and now she wants the chair so that you can sell , I do not care because I do not like much, but if it comes after the receipt and air conditioner you have a problem , she abandonder his stuff 10 months ago , we have nothing on paper, nothing has ever been a breeze even exsisted and she left without warning that it was too stressful and left me high and dry is there any statute of limitations of abandonment in place that belongs to someone through business / home ect

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