HOA rules about pet waste? Stupid renters spoiling it for everyone?

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Because our student loans, my husband and I were not able to get approved for long to buy a house. We looked at our options in our price range and went home with a 20 year old in a safe neighborhood in a safe side of the city, rather than go with a larger family house in the not so good side of the city. We have adopted a greyhound mix Humane Society of the same week we moved and she is simply amazing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband gets up early and runs away with it around our neighborhood. Take plastic bags in case he shits in a common area, or in someone's yard. When I walk all day, I also carry bags and pick up after her if she poops. Obviously not a fun task, but it is only a responsibility of owning a dog. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, there are a lot of renters in our neighborhood and the owners (mostly property management companies) apparently did not inform them of the HOA guidelines (which apply to all residents, property owners and tenants). Therefore, through walking our dog, we have found quite a few more dog owners (all of whom have bought dogs after our vi ...). They are collecting their dogs shit and just leave a huge mess everywhere! The Secretary of the HOA spent more than an hour, the other day, removing trash piles of dog-areas. She saw me bring groceries from my car and felt he had the right to blame me personally for the irresponsibility of others. I informed him that I could give you the names of at least two tenants who try to hide the dogs and their owners who constantly let your dog roam free in the neighborhood. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Instead of putting out the "Pick up after your pets" signs w / plastic bags, she complains then nothing is done. How I can get the other residents of the neighborhood to stop being so selfish and start picking up after their dogs?
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This is no better than the owners are tenants concerned. It's an unpleasant subject , irresponsible dog owner . They can also be tenants or owners . That said . The HOA has to establish some kind of consequences for those " trapped " , leaving their messes . I have understood that HOAs are well versed in relegating persons and their consequences . If you feel so , appear at the next meeting of the HOA . Come up with some ideas for a viable plan . How to identify the offenders , the consequences should be . ect . A cost analysis often helps. As much it would cost to print flyers or posters and much of that would recover fines . ect . MedlinePlus Personally, I think it's the HOA or city to provide me poop bags . I know some cities do, just for convenience . It is my responsibility to provide my own luggage .
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