Can a case (account car loan) that was dismissed 4 years in court case in georgia for want of prosecution ? related questions

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Can a case (account car loan) that was dismissed 4 years in court case in georgia for want of prosecution ?0Denese2012-09-16 15:13:08
can this case be tried in the same court . the statue of limitations has expired MedlinePlus dismissed for lack of prosecution Feb, 10, 2006 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus no notice was served . I got this information from MedlinePlus court case research MedlinePlus This case was first introduced in August 2004 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus now can try this same cause in 2007 .
Can My Case be dismissed if I go to trial?1BABI2012-10-21 04:54:02
I have been accused of identity fraud in georgia. He was charged March 8th. I have a lawyer appointed by the court and she said the case could be better because they have no physical evidence and have to prove who committed the crime in that county. Well, I did not do the crime. They are saying that this was because the gentleman was being used SSN for a loan online and the money was trying to be connected to my bank savings account, an account that was not used in like 3 or 4 months, and I did not know my account number. I was called for questioning and asked me many questions and also asked me to take a lie detector test that I did not. Four days later had the county sheriff's office of my coming to issue a warrant for my arrest and custody hold me until the other county sheriff got there. I was questioned again, but I was silent. I bail the next day and this was in October 2010. It was not indicted until March 2011. When I went to my pretrial jury last week the prosecutor offered me a contract of 5 years probation. My laywer then told me again that they have no physical evidence that just say I did it because I did contact information gentlemen because I worked in the store as a cashier and I found all your information when I took Messrs. check when he paid to shop. But it was my job to take the information and put it on the computer because it stores the policy of asking no SSN or DL ​​number and date of birth. I did not take the plea deal, because I still think I can beat the case and I'm not about to plead guilty to something he did not. I think I need another lawyer because I do not think my court appointed lawyer is good. I am still waiting dismissed charges when you go to court because I do not want to be a convicted criminal and go to school to be a nurse who really do not need this in my record. I need answers about what is the best option.
File a case against Citi Bank|Feeling helpless | My Account Was closed for no reason| Consumer court?0Mickaela HELP ME PLEASEEEE2012-08-21 15:52:02
Hi all, Thanks for your help and suggestions. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here I would like to describe my plight. MedlinePlus There was an urgent and critical financial need so I took a personal loan urgently to meet my need and got deposited in my account. MedlinePlus when it comes to transfer money to my own parents, I found my username / password was no longer active. MedlinePlus SW I went to the ATM and the thought of withdrawing and transferring money through Core-banking (deposit money directly into the account of my father), but to my surprise, my ATM card did not work . Since no checkbooks, so I had no option left. MedlinePlus so I called customer service, and to my disbelief, said, my account is closed, my savings is zero, since I had done a project for my remaining amount and sent it to my e-mail. MedlinePlus i stepped the issue manager and he said that due to operational error, my account is closed. MedlinePlus and after two days of climbing, my account is activated. but I was told I can not use my ATM, as they are closed. MedlinePlus only options I have are MedlinePlus --------- To wait for my ATM card. MedlinePlus --------- I can not use the online facilities, as well as new bank is sending username / password MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Meanwhile, all post dated check I had given to others (as they have two loans) have rebounded. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus so for the last five days, I have access to my own hard earned money in such a critical situation. I am a salaried person. MedlinePlus My credibility is down so if my mood. MedlinePlus I'm still waiting for my ATM and username / password. MedlinePlus I have never felt so helpless in my life. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help. MedlinePlus I can claim compensation? Now? I can claim citizenship? MedlinePlus I approach consumer court? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus please help. MedlinePlus Rakesh From New Delhi (India)
Can a collection agency garnish my tax refund if a civil case was dismissed?3chloe x2012-10-26 15:27:00
I bounced a check 10 years ago ( it will be 10 years in July ) for a company of payday loans for about $ 500. I forgot about the debt when I joined the military and left later that year . I got a call this morning from the debt collection agency CRA saying they wanted to agree a payment plan for the amount of $ 1238 or a 1099 would be presented to have my refund garnished. I told them I would not accept anything until I did some research , and it had been so long . They agreed to give me a week. After hours of searching online on the Ohio Statute of limitations online , I decided to search court records . I tried to sue in December 2001 ( the check was written in July 2001 ) and the case was " fired" by the judge. I was never notified of the hearing to begin with and did not know anything about being sued until today. Can they garnish my federal tax refund and foremost because a "trial" was fired ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, I found a 1099 was a way that you get to file your tax return when you have been given money that was not taxed .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Secondly , I thought the prescription was 7 years. I read online that the SOL in unconsecrated checks is 3 years for the state of Ohio .
Has the Supreme Court or an Appellate court defined debt; what is the case citation?0zdruy2012-08-29 04:54:02
Debt as at the financial contract that requires the loan and cash back with interest MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Will I win this court case?1Kheang2012-09-08 02:26:03
A few years ago , I met a girl through my then boyfriend who lives in England and I live in Scotland . We started talking online and on the phone , and she had met my boyfriend a few times , and I had known . After talking for 4 months or so , began to borrow amounts of money from me for college books , driving lessons , etc. , and did not want to stress her parents asking them " This proved to be a lie " . At that time , I was very naive and lent her money , usually by sending my card or give her money when I was visiting . Since then , he has denied any of this takes place , saying she never borrowed everything and then switch to say I returned . I have bank statements showing money that is taken out while I was in Scotland MSN conversations, where she asks me for money, and texts which threaten me by asking for it back . I was looking for some simple legal advice , because I'd like to take her to court , but I know if I have any chance of winning . I know it was stupid to give the card number and pin , but at the time , I was very depressed and not thinking clearly . However, it was always clear to her that it was a loan to repay . Also, does anyone know how much it cost to raise a court case , and how to go about it because the laws differ between Scotland and England ?
I need help with a civil court case? Can I win?0leya2012-10-12 23:43:06
Rightly , this is the situation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My ex gave me back the tuition money when we were still together for the sake of " our future together." Then break me a couple of months later . I had paid my dues directly as a gift and all you have is the documentation is a receipt saying you paid for tuition , but I don ` t think that says it was mine . However, my ex told me I did not have to pay back , and never signed a note saying he would return the money because as I keep saying , is a gift , not a loan . After the break , she demanded her money back , to which I refused to pay , because they had asked me to sign a promissory note or a contract of any kind . Now I am in the small claims court as a defendant against my ex in a couple of months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a witness ( my former roommate at the time ) , that we witnessed disagreement about if I pay back or not (as it did not need and trying to be a good boyfriend at the time, said he would if I could ) and my partner also knows that never come to a conclusion about it . I have no documentation except public tickets online magazines telling the world that I am a " piece of **** " and caused him " PTSD " a mockery and a letter of apology I taught her months after this incident to try to put things off to a good end. That's what I get for being a nice guy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what do you think? Do I have a chance in this or not . I would also add that the two are under twenty years old , so this case a very low category for the justice system as it is, and I'm not sure if it will be fired because we are young and former spouses . The professional opinions would be greatly appreciated . :)
What can I do about my disability determination case worker if she is not actively working on my case?2karie2012-11-03 09:42:02
I live in Oklahoma and applies for SSI in January. February my case was assigned to a caseworker with the Department of Disability Determination. I already submitted my forms and requested medical records from my doctors. My doctors office has already submitted and resubmit the documents that she says I have to be resubmitted in order to process my case. Is three weeks after the date of 120 days. I have scoliosis, but due to car accidents last year was I'm left with a herniated disc and back (57 degree curve), I need my spine fused, my knees replaced, and repaired tendons in my right wrist and hand. My left wrist has been used and in what I need for my next surgery scheduled to have my bones shortened because the doll's arm is not working. I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, and I'm in so much pain that sometimes I can not think or see clearly. Im afraid to have another surgery done because my bills (student loans, rent, are eating me alive) I can not work or return to school even though I'm almost ready. I can not afford any of my medications and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has informed me that they need a decision before I could help. Is there anything I can do about my student loans? I tried to tell Sallie Mae I'm disabled and I said oh well pay! They will, or can garnish my paycheck guarantors? Before this mess I was only 12 hours short of graduation on my way to medical school. My credit is destroyed behind this. ¿I can get private student loans? I tried to start a business so it could generate some income, but I have no money are not loans or grants to persons with disabilities? What should I do? Thank you very much for your help all suggestions are welcome!
Can this be considered for a legitimate court case?0Alicia2012-10-09 06:15:03
Last year ( May 2011) was shopping for a car , and without a guarantee of credit , a lot of money down , and the young man , I had to buy a "hole -in - the- wall" dealer , where guarantee cars, even with bad credit . I signed the papers , and walked away with a Scion tc 2006, only to receive a call the next day saying that I could not finance . I took the car , I have my full payment , and went to another dealer and got a car no problem . MedlinePlus And in the end , the dealer ran my credit SEVERAL times but for personal loans , and only once or twice a real car loans , so my credit was devastated because of the number of queries . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , does this remain a court case of questionable conduct of seeking personal loans , or have any way to make the dealership report them as accidental as consultations experian personal loans ? MedlinePlus These consultations are documented with the time, date , reason, and what they were trying to bank . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus tl , dr , killed my dealer credit check personal loans , somehow I can do to fix it.
Small claims court case [California]?0Ivonia2012-08-24 03:14:21
Long story short MedlinePlus MedlinePlus my mother worked in a service station under a bad owner MedlinePlus He had a bad business account and could not afford to pay the company payroll checks to MedlinePlus I could not pay employees and pay them pressed for yourself. MedlinePlus She did not have a checking account MedlinePlus So mine used to pay employees their money through my account . MedlinePlus He clung to overtime wages for three months . He had an agreement to pay more than 4 months. Never paid . MedlinePlus He pressed him again to pay employees through my checking account . MedlinePlus Employee would not accept money , wanted legitimate paycheck . MedlinePlus She asked if the money could be applied if the amount the employee did not take to what he owed . He said no, and then fired . MedlinePlus Now is suing me for $ 465 because the employee who refused the check took him to court and won a claim of $ 465 + $ 600 in fines [ 5 months deferred payment . ] MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mother owes $ 7,000 in unpaid wages and credits MedlinePlus He is suing for the money ( because it was my checking account ) I know I owe money to my mother , but that stand in court for my case ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I 'm going to get the money anyway, the only difference is that the case of my mother board is not working up to 6-8 months.
Do you think that we have a winning case in Contempt of Court hearing?1pkd2012-10-12 20:02:02
My husband and I are very early to go to court on a charge of contempt of court filed against his ex-wife. In November an agreement of the community of goods, was signed which gave the house and my husband a settlement payment. She had 90 days to refinance the house and within 90 days was in the first week of February. After the deadline came and went with no one is doing his attorney said the first company tried to refinance through was taking too long to Feb. 26 that was two weeks after its original deadline decided to go to another company. Then we were told that the new company said it would close at the end of March and asked until then to do it all. So I gave him that time. Neither has done so far. I have online access to the original mortgage and note all the time Refi slope unchanged. Even before the liquidation of assets of the community and even now she is waiting until the last possible day to pay the mortgage and accumulating hundreds of dollars in late fees. She is waiting until 20 to 26 days delinquent in paying what is scaring the mess for us since my husband's name is still on the mortgage and anything after 30 days on your credit card. We have been renting until this is over with and we can not buy anything. Our rent is more than the mortgage payment, but since have filed contempt of court I'm thinking I could pay all late fees and late current mortgage so we can show that to the judge and ask that the reimbursement. Not really have the money to do all that, but I have an aunt who has been helping us by giving us some loans (I paid back in monthly payments) in order to get their help to do this and pay your copy, and with either a refund or simply with what we have been doing. By the time it gets to court she will have had six months to get this done. Oh, and his lawyer is not in contact and give news or anything. We're practically in the dark and the text to your ex just to make sure you will make payment of the mortgage. So what do you think? Is this a good idea? Think you have a good case against it? Has anyone else been in a similar case? How was it?
Do I have a case in taking my exboyfriend to court regaurding a car, and our son?1Phil Rewa2012-09-13 13:30:03
First: MedlinePlus Back in '03 my dad's SUV and I have a child together. When he tried to get his father to co-sign, I said no, so then I said, and we got it! When we parted, he ran and hid suv and I could have no access to it. I wanted to see how I had the baby, but I could not do anything about it. At that time his mother wanted me to sign my name on the title if they were to "sell". All three of our names were on that title. Well, he still has it, and is on my credit report as if it were a stage Repo. The funny thing is that it says that the owners are just me and her father. What about him???! I think it sucks that there is a car out ther who is legally half mine and is ruining my credit, but I can not do anything about it because not even tlak about it or tell me any information! I've seen pictures on your myspace so I know they have it. I thought to get its name from a lease that had to refinance, and since his name is not listed as an owner .. must have had to refinance, but all parties must sign .. NEVER DID! Is that why you wanted me to sign my name in the title, maybe .. forging my signature?! I also called the place I got the loan and have no record of me at all! So I'm assumning fell behind, and sold our loan to a collector. If I take him to court, I think I have a chance to get my name since hes basically buttocks in our contract. Indicating that its both ours and holding him is not fair! But I want to know about all that other garbage that does not make sense! Like I said, I'd take it, and honestly I think I can go there now, and take it up .. its mine .. but if I can not have anything to do with it .. my name out! It would be one thing if he was making payments which obviously would not care, but hes not and is ruining his dad and my credit, and makes me think that his father is taking the fall for him .. but how the hell did it get out of the loan when it never was involved?! ** And do not forget, you can not get the title while there is a loan, so how do you get it, it was a false sign? MedlinePlus *** WEIRD SECOND: MedlinePlus When he and I were together, he got a credit card for 10k. I was an authorized user. That's it. I thought I could not take responsibility for seeing how I was not the main card holder, but I think it can, seeing as its on my credit report? I called the bank and not have anything with my name on it ... have information about it, but not me. Well, then how the hell it showed in my credit then?! Anyway, the first 3 years of life children, he claimed on taxes (that will lead me to my next question I want to go to court for fuel and very bright) says his Court every two years can claim. Seeing how the credit card was 10k and that was on my credit card, I felt good, very good! I'll take half .. so let him claim our 3 year old was more than my share (5k) to pay the credit card. But he never did! The song that I present to the court in the hope that they will take that into account? I mean .. Very guilt chose not to blow their money and not pay the debt and reclaim the money I'm leaving for three years, with the hope that it will clear the credit card! I could not make the payments myself because I had no information, nor give him .. and around the bank was itself had reached its name as debt, but could not tell me why, or how, or anything, but I had nothing attached to me at all! MedlinePlus THIRD: MedlinePlus Seeing how he claimed our son during the first three years that tell last year and this year planned to be caught again and what is right. Next year would be his, and so on .. But received a call today saying that SSN has already been used! Just to add to the list, it threw me around! I was like omg! If I take him to court you can easily get your tax returns and claiming to see our 3 years in a row! And let me just get caught! Even if that does go .... theres still the fact that the injunction is another breech each year .. hes there to claim three years in a row! And the only reason I let the whole thing slide was paying him a credit card instead of .. please help .. ANY feedback will help us!

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