If you go into the Army National Guard and get student loan repayment, then later join the army...? related questions

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If you go into the Army National Guard and get student loan repayment, then later join the army...?2jarvis2012-10-04 15:12:08
... Do you get more student loan repayment since the active Army and 45,000 pay more ? or is it a deal at once? One or the other? Anyone know ?
Should I join the national guard or army reserve?0Aver2012-08-17 17:57:03
Recently I have wanted to join any National Guard or reserves , but I can not decide which one. I feel that both recruiters tell me what they want to hear. What I want above all to join incentives , mainly college and work experience. The National Guard told me to get over $ 6000 The state of a year and basic training before I pay for the exercises, but the army reserves told me you can get a loan repayment plan too high, and a sign up bonus. I am a girl , so I'm not worried about a fighter work . Who scored a 80 on the ASVAB and I wanted my job training for the dental assistant . Oh , I should mention I am also the last year of high school. You got accepted to college, and after College I go to dental school. thanks
Student Loan Repayment program for commissioning Army National Guard officers?0Seth2012-09-08 22:14:03
Hi , I'm an ROTC cadet , and was launched in December. I have a few student loans, and I was wondering what is the norm for programs to pay student loans for start official protector. Is there any more SLRP ? Or is that the guard stop doing that cause its more strengthed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Besides, never put any bonus is usually a branch officer aviation?
If you enlist in the Army National Guard with the OCS option can you get the Student Loan Repayment Program?0hobit!2012-11-02 17:48:02
When you go directly to OCS instead of forming a MOS?
Army National Guard....loan repayment?0numz2012-08-20 17:57:02
Does the Army National Guard offers a program of loan repayment for nurses ( RN ) ? I'm thinking of going to school ( I need loan ) and then join the ARNG as Nurse Corps officer and have to pay my loans . I'll join even if they offer a program of loan repayment , because I always wanted to serve my country . I can join the ARNG before school , but depends on whether or not to offer a program of loan repayment ( If they do offer a program, then I'll wait to join .... if you do not offer a program , then I will join before I start school. ) . Thanks for the help .
Is it possible to get the Army College Loan Repayment if I join Army OCS and become an Officer?1Amari2012-10-06 01:51:02
Graduating from college soon and have loans needsta i get rid of it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thnks!
What's the difference between the Army National Guard and the air national guard?0lenny2012-08-13 02:14:02
.. And it would be best for me? I'ma freshman in college. A costly vary . And the cost is doing wonders for my parents, and even my sister, who also is helping me a bit. But I 've realized I can not always count on them, and I have to stop sucking them dry , and start doing things on my own. I was looking online at the "military option " . I know there are 2 different branches, but as jobs, wages , benefits, etc wise , what are the differences? Which branch offers the most money for college? and or repayment ? Also my most important national security with a double minor in cyber security and criminal justice. I'd like to get a job in a branch that offers something similar to it can vary ! Very quickly , I could not do the ROTC here at my school because it was booked , so I would have to wait 3 years for an opening. Something crazy like that . Also , not to sound like a D! Ck or anything, but I 'm not trying to make a career. I feel as if you are going to be an officer, who is in it for the long term. I have absolutely nothing wrong with service members that make it a career , my other sister is a JAG lawyer (Lieutenant Colonel) of the army reserves , and a civil lawyer with the NRA. She is making a career, but that's not something I'd do. Thanks for the replies / tips / advice.
Army or Air National Guard?2shubhangi2012-09-15 11:37:05
I've been talking to a recruiter ARNG over a month ago and have committed to join the army . A lot of family and friends looked on ANG suggest now ( for the quality of life of the lengths of implementation , etc ) I have also been researching online , and just found a lot of people who want to change from ARNG to ANG . . . Why? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a B.S. Systems and Information Management I'm interested in the option of student loan payment (although this is not too big a deal . ) So anyway, I'm looking forward to complete my physical at MEPS and sign the paperwork next week , and that was the extent 25B to work with my degree ( and useful certifications . ) scored a 95 on the ASVAB and people are saying I can get any job I want and why would I go in this MOS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm just not sure what MOS now I should be studying and whether you should be looking at ANG or not. I am 25 y / o woman and want to go guard in America to help U.S. emergency . Any advice ? Please !
Im in the Army National guard and I need a bad credit loan?0LORAINA2012-10-15 00:56:42
Im new to the NG army and go to basic training in September. I want to pay my debt before I left (about 1300.00 ) Does anyone know where I could get approved for a bad credit loan before the free shipping ? thanx
Should I join the ANG as an E3 or the Army Guard as an Officer?1cock2012-09-28 16:38:05
I want to join the armed forces . I have a degree and want to become an officer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to join the ANG but have no official results available, so we would have to register as an E3 without any sign up bonus or loan repayment assistance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Or you can join the ArmyNG as official. They offer bonuses and if I join a first enlisted as I can get my student loans paid. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My dilemma is that if I join the ANG I lose out in pay and classification. MedlinePlus If I join the Army I lose in treatment and reduced implementation time. I have a wife and a newborn and do not want to be gone for 12-18 months at a time. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would be a better option for me ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And if I were to join as an enlisted soldier in the Army I can ask how long after the OCS . I want to pay my student loans but I want to be an officer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, if I was in the ANG how hard it is to get an official job ?
Benefits for Army National Guard?0vidushi2012-10-16 18:46:30
I found a flyer in the student center at my university today for the West Virginia Army National Guard . Benefits include fully paid tuition and a loan repayment of $ 50,000. The GI Bill would pay $ 333 per month and work two days a month for $ 180. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All this sounds good , but what's the fine print ? What is your definition of "work " ? Is there any chance of being deployed in the Middle East ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I could speak of Sargent , but wanted more information so that background . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Can I join Army reserves or Nat Guard with this profile?3Vonsell2012-08-20 15:50:04
Does anyone have a look at my profile and let me know if you qualify for a position within the reserves or National Guard as a 09L interpreter / translator. Let me know if there may be problems after enlistment - and what to expect if I am bound by contract, without hope of entering the program. - Age 38 - Male - Caucasian - married without children - Permanent resident in the state of MS - Excellent fit, very active - BA degree (Psychology), high school diploma from hometown - Ten years working as a consultant for oil / gas company's contract management and competitive intelligence, experienced offshore - Proficient in English, Portuguese (semi-proficient with speaking / reading Persian / Arabic) - Eagle Scout, avid hunter / outdoorsman - Set own / operate small businesses in the town (the financial health) - Owner / homeowner with no significant debt (mortgage + 1 small credit card) - Currently student loan rehabilitation - Conviction -> misdemeanor possession of marijuana / paraphernalia concealed weapon + (August 2000 - North Carolina - family vacation) - awaiting forgiveness through North Carolina government - Two traffic tickets + load drivers license expired -. No history of drugs post-August 2000 - Solid family ties (. No divorce, abuse, etc) Not sure if I'm leaving out the details (you can add if necessary), but that's my idea immediately. My biggest concern is to obtain security clearance for this position, more to get a seat at the language school if I am approved through testing, etc. .. I am also thinking to apply for a position that requires a secret security clearance with a government contractor, completing the term of the contract and perhaps recruit before turning 40 next year. This may give me more time to review in my Persian / Arabic and be more specific dialects. Possible for me to be able to go all the assets in one year from wife to finish school and have ability to move

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