I want to buy a home that needs a couple new windows and has a slightly wet basement...? related questions

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I want to buy a home that needs a couple new windows and has a slightly wet basement...?3reynalyn villanueva2012-08-29 05:43:04
I have an FHA loan , but http://www.hud.gov/buying/loans.cfm says I can do yet. Now, it's bank owned .. But my real estate agent usually tells me that the FHA will tell you that we know at the top keeper ( although that's not what im reading here ) also said there is no guarantee that they will get and could be a waste of 6 months , which I also do not understand .. the FHA to buy me a house that has a couple of windows to be replaced , and as long as the basement walls are safe, and the problem can be solved (which would be doing as soon as possible ) will most likely be agree on that ? I'm so confused by what you say, and what others say . I do not want to waste my time , but I really love this place .. and a couple of windows and "maybe" a wet basement can be arranged .. I would like to find a way how to make it work if the problem can be fixed the basement.
How do I insure a slightly damaged home?0Sis2012-09-29 01:23:02
* After * I bought a house for my insurance changed her mind about secure due to a damaged coating in the rear . After several fixer uppers , this is the first time I've seen flatly refused , which is strange because I have seen things in other houses that seem to create more accountability . All I need is the minimum required insurance in Austin , Tx for my needs loans. Where I can get this insurance ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not believe that it is impossible , because buying a home in cash is a bad choice , and any loan will require some minimal insurance , so someone out there offers a package for this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://img704.imageshack.us/i/rear.jpg/
How do I refinance my home with slightly bad credit?0Nahla2012-09-19 03:24:04
We have to refinance our home in January or face a balloon payment. The credit is not the best and we had some late house payments . However, it is a credit to our wonderful unoin through credit and have never been late with loans through them ( car and camper payments and a previous loan ) . They do not handle conventional home loans though. Bad credit is mostly medical debit . Does anyone know of a site that works with people in our situation ? We do not want to lose our home .
I owe a couple thousand dollars on a couple credit cards, I lost my job and cannot pay them..not now,anyways..8Jessica Padilla2012-11-03 10:39:01
.. what , if anything, can these credit card companies do to me if I do not pay ? I've heard that since they are not guaranteed , signature loans type , can not do anything but ruin your credit .. Is this true ? I have no intention of paying , I'm only able to pay at this time .. I have to worry about utilities, food , gas , etc . First .. before you can even think about paying my CC ... help!
A married couple financed this car in Pa. Now the car is here in Ca and the couple divorced. DMV wont let the?0teesha2012-10-01 10:02:03
rigister car until the wife signs the loan . Well , she can not be found . So now the tags are expired can not find the ex wife and he will not be able to refinance the car . Not enough income . What are the options ?
Can I refinance a home equity loan if I've only had it a couple of months?2Netanya2012-10-24 16:26:02
Problem, we recently had our house on the market , but have since changed our minds . We have applied for a home equity loan through our small local bank (17,000) , so my husband could buy a car and could pay a couple of bills . Meanwhile, a bigger mortgage partner we also asked about the loan said they could consolidate all our debts and save us $ 600 each month , even if we double our payment . So , we went with the wider co , however after going through the whole process with them , came back and said that since our house was on the market recently , we would have to wait more than 60 days to get a loan . ( this would be 100 % interest LTV ) My question is , if we go with the smaller loan from our local bank (which does not give 100% LTV loans ) , could actually be a home equity loan a few months by road , pay the loan and also pay 17,000 remaining debt ? Are there any rules about how long after getting a home equity loan before further
A couple questions about USDA rural development home loan?1Natisha2012-08-14 06:05:35
Please forgive me if they are silly questions, I'm new to this! First, Is it possible that if you get a home through RD, to refinance a few years later through a regular loan from the bank and pay the RD loan , so you can build equity in reality is yours? And this would be a hit? ( I heard that when you sell , RD basically takes any equity you have to pay ) Second, it is true that when you have a house through RD, to take any tax refund you receive each year? (I also heard this, I'm sorry if you are stupid !)
I have a couple questions about the loan process, because I am a first time home buyer. Please read below.?1fraction 예 half2012-08-10 03:05:03
I have a couple of questions about the loan process, because I am a home buyer first time. Initially I went to a credit union to apply for the loan. After seeing their prices were not as good, and were a little harder to get in touch with my application for a loan by borrowing from my real estate agent of the company. He had a better price, but much higher PMI, but still told me to send the papers to sign to drive the ball rolling. Upon receipt of the documentation, I saw the lending arm has a clause in demand as described in the Disclosure Statement Federal Truth in Lending, while the credit union is not. After reading about the demand clause in line (ie, the rate can change at any time, even though I am getting a fixed conventional loan), I am very worried, so I was looking for any input on demand clause. My second question is I have to provide information from my home, for obvious reasons, but have never really talked to the owner, because I live in a college town and pay rent to my brother to pay rent on the owner (my brother hired first and then I moved and the landlord knows that living here is very relaxed about these things). Is it something that must be transmitted to the loan officer? The third question, the credit union representative sent to the uniform residential loan application before you have a purchase offer in hand, and has no home market value purchase offer price agreement. Will this update necessary paperwork, which sent me back. Or maybe you just use the documentation in hand? The last question! :) By the tender offer, the closing is late May. There should be no problem closing at that time, once you have returned to the documentation that came with the release of Truth in Lending? Thanks for any advice you can give!
Using AutoCorrect on Windows 100alvabrown2021-10-22 03:20:03
Windows helps you automatically check and correct spelling errors or highlight misspelled words. Follow these steps to enable AutoCorrect: Press the “Win + I” key combination to launch the Settings app. Scroll to “Devices > Typing”. Enable the “AutoCorrect misspelled words” option under the “Spelling” section. tunnel rush  This feature works at the operating system level. You can set up AutoCorrect specifically for Microsoft Office documents. Open a Word or PowerPoint document. Follow the path “Files > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options…” and set the options. 
Can I get a legit install of windows xp if I have the CD key?1Leanna2012-10-06 20:45:02
I bought Skyrim when it first came out , but I've been having this problem where you run super fast to the point where I can not even get into it . The cutscenes are disjointed and the characters can not even finish his lines before having to start the next . Sometimes when i restart my computer , it will work fine. But if I play for a while , will have the same problems . I do not think it's the game because I had the same problem with Assassins Creed Revelations , I think it has something to do with my OS because I had to use a bootleg of a coworker lent me when I reformatted my hard drive . Before that , Skyrim and Assassins Creed worked great on my team . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I need to get a legitimate copy of Windows XP , but I really hate the idea of paying out cash to license an operating system that should already have the rights to use .
How much would it cost to finish an unfinished basement?1Momof82012-09-05 23:39:04
I've been looking for my first house .. and I really love a house that I have found , especially the location . house is a good start .. but I'm not sure about the cost to finish the basement . I've been approved for a loan of $ 230,000.00 and I have a down payment of $ 30,000.00 that I'm willing to spend .. but basically all depends on the cost to finish the basement . someone can give me an idea of ​​what it would cost ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus here is the link to the online home and have a couple of photos of the basement .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://realestate.semissourian.com/prope
Should I get a personal loan to repair my basement?1daydrian2012-09-11 00:40:02
We have a water problem in our basement (built in 1927 , the foundation , and the sink did not ) I could not do ? ? be an exisiting drain tile , but is stuck or broken. We have cracks in the ground water comes through when we get heavy rains and large snow melts . We do not have all the money you have to pay cash for this problem ... the problem must be corrected before we get mold problems, etc. so we are considering taking out a personal loan . A home equity loan is inadmissible because market values ​​right now. Opinions please ? Repair ** includes a sink , drain tile interior, and battery. **

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