Hi, i got a loan with log book loans BUT my v5 log book is not in my name can they take my car still i hav v5? related questions

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Hi, i got a loan with log book loans BUT my v5 log book is not in my name can they take my car still i hav v5?1Sabeva2012-10-05 06:26:02
log book loans no v5 I have my car was purchased on October 08 the logbook is in my name so guys to log book loans have no rite to hold or take my car since no any legal v5 doc ?
Cash book receipts and cash book payments?1python2012-11-02 17:15:02
Hello , I need help with cash receipts and payments book , I've been looking at, but still not sure what I have to do. It is necessary to include this data in it - November 3 started business with capital of
Log Book Loans Motablity Car. Advice Needed?0Sandara2012-09-11 16:23:04
Hello , I'm hoping for some advice regarding a logbook loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm hearing different answers to this question, but you can get a logbook loan with a Motability car , the car is in our possession for three years . So how was it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks x
Cheque book loan!!!!?0Merli2012-09-15 21:35:03
Hi , I need a quick loan checkbook, no credit check ... any idea where I can get in London ? MedlinePlus thank you very much for your help
How can i go about geting a loan with no check book?1Lynda Smith2012-09-17 17:37:02
I recently opened a checking account for a month and I have about $ 100 until next Friday, but everywhere I said I need a check book with my name on checks is there anyone who can help me pls i really need the fast money fast and in a hurry! !
Book expense against loan to shareholder?0qwer2012-10-04 15:37:37
I have a situation like this ... a customer provide bank statements and invoices / receipts . Some of these invoices / receipts are paid by cash order / money not shown on bank statements / checklist. in this case , it's okay to book these expenses against the shareholder's loan ( my guess is $ $ taken out of the company by the owner to pay these expenses non- bank)
Who can give me an loan for publishing a book ?0S2012-10-01 13:39:02
A well-known editor English offer me to make the publication of my book all that is written in German and MedlinePlus first.This professional English translation and set MedlinePlus procedere publication will cost me $ ca.100000 us.The refund can take place at the monthly rates must be MedlinePlus agreed.
Is it possible to get a small loan to edit my book with?1Ms. Sue-- this is for you---please read and help!!2012-09-21 21:28:03
I have some bad credit . I have a job and steady income yet . MedlinePlus But I 'm at the point now with my writing that I would have my first book professionally edited . The prices I've found so far are quite expensive , ranging from about $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 so far I've written. I definitely want to invest in this and what you pay for , because the result of having my book published will pay off in the long run. However , I have a spare $ 2,000 or $ 4,000 just out there . So my question is that a bank is willing to make a small business loan in the amount above and whether even consider editing a book on loan type "business" ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I appreciate the help .
Online book loan company, would anyone be interested?1cletus check2012-09-09 05:56:04
I've been doing a lot of thought and came up with this idea randomly , a lot of people rent DVDs , CDs and games Companys like cinema and love itself and with the closure of the library for many around the country and the fact that most are now closing on weekends , adding that we as a nation are lazy , I wondered if anyone would be interested in a loan portfolio company online . There obviously should be a monthly fee to cover the cost of shipping , but I think people in the capital?
This Book! Really good!?1rose- (Ms. Sue)2012-08-30 06:32:03
I love the graphic description of going too far by Jennifer Echols . But my library does not have refused to do so, and now I'm very tied up in cash , so you can not buy myself, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to lend me a copy or tell me a way to get free. I know there are some online libraries could have, but I do not know how it works.
What is the title of this book?0Valerie Belegit2012-09-28 06:59:02
What is the title of the book about the child born as a man ILD , and as you age, looks younger . I think he was a freak . In any case , the new movie coming out about the curious case of Benjamin Button sounds very similar , but I remember paying the book to someone else , and I can not find anything about it online , of course - the title would help !
I owe 28gs on car loan car book value is 24,585 because of miles of car its not attractive at that cost?3fraction 예 half2012-10-21 23:43:54
with my online contest, so I'll have to settle for 23,000, but the problem is I can not get approved for a loan to pay the difference to pay car to get the title released, I can not save because of the payments car high

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