Concerns with the final decree of divorce in Texas.?

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I filed for divorce and my wife has signed the waiver of notice . Now we just have to wait and bring the final decree in my ear , for the judge to sign. MedlinePlus I have a couple of questions about the decree : MedlinePlus 1. Since my wife signed the waiver of notice , need not sign the final decree , is not it? MedlinePlus 2. How detailed should the decree ? We have no property , only school loans ( in our different names ) , the credit card debt ( just for you) and two car loans. Should I include student loans and credit card debt if you are only in your name ? MedlinePlus I have the intention to do away with car loans ( car belongs to her , and the other is mine ) , but I have to include the exact amount left on the notes ? Is it necessary to include equities and cars ? MedlinePlus I appreciate any help , as I am very worried and the deep desire to end this in the easiest way possible. My wife and I got married young ( and still are very young ) , so I fortunately do not have any properties . And luckily we have no children ! MedlinePlus

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