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Should I get my medical coding certificate before my AAS in Medical Billing?0rubi2012-09-15 06:48:04
I am currently going to school in my local college for medical billing . I have really wanted to do medical coding , and there is an option where I can take online through my training center for local labor , universities ( and not offered to a degree ) . I would have to pay cash for it , but I am quite willing to pay my taxes to get the certificate. I am currently working in a call center , and my husband lost his job a year ago and going to school full time. I'm just doing enough to pay our bills and we will have to live on student loans. If I pay for the program code , and get it done within the next few months and get a job , I would do part-time classes at my university , and I would be able to pay my bills without student loans because our federal funds to pay for my husband and my tuition and books . Advice?
I'm wanting to go to school for my Associate Degree in Medical billing and coding and need advice!?1------------------------2012-09-14 19:06:04
I'm wanting to do this to anyone totally in line with the hope that has been done could advise me on a good school to go to. I do not want personal opinions on whether to do it online . I know what I'm doing , I want suggestions on schools that are ideal for online learning , and pretty cheap . I will be receiving Pell grants and loans you want to keep to a minimum. MedlinePlus Am I registered to start a certificate course online through online MCED and am having second thoughts about this program and the school . MedlinePlus Any personal experience with MCED would be helpful , too. Oh, and there is of course total 13,995.00 , and includes all books, a laptop , MS Office 2007 and tuition . MedlinePlus Please help ! I'm scheduled to start with them on October 27 !
I need someone to recommend and online school for medical billing and coding that offers student loans?0khayla2012-08-17 18:37:03
I really need help. I except for a coding and billing work for the company where I work they do on job training . I've decided I want to be certified. I need help finding a school, law school . I need one that can apply for student loans (has 2 children, so I have no silver) that so many do not know where to start and I do not want you got me!
Pharmacy/ Medical "HELP PLEASE"?0mayra2012-08-15 01:37:34
Hello, I need help. My wife is a former model 40 years younger. Since 1990, when I met her, she has had random fluctuations of mood. In the early days they called that "bitch" at the time its mood changes resulted in his documentation to prescribe antidepressant antidepressants.She now took a second for a second time a few years that seemed to help. Over the years after our 2 children were born in 96/97 his mood seemed to stabilize and the veil now nd then, even with medications. In 2008 the family had a life-changing set of events (which had no control over) that we sent from the upper middle class to the end of the ladder / everything changed and things got very difficult. We lost two of Business failed in almost every loan we have had and almost lost our house, blame bad decisions, Blame the economy, blame me, never mind. What matters is that my beautiful wife (in all this stress) attempted suicide in 2008 / ended in a coma for two days before I got it home, and was later diagnosed as bipolar. After she left the hospital, 72 hours mandatory phych was sent to a psychologist called a "Help" and improve their quality of life seems more worthy of while.In the last 4 years my wife has only seen 4 times (found with the psychologist Jr. "assistant" at all other times .. once a month) for 4 years they have been pumping my "Bella" woman with medication, the prescription of one after another, increasing and decreasing saying you cant stop or have a new episode. Lately is erratic fluctuations of humor (laughter to tears) she can not sleep more than 2 hours at a time in the last year, wakes up in a pool of almost every night of sweat, their concentration and ability to concentrate is gone, she has trouble spelling simple words at times (something I never did before) She suffers from migraine headaches consistently, in an attempt to regain their self-esteem has not renounced the training you have completed P90X, it lost 30 pounds (retuning to its weight it had when I met her) has been a faithful member of the MFP, diet, exercise and eat as a contestant of the Mrs. Olympia, she loves me and STOP her two children, now day he attempted suicide again ...! I do not want sympathy ... I just want my wife ... I think doctors have been diagnosing it or poisoning it with all your medications ... when we lost everything, we lost our good health insurance and now all we have is the medical care of STOP! (I'm looking for something for nothing) I have been reviewing the side effects of the line and poles in some of the presc. she has been taking ... I am sooooo surprised, some messages are not even listed as possible side effects of drugs (but there are many who say the messages r the same side effects and people with the same kind of effects?) I am not a Doctor, I'm not a pharmacist .. WTF, but how many people have the same symptoms and the claim that taking antidepressants have worsened and the combination of them that their documents have been prescribed, then before you start taking them. I can not understand how anyone could see fairly well so little value in themselves ... My wife does not want to live longer and think that is useless .... WHY can not sleep, your vision is not correct (they sent her glasses, said this could be the cause of headaches ... did not work) has constant migraines, night sweats, I can not remember a time another, that tide has muscle fatigue and weakness, which is constantly sad and overreacts very easy, focuses on the past and feels that life is hopeless and no one can help your way what is the use ... that could have gone .. we will all be better ... I and my children would be completely devastated ... can not even imagine losing her. So here's my Q. Do you go to a list of medications you are taking ... tell me if their are any that should not be taken ... or should not be taken in conjunction with others, that is 5 "11 - 131 pounds now your family doctor is medically say she is in better shape than it has been in (his paper for 15 years). .. (1) Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 100 mg - 1.5 x 2 a day ... (2) clonazepam (Klonophin) 1 mg - 1 tab .. (3) tramadol HCl (Ultram 50mg) - 50mg-1- every 6 hrs .. (4) 15 mg temazepam (Restoril) 1-tab to bedtime ... (5) 10 mg doxepin (Sinequan) - 1-tab before bed (6) - Er cake zolpidem ( Ambien / Cr 12.5 mg) - 1 - tab bedtime ... (7) Bupropion HCL XL (Wellbutrin XL 150) - 1 - sheet one day .. She also has protein shakes (whey / Casin) is taken twice a day, alpha lipoic acid - 600mg resveratrol-100 ... 1000 mg Milk Thisle healthy hair skin nails nd w / ultra-high levels of biotin (Skin hair and nails) and a multivitamin for women .. she will have a few glasses of wine when she can not sleep or dinner once nd a while, but never, never-the-counter medications. I'm not sure if anyone can answer these question but I hope someone is not going g ...
Help with getting out of medical debt, i owe 22,000?0Clueless.2012-08-27 04:17:04
Open Your QuestionShow me another? MedlinePlus How I can pay my medical bills? I owe 22,000! ? MedlinePlus ok i 22,000 I shit my insurance ($ 5,000) dollars deductible every year, I can not pay all medical once (about 15 separate bills labs, x-rays, etc) that had heart problems and surgery ...... all published collections on my credit report so my credit is shot, and I can not get a loan to pay them. I have two children and pay for day care, rental of apartment, food, expenses etc, and I have no extra $ $ $ to pay the bills. I do not think I'm eligible for charity care because child support count as income, but by any state program ignores my bills just to support my children and live, you just see the income I have no extra $ $ $, I know I could pay a small amount each month, but 22,000 is a lot and if I can not pay 500 a month as they take forever to pay, are there medical programs that would help reduce the amount Total or perhaps a company that lends money to people with bad credit only med bills? ? any help is appreciated thanks! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have nothing I need, I do not buy anything for myself, I only buy what I need, eliminating any extra bill had, unless children need it i do not buy it. I am aware that some people complain all, but then were driving expensive cars, or buying clothes at the mall, restaurants, etc ... i do not do any of this trying to find a way out of the debt bill. MedlinePlus 3 minutes ago - 4 days to respond. MedlinePlus Additional details MedlinePlus I also went to college and I have a good job that pays a lot because I'm starting. I've been there for one year and I have thought of doing a lot more in about 2 years, so if there is a way to help debt now finally be in a better financial position and able to pay.
What do I do if I can't pay my medical bills?2joe55552012-09-18 17:25:07
I live in the state of Missouri . I am a student of 22 years old , poor school barely passing . During the past year , I have had several medical problems that required surgery , emergency room visits, doctor visits, etc. my parents insurance covered it. Until now . Suddenly , my mom says no you can afford more and gives me a bunch of hospital bills totaling almost $ 2000 and says : " Good luck." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not afford to buy this. AT ALL . In fact , earn less money than you need to live . I still have to take out student loans just to pay for school and to meet daily needs . I live at home with my parents , but my job on campus just pay for the gas , school fees , food , etc. I currently have $ 15,000 in student loans. I can not pay these bills . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The hospital I should not even expect any money from me . Due to a medical error , I was sent home drugged up one night in the emergency room and hit my car . It cost almost $ 2,000 of my own money to buy a new car, and that was after insurance . They should pay ME freaking $ 2000! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do? I can not afford this, especially since spending the last of my savings on a new car after the hospital screwed me . No need to deal with this right now . What I can do?
Medical school abroad?1Nathanie2012-09-13 14:46:04
I'ma pre-med student in the United States, however , I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to this country at age 4. Things are starting to get very difficult for me here. and agitations of my family 8 years of school here is not too convincing. However, do not want to give up my dreams of becoming a doctor . I was thinking of going to medical school in the Republic is super cheap for me, because I have a Dominican birth certificate and I will finish faster . unlike here in the states where I have to take out loans that do not have to worry about housing because I have the extended family there and a beautiful house with a car belonging to my parents. You go to medical school in the Republic be more convenient or if I stay here in New York?
How to Consolidate My Medical Bills, is there other way out?2yorktech2012-11-04 00:48:01
How to get out of debt , I have legal credit card bills and medical bills and a student loan that I have been unemployed for two years . I have to start over. MedlinePlus Besides consolidating council is a good choice medical bills or any other way to get rid of ?
Medical Loans? Bad Credit. What to do?3jarrod2012-11-06 02:29:02
I have pretty bad credit so my ability to pay for things is quite limited . It can not be approved for any credit card , so most everything is paid by cash. I'd really like to borrow doctor to help with some of my medical expenses. I have no idea where to find a reliable, worthwhile company offering good coverage for a person with bad credit . Do you know any company ? (Please include links) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, I'm about to pay a car this year . Will it increase my chance credit approval once completed?
Looking into medical school- How do I get started?0Juliana2012-09-25 01:59:03
I'm almost 20 and a little over half of my associate degree in Medical Office Administration . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Lately , however , I've been seriously considering looking into medical school . But I have no idea where to start ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My parents have enough money for me not qualify for any financial aid, but not enough to help me . Currently I have a 3.1 GPA , but we know that due to the lack of motivation of my current degree , in fact they have been giving my all, and plan for creation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm working my way through a community college right now, so I'm going to school online full time and work full time. I realize that if I choose to go to medical school you can get student loans. However, I'm not sure I still have time to work ? How students often cover other living expenses such as food , clothing , etc ? MedlinePlus Is there any reading material you suggest? Starting points to help resolve this? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your help !
Is medical school worth the $$$ ?1Carmelita2012-10-16 06:41:02
I have 50K in student loans for undergraduate , without a car payment . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I go to medical school , which will have more than $ 200 thousand dollars in debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it even worth it?
Do I have a right to refuse medical care?4Aum2012-09-16 11:58:04
I have 23 years , without children , and single (which means I'm not elgible for things like Medicaid , and I have no health insurance ( and no, I have parents whose sure I can piggyback a) . I pay out of pocket for tests annual physical my local clinic which is fine, but everything else I cross my fingers . If I were seriously injured as a car accident , could I ask for death for being helped . , do not want to be in debt rather just bleed. Some of you will say yes to the right , but if I knew that I would know that. 'm working two jobs (both are crap and do not offer medical coverage in case you were wondering ) just what I do not have to borrow money for college student statewide measley I attend. Do I have the right to it was right there and die in fear of getting a score to settle ?

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