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Can I beat a student loan lawsuit while in still in graduate school?0Katheryn Hy2012-09-14 23:44:06
I am a student in a doctoral program ? One of the many student loans taken in the undergraduate program was due $ 6,000 plus interest. I was in the process of going back to school of pharmacy. I asked for patience / postponement but the loan was sold to Bank of America to AES Terri. He repeatedly told the student loan people about to enter school, but they had legal proceedings in September 2008 and entered school full time in August 2008 . I'm not working and I have no plans to work while in pharmacy school . I want to pay when you leave school. I would like to accrue interest until maturity , as they say in my note . I think the lender or loan holder now , let me back unintentionally tolerance. Currently I am trying to defend myself in a court of another state while in school . But I have two of my own presentation . I even tried to ask for a dismissal . I filed affirmative defenses and now want to present admissions . The lawyer had invented all kinds of crazy request and asked who my custodian of records , so I think I'm over my head. I'm thinking of contacting the law firm . Any advice ? I thought if I am enrolled in school full time .... seeking a degree program .... I can not be held responsible for the loan payments . Note that this is for private loans . I have only taken private loans for undergraduate . I am currently taking federal loans for graduate studies . No problems getting these loans . In my freshman year . Help please? ? ? ?
Can you defer federal student loan payments from undergraduate school when going to graduate school?0Sara & Anonymous2012-10-26 11:22:56
I plan to go to medical school , but will have one year from the time I graduated from college and when I go to medical school . This means that I will have to start making payments on the student loan debt that have accumulated through licensing . All my debt loans are federal loans and was wondering if I can defer payments on my student loans until after you are done with medical school . I do not think I would have to keep making payments while in medical school , but I just wanted to be sure.
International student Loan for graduate school...?0aaniya gill2012-10-09 00:33:07
I am currently studying in the U.S. and I am expected to graduate in 2011 as an electrical engineer . Although I am satisfied with my education , I would go to graduate school to learn more about renewable energy . The problem , however , I have the funds ( and do not want to ask for more money to my parents , since I paid a lot of money on my education ) . I was hoping I could find a private loan that can help me . From my many searches online , I found that to get the loan , an international student must have a guarantee otherwise can not. I was wondering if there is any possibility of having a loan without collateral . I have a social security number , and any other personally identifiable information if I can help. Also , since I will be a graduate student , I probably have some grants / scholarships that can reduce the cost of my education . Also, I will expect to work as an assistant teacher and hope that I will need a very small loan that I can pay in less than 2 years. Any suggestions ? Please email me to [email protected]
How does interest accumulate on a student loan? while im in school? or after i graduate?0chici2012-11-02 00:37:20
Can my graduate school limit the amount of my federal student loan?0Betty2012-10-27 02:25:47
Hi . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was adopted by my people my entire federal student loan and my uncle talked to financial aid and was told it would not be allowed to obtain the maximum loan because people would not let me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , I learned that the village loan, but the school decides if I can get the amount you want. They decide whether I have money or not. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can they do that ? They have no right to tell me what I need and do not need . I got enough money for graduate school and now I'm being a short, and I think I have a money tree in my backyard . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any way I can get to school I get my full amount. I need the money for school fees and living as if it was taken into account .
I'll be going to graduate school next year, can I get a bigger student loan and buy a nice car too?0Dameion2012-10-13 01:43:39
Go to the school of pharmacy , the expected cost is 20 - 30K per year . I'm thinking of buying a car too, so instead of getting a loan now 15K and 20K buy a dollar used car, if I wait until he starts graduate school is possible for me to get a huge loan my 1st year , and such after spending 20 to 50K school and 30 to a car ?
If I have a car payment, will my student loans pay for it while in graduate school?0Chilton2012-10-04 23:17:24
I'm thinking of buying a car after graduating from college . I could start graduate school in the coming years ( before the car is paid ) . Will my student loans to pay for graduate school to pay for my car ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Kristina will soon graduate from law school with more than $40,000 in student loans. She?0Wioleta2012-11-02 08:40:55
. She would like to work as a public defender, but the pay is not enough in allow her to meet her living expenses and repay the student loans. Her law school offers a
If a parent goes back to school is she considered a graduate student?0Ayesha2012-08-11 23:44:02
I do not know what my mother is considered a loan application online. Is she a graduate ? Is considered a college student? idk please tell me. He graduated from high school and has a degree , but has not gone to school forever. But she wants to continue with this license - which is not a teacher, not a PhD or something. She needs a loan and are trying to SallieMae . Thank you ! PS im not borrow ... so NO SCAMMERS !
Can federal/student aid grants COMPLETELY pay for graduate school?0Nadine2012-10-26 22:30:41
I received student aid for all 4 of my student years . I had to take out any loans . I am very interested in going to college to further my education . However, the money is very, very difficult for me . MedlinePlus I can receive free gifts ? ( Student aid ) a * completely * pay for my master's degree program , without taking any loan ?
Beginning graduate school in 3 months and will be on student loans, but I need money now.?1miracle2012-09-07 19:27:02
I start graduate school in January 2011 , and am applying for federal student loans . However, do not think the money will be in place until school starts , and I have bills to pay now . I have some financial loose ends that need to take care of before ( about U.S. $ 500 bills) . Also I have to pay tuition $ 3,500 for travel expenses and pay for counseling. And I'd like to get some things fixed on my car , totaling about $ 300. Overall, I can take care all for about $ 5,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a job but it's not fair to cut . I'm also trying to sell something you do not need to get some extra cash . But again , it will not be enough . Since I'm about to get into a lot of debt here anyway , I do not get a $ 5000 - $ 6000 loan now is too crazy . I just do not know the best way to do this . Would I even be eligible for a loan to cover these expenses? I know that $ 3,500 of tuition payment will be refunded or subtract tuition costs , simply do not have the money upfront . What is the best way to get the money I need ?
Will my undergraduate federal student loans need to be repaid as I'm in graduate school?0대답2012-10-26 16:09:08
If I ask for federal student loans for my degree , and then go to start college , I need to pay them before I finish my master? Or is the deferred payment until you have finished graduate school ?

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