Anyone else have problems with Wells Fargo?

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Asked at 2012-09-14 21:20:03
I and my husband just opened a new joint checking ACCT earlier this year , so I've been trying to get my car loan payments drawn from this new ACCT . I called Wells Fargo as 7 times and still not fair ! Now are harassing me and calling me saying I owe them two payments when in fact only one and that we owe it to March. I called two people today who not only was ... one of them said I should by February when that's not true because I went to the bank online and it was taken from my Acct. They say that after 10 days if no payment is made will go against my credit , when in fact it is their own fault because they have not been addressed when they call . I called to make payments in March but still paying increasingly investing . They need to find smarter people to work for them . Once my car is paid off next year than ever finance another vehicle through WF !
Answer1TimmyAnswered at 2012-10-12 02:05:58
Go to your local office and speak to a representative , most times when you are talking face to face with a person are much nicer . Just be sure to bring all the information so they can resolve this for you .
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