Could they have possibly put this money into a closed bank account?

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Asked at 2012-09-14 20:18:03
Currently I have a BANK ACCOUNT closed and is discovered by $ 280.00 supposably and had taken a loan of $ 150.00 of this institute funds online . The bank told me that this account is temporarily closed until the money is paid , but let me say that when I applied for the loan , I forgot to change my bank account information . The lending company is saying that the loan matures on March 3 , but have not received any money . Do everything possible to make this loan for coming into my mind , because somehow now , I received a letter from my bank saying that this account is only $ 130.00 exaggerate . So, a total of 280.00 least 150.00 ( loan ) which is equal to 130.00 ... you may get the credit on this account in some way just to make me pay for it ? And let me remind you , that never has money for the loan. Thanks and please help. So, would you pay for a loan that never were and what should I do besides call my bank? And I do not want to call the place of loans , not only will harass me for money , I have : (
Answer1Rockinafreakopotomus Answered at 2012-10-05 05:04:57
If you have never received any money for the loan , no money back
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