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Has anyone ever paid out money to receive a loan?1McKenna2012-10-19 11:36:03
I did some searching online to see about a personal loan and I came across a site called The financing company online . They claim to help people get back to their feet with the approval of a loan for them that you can afford. This is a normal place , and even has testimonials from people who say the company helped them . So I thought I was going to do with it and now I'm starting to wonder . I was told I had an approval and loan company called National Alliance Party . Has anyone received a loan from them ? Well I've been in touch with someone who says he works for that company. I'm starting to think I may have been scammed because they told me I had to come up with four months' pay in advance just to prove that I have no money to pay each month . I initially said I had to send money anywhere, but then I was told I had to send the money through Money Gram and I was skeptical at first until the guy told me to put the name of the recipient someones who knew rather than your people. Then he tells me that when the loan in a couple of days I can go to place money gram and cancel the transaction . I thought it was fine , as I could not get the money it was a name that only I knew . What an idiot I am I discovered the next day someone uses a fake ID and took the money . Now , when I call the person loan goes to voicemail and I have no loan either. How sneaky of those people to have a real website that appears as loans . I'm just hoping people are cautious when applying for loans online.
What is the average time frame for a person to receive the title to their car once a loan is paid off?3NONIH2012-09-22 00:53:03
What is the average time for a person to receive the title of your car once a loan is repaid ?
If I receive the $65000 Army College Loan Repayment, can I receive more money for college post army?0Kune2012-09-20 18:49:02
I'm thinking of joining the army in a few months after I graduated college with my BA . I'm thinking of signing a 3 years 5 years active IRR to receive full college loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After serving my 3 years in the service would be able to get more money for college if I had to go back to school for my masters?
Husband hasn't paid for mortgage in 2 mths. what the mortgage company said to us is "Once we receive and begin0ct2012-10-16 02:39:09
your application and documents we request, some of the options that may be available to you include : MedlinePlus Repayment plan, loan modification, short sale , Deed in lieu of foreclosure . " I know you have no choice , but can someone explain to me what is the way forward ? Mortgage Co budget request form , income , and a letter explaining our situtation .
Can I buy a car with the extra money I will receive from my student loan?0stefeena2012-10-11 07:54:52
I am enrolled in school in XCell Academy , paul mitchell cosmetology school, I was given a full Pell Grant but did not cover the total cost so I got a loan of $ 21,000. I'll have an additional $ 6,000 if I want I can I can maintain or decline and then I'll have hell to pay after graduation . I have no car , I live with my mother piece of shit who does not want to get a job . would be a better idea to take the money and get a car and a job or should I refuse? I do not know what to do and I have no one to talk to , because my mother is a lazy slob ignorant . I do not want to make a mistake and being in bad debt
Once you've agreed the secured or unsecured loan, when do I receive the money ?0alaina2012-10-03 07:35:31
Once you have agreed the loan with or without security , when will I receive the money ?
How do I receive the money of the car I'm selling?1sissy2012-10-09 12:50:03
Someone has offered to buy my car and we agreed on the deal. The point is that you have to go to the bank and get a loan . He called my car vin # and my name for the bank to approve the loan , and this is what I've done so far . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I expect next? How will I get the money ? Will the bank issues a cashier's check or by other means ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to be sure of that without being scammed . Please help . thanks
How long to receive the money?1Norma2012-09-23 15:05:02
I live in Texas , USA , And my friend asked for a personal loan from your bank $ 1000 . How long does it take to find out if they were approved and the time to get the money ? Applied on Tuesday last week ( May 12 ) and is waiting for some kind of warning. He has a wife and a son , a car and a house , with a steady job , so there would be no reason not to get the loan ? Your credit is not bad, and not really very developed yet .... he just got a loan for the car and I am sure that you always pay on time.
How Do you do as a Tax Preparer to receive your client's Tax money and give him a Cash Advance or loan for it?1kirs2012-10-25 23:08:03
How do you do as a tax preparer to receive money from his client and give an advance tax or loan for it?
Do Professors Receive Money Towards College Loans?0yusuf2012-10-16 23:12:16
I'm thinking of going to academics and become a university professor . A big concern for me is getting to that point and be close to $ 200,000 in debt and from what I understand , liberal arts teachers do not make a huge wad of cash . I wondered if the higher education teachers receive no help from their school in the payment of their loans .
Where can i get a short term loan that alows you to receive your funds via money wire(ex. via western union)?0Cori2012-09-29 16:14:03
I need a short term loan that I can get the money today through a transfer of money instead of the bank transfer .
Earnest money: return of earnest money to buyer if they do not receive financing?1Sherri2019-04-07 20:13:09
I have received an offer on my house and my realtor has sent me the residential contract, which includes a section mentioning that if the buyer doesn't receive financing within 30 days, they don't lose their earnest money. This concerns me because this is the 3rd offer I've received. The first failed because the person buying their house changed their mind, so they couldn't complete the sale and I didn't get any earnest money. The second buyer just "changed their mind" and again, I didn't receive any earnest money. If I have to deal with another failed offer, I will literally have a meltdown! My question is: is it wise to sign a contract that states they don't lose their EM if they don't receive financing? I have a copy of a "pre-approved" letter from their lender. What should I do? BTW, I live in Texas and the buyer is applying for a VA loan, which I don't know anything about.

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