I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!? related questions

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I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!?7Kennedy2012-11-04 06:20:02
These numbers keep calling my cell phone at random times . I'm really scared that people are against me or steal something from me and ruin me forever ! I'm freaking out that it is a collection agency that I do not how it could be possible , what happens is that I have a good credit , my credit card has been paid for more than six months, no late payments . I have no unsecured debt and pay my bills on time . In fact , the only debt I have is student loans . Most likely they are telemarketers , but do not know for sure! Even after cursing out call them and tell them to stop calling . I have so afraid that someone is against me , steal my identity or even kill me . MedlinePlus These are the following numbers they called my phone : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 602-248-0602 MedlinePlus 888-440-3602 MedlinePlus 888-801-9925 MedlinePlus 602-327-0526 When I picked up in the 602 numbers, the guy on the other side said he was a representative of Mastercard , and 888 numbers of people claiming to be a financial institution , so that made me mad about something being wrong with my credit card or after someone for some reason and I did something wrong and not know it .
I keep getting weird phone calls?9Alok2012-10-24 11:43:01
There are two numbers that consantly call me : 713-370-0507 and 805-367-4404 MedlinePlus It is always the same Indian / Arabian person and I can never understand the messages . Well , I was finally able to play one day and said something about a federal case is suing me and if I call back they send an agent to my workplace .. they called .. come get me ? I'm not the type of person to engage in any type of legal matter , so I have no idea where it is coming from. Or how do you know my name , social security number , address , phone number and workplace. And when I call the number back its just a greeting that says hello and then hangs . I'm so confused! I do a lot of online shopping, and recently applied for a payday loan or two , but other than that , I do not give information to anyone . I reported both of the numbers , but the calls keep coming. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
U.S. is under Attack Right Now!?3joclyn2012-09-25 06:29:03
U.S. Citizens their country is under economic attack. Please copy the following letter and mail, fax, email your representatives and Congressman / woman. Dear [Elected Official Journal], I am deeply concerned that recent actions of the Federal Reserve to prop up insolvent banks holding mortgages and loans, is deliberately destroying the dollar and endangering the entire U.S. banking system . The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates several times over a period of high inflation, causing the dollar to fall by 5% in foreign exchange markets within weeks, raising import prices of oil and even more. Even worse is the one made in an attempt to save bank profitability from their mistakes therefore acts as a rescue while endangering our currency. Moreover, the Fed has raised the regulations that limit the exposure of bank deposit into the arms of his bag. These standards were implemented after the Great Depression, when over-exposure of the banks of toxic assets from banks destroy the country. The whole process is broken, ignored and gamed the short-term benefit of the profitability of banks. As elected public official, it is your job, your responsibility and within their power to curb the supervision and return to this extremely precarious. Note that their lack of will, or even a weak response, such as implicit approval of the game and deliberately endanger our financial system. Moreover, if we suffer a large scale financial disaster, I'm going to mention my family and friends of voting age, that I have incumbents contact, and therefore knew about the whole situation and did nothing to defend our financial system. Thank you so for your time and consideration. Regards
Why Do Conservatives attack me for this question?5website2012-11-05 02:00:02
I needed a new car because I was tired of driving around in the old Prius so I went out and bought me a new Chevy Volt GM for help , only cost me $ 40,000. The problem is that I realized that my payments would be more than $ 700 a month with insurance. I had to get a loan without interest at 8 % because my credit was so bad . I have a lot more money going out than coming in. I bring home about $ 1,700 / month but the rent is $ 800, and my utilities were running around $ 300, but my electric bill increased by $ 100 a month to charge my volt . All my credit card bills add up to another $ 700 a month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to my boss and told him that stretched more and needs more money to help pay my bills . He basically told me it was my problem and that I should think about living within my means or get a second job . I love my Volt and my iPhone and I do not want to spend my whole life working and enjoy my free time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do not they understand that I have enough money to make from month to month and I have to be increased . We need more equity in companies.
It looks like my computer has been attack by spyware?3KathyHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-11-04 03:57:02
It seems that my computer has been attacked by spyware especially SPYCRUSH . My computer freezes and I have a thousand million pop ups per minute. How do I get rid of this? My banking information and student loans is online . Please help !
Which credit to attack 1st?. I have a CC with $8300 bal @ 12.15 APR. I have a anothe CC with $2900 bal at?4Sejul2012-11-03 03:04:02
I have a CC with% APR $ 8300 [email protected] . I have a balance with the other CC $ 2900 to 0% APR until then may go to 14% and change. Then finally , I have a credit card the store with $ 1000 to 13.24% . I have some other loans as well but are 8 % or less. l What do I put all that I use only to the first ? on the cards? Should I consider the large scale transfer of $ 8,300 to be paid faster? thanks
How come those so called "intelligent" advisers to Obama came up with this attack on Romney?1katelyn2012-10-19 16:28:58
The announcement on GST Steel , a factory on the outskirts of Kansas City . Bain took over the company in 1993 , which was then on the verge of collapse , like many small medium sized producers , amid a glut of cheap foreign steel . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bain saw the potential and the restructuring of the company , borrowing a lot of money to modernize the operation. But unlike steelmaker Steel Dynamics in Indiana who helped Bain return to profitability at the same time , GST had a workforce unionized and a niche market . The century-old company could not
My mom is weird PLEASE HELP?0Sabrina Goodridge2012-09-05 17:23:04
My mom will say criminals get away with a knife at night and try to steal ... We live in a safe area. He's talking about five seconds for my car Albertsons. One can not imagine the immensity of **** I do not care what he says 98 percent of the time. She repeats the same thing over and over again. She just repeated about being robbed, but also other nonsense. For example, getting good grades. This is what I think: I know that. Why are you telling me this. Five seconds later, the same thing is repeated again. I get good grades. I have all A's and .... **** I'm just trying to clear the mind right now typing this on yahoo answers. I know that nobody is going to give a solution that is just a way to make my public problems. And I like to see people's responses is delayed. This is the most likely answer is that I have: you should talk to your mom. I know I've talked to her about it, but she is more delayed than a rhino v? Gina. She will say that it is their duty to protect. I put it in capitals because she screams to make a point. I think the problem lies in his being Russian. He learned English when he was thirty and I think that's where its retardation syndrome. The Russians are accustomed to say probably useless **** to each other and are flattered when they tell each other to look both ways before crossing a street at least 20 times before they actually cross the street. My dad does not have mental retardation. It's stupid. Let me express what is the difference between the delay and stupid. Nothing. No difference'm just ******* with you. My father cares about the money. If you can get a good deal, do not buy. If you lose one dollar buying something when you could have saved a dollar elsewhere goes apeshit. Makes about $ 100,000 a year. I know that I'm complaining OMG MY LIFE SUCKS! and the truth is it does. Not as much as African children. Pooooor Africans .... God damn ******* writing their problems outside feels so good. This is like my JOURNAL! THAN THE PUBLIC! I can not wait until I can go to college if my dad apeshit going to pay for it. XD If I'm not a student loan. That's where I can live away from my parents behind. My mother .... I've said many times retard has lost its meaning. We will just call your special. And my dad is a secret Jew in disguise. I will love even more ******* life living away from my parents. My goal is happiness. I'm sure other people are going threw the same problem as me, except that they are stupid and try to resolve the conflict. I used to be very stupid to believe it or not. In fact, I tried to fix 50 years of wisdom. If you do not get what is the age that my parents are. I tried talking to my parents! Guess what? It works for almost a second. not fun ******* you have to remember every second military. Now I've gained some wisdom about what the real world is hard. I'm ready. I'm ready to embark on my journey to college. THANK GOD THANK YOU THANK EVERYONE BUDDA SATAN I decided not to go to community college. That would have been the wost decision of my life. I'd rather be in Africa for two years with children starving. No, I would not. this sense of good writing. there are many other things I can say that's wrong with my parents but hey nobody is perfect. It is not fair to expect my parents to be perfect. Nobody is perfect and I am not perfect definfuckinado. In conclusion, parents are gay. There is no easier way to put this. Every teenager secretly hates his parents. Maybe not getting enough attention. Maybe they are attention whores. Or in my case I GET TO CAREFULLY *******! I can not fight my parents because they are sensitive. They cry to persuade and that makes me feel bad. Makes me feel like a terrible person. Seeing a cry of 50 years is very sad. you're probably thinking your ******* cruel to make your parents cry! well the truth is crying by the stupidest. **** My mom wanted to eat a banana and I was not hungry. She tried to force me to eat and I would not and she began to mourn. I'm dead serious *******. Let me rephrase that, since I have a little Russian in me. I'm dead serious *******. This was fun to write and yah. I do not give a **** what others think ESPECIALLY THROUGH INTERNET. Please, I encourage you to make fun of me. I find it funny. Say something to make me feel bad. I will not. I probably forgot to mention something but hey I do not give a ****. Anyway haters ganna hate. The world **** and Sarah Palin. I hate that *****. I apologize for the grammar and spelling endured terrible while reading this. You have to realize that he was let off steam. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID Herp Derp! This felt good writing. I said it 5 times. Either that, or I just did a number. If you read through a
Car loan and having a weird job?0`→ bite ぐ Zuizui 2012-10-11 06:46:04
Ok , so I need a new car. i just graduated with my degree in August. Now working in the field ecology research what it means to move from one job to another job in the country . I need a good used car (im thinking '03 Honda Civic ) I get jobs . I have a lot of student loans without guarantor and I'm not making much money . I will be able to get a car loan ? I continue to be denied by banks. I have heard dealers are easier to get loans but I was hoping to buy from a private seller . Is there any way for me to get a loan for the car ?
A very weird loan?0echem2012-10-12 06:11:18
i need a loan of $ 4,000 for a car , but I have 18 years and still can get a guarantor, but I'm pulling in $ 200 a week working almost full time on the bench 1200 . MedlinePlus Is there any way , anywhere I can get a loan . ? ? ? MedlinePlus I'm in a union job and my money is on the credit there.
Why Does Family get all Weird when it comes to $?5Morrissa2012-10-24 05:08:03
So here's the deal . In the past 4 months, I have declared bankruptcy , sold my car to make debt payments , I have 33K in student loan debt , among other problems. So I got a job and began working on average 14 hours a day with virtually no weekends. I managed to save about $ 3k in the bank. Now here is where the family gets weird. I started talking to them about how to pay my existing debt and how I have some money saved, etc, etc. After a few days , they treat me like I'm bragging about my savings and basking in their faces! ? ! It gets to the point where I want to say that they earn more than me , so WTF is with all the hostility ? What should I do ? I can not go out on my debt, but I can not live like this forever either.
Is it weird that this annoys me?3ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!2012-08-22 08:27:03
Recently I started paying a lot of my cds to one of my friends. she has achieved a good starting point for the genre of music I listen to , but now it is starting to bother with it. after about 2-3 months to give their records, I gave the last of its kind and said " that's it? that's your whole collection? already? " . I was a little annoyed that instead of a thank you note , he complained that I ran out of music for him . she has also been bothering to know things about the bands. for example, going to a concert this summer. I said I was excited because it was a day after the birthday of lead singer . she said, "Wow , you know . " i tend to know much about the bands that I like, but it is kind of takes to say it's stalker -ish at any time I can mention something about them , she knows. asked what videos or songs and other artists who should listen and I told him . who wrote them, and when I was in my house a few weeks ago asked him to go online and look around . i was showing the second music video and started to not look at the screen and eventually just started texting instead. bought a band shirt and said: "Wait , does that mean I have a band name ** t -shirt and you do not? " Earlier today I text message telling it to listen to the other side and their answer was, " oh , I've heard of them more times than I can count ..." I feel like I was becoming a little music snob (played losely ..) It's rare that I find your behavior to all this bother ? I'm just exaggerating ?

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