Who owns the car? The person who's cash pays for it or the person who is down on the logbook? related questions

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Who owns the car? The person who's cash pays for it or the person who is down on the logbook?5Lorie S.2012-10-14 08:03:03
My former partner bought a car with a loan from the bank specifically for that purpose. But his new partner took his cash down and got his name on the register . Now about to break and he is saying it is to keep the car , but he belongs . How is she tries to keep your car and stop him from stealing it ?
How do you get a car out of your name if the person that owns it won't?0a...................2012-10-02 15:11:03
Me and my dad cosigned by a car in March 2008 and in August 2008 I moved to Florida and took over the car payments and took the car . Now I'm trying to get a car loan and I can not because I have this other car loan in my name. My father did not take it out of my name , because he says it would cost much to get refinanced . Is there any other possible way to get my name so that I can get a car loan ?
Has anyone had any luck getting a person-to-person auto loan from Capitol One with poor/bad credit?2Handley(:2012-09-07 17:35:02
I heard that Capital One approves auto loans for people with bad credit to purchase from a private seller . I do not want to apply and get denied , which may damage my credit even more. Can anyone give me any ideas about this or know of any companies that are guaranteed to give bad credit car loans to people who want to buy from a private seller , not a dealer?
If a person causes a multi-car collision by drugging a person who goes driving should there be murder charges?0eng2012-09-22 21:12:02
She puts sleeping pills in a food friends so you can get a job on him . Both were interviewing for the same jb and he would do the interview a few hours before him . She wanted the job because he was having trouble finding jobs that could do with a bachelor's degree and had to earn money to repay student loans . The pills however, do not work as expected and faster than she goes and sleeps leading cause an accident kills several people including himself . In other words , women will think pills would fall asleep so fast that he would not leave. In time however , the pills will not take effect until the man starts driving . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All this is a scenario that may or may not be in a script that have started writing . MedlinePlus So , does anyone think that a person who does what the woman on stage is due charged with murder and would face the death penalty
Which will become the dominant person-to-person lending site, zopa or prosper?0Dayton2012-09-10 20:19:02
This idea of ​​extending loans through hundreds of people is relatively new , and we have mainly two sites that try to capitalize on it . Zopa.com and Prosper.com , but which is better ? From what I can tell , Zopa seems a little easier for lenders , but that's basically the only difference I can see . Are those credit unions that Zopa is better or worse and why ? Are there other reasons to choose one over the other ?
If 22 y.o person goes to court alot and gets a bad credit rating what will this person suffer?0Shikha Kapoor2012-08-29 06:25:04
Not being able to get a mortgage loan for a car ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Who has the leagl right to a leased car, the person w/ the title or the person who's name is on the loan?1emma hamer2012-10-08 06:27:03
I just need help b / c the person who holds the title is threatening to take me to court if you do not let her try to refinance the car or vice versa . Any help would be necessary leagl
Can an individual person lease their car to another person to pay off the loan by doing that?1Scoobydoo2012-10-25 14:32:02
Is this legal in California , and is a normal thing ? How does this work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you rent a car from a finance company , but you want a new car but do not want to pay for two cars each month , one can rent a car ?
Are there any sites out there like Prosper.com with person to person lending?0K stewart2012-11-04 16:14:31
I already have a loan from prosper. I got it when I got too many payday loans. Now I'm running into the same problem and need a loan.
Can a loan (car, student) that was taken out by one person be taken over by another person & put in his name?0CAITLIN D.2012-09-13 01:10:07
I do not know if my boyfriend and I are going to last a long time and we bought a very nice SUV and make payments in this together . The loan tho , is under my name. Is it possible for him to take over the loan payments . ? I can put the loan in your name to be free of the obligation to see how hes driving and I put so much work into the truck . If we split I do not want to , but do not want to ruin my credit , turning . What I can do? Can this be done ?
Looking for a person to person private loan!!?0Michelle A 2012-09-23 21:29:02
I am a single working mother of two in need of a personal loan to consolidate some of my bills . I donated a kidney to my ex-husband ( the father of my children ) . Because this surgery , I was off work longer than expected and have since exhausted my savings . I've been living week to week and now I'm behind on rent and utilities . I am in danger of losing everything. I have bad credit ( according to society) and am willing to pay the loan with high interest rates and good faith . If there is someone or know of someone to help me , please let me know ! Thanks for reading this and God bless you and your loved ones .
Person to person loan in seattle wa?0Daviana2012-09-19 00:34:04
Hello , MedlinePlus I was wondering if anyone knows of someone who does person to person loans in Seattle Wa ? MedlinePlus I have a steady job , but due to a temporary cut back on hours that he could not pay the rent this month ... I have exhausted all my options, including the sale of many of my belongings . I'm looking to make arrangements for a short term loan with a person rather than a company because I heard a lot of horror stories about companies change day of redemption , rates , etc. .. We would sit together and review the agreements . I would be willing to pay for parts every two weeks , monthly , or just have a set redemption date , with as much as at the top for the loan. MedlinePlus After discussion , we will write or type agreement and both sign it. It's not easy to ask for help sometimes , but I 'm out of options .... MedlinePlus I have to pay rent on the 5th . thank you

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