Opening up an aquarium shop. Good idea? Possible?

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I live in a big city that has only Petco and PetSmart to pet stores . I've been seriously thinking of opening an aquarium shop here . The city has about 50,000 people , with many small towns that have described 3000 in the population of each, within 50 miles . There are two other aquarium shops about 40 miles away, and the oldest , the old man has come to old to take care of her , and their tanks are always rough, and the fish are always sick or dead . In the aquarium shop , man specializes in saltwater fish , so I feel like I really have an advantage knowing freshwater fish very well . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem is , is that I have 21 years , and I have no credit . I had some medical expenses that put me in debt , but now that they are paid, I'm starting over. There are a lot of aquarium enthusiasts around here , and most difficult of all is the fact that , for both fish and aquarium equipment , you have to go to 5 hours to the big city to get something decent or have any variety , or you have to order online , which makes things incredibly expensive . I also know that fish tanks cost a lot , but would it matter if using pre - used fish tanks in my store ? Oh, and there are all kinds of banks that provide small business loans for this? and in my situation ? I have no savings rate , as my husband goes bankrupt because I foreclosed on a couple of years ago , so it would not be involved in this at all .

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