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Do student loans affect your credit score?0Dokie 2012-09-14 12:03:02
I have 65k in student loan debt on my credit report . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I am current on all my payments and am not in any negative condition with them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Will they affect my credit score ? For example if the vehicle and check my credit report will my student loans appear as good or appear at all ?
Does student loans affect your credit score?1Cortney2012-10-22 22:48:54
I've been working on my credit for the last year and finally got to 620 now at 500 , I have recently begun nursing school and that s out of state so I had to take out multiple loans to cover studies . Do you make loans affect my credit score ? not in the reimbursement b / c I'm at school
Will student loans/car loan negatively affect credit score?0Norah2012-10-06 02:17:09
I recently completed my undergraduate studies and will be starting graduate school in August. I paid entirely by undergraduate scholarships and income from summer jobs / internships . I have several credit cards , but pay them in full each month, and I have no debt at all, my credit score from the three bureaus are 757, 735, and 761 . To pay for graduate school I have to make about $ 16,000 in federal student loans , I'm also thinking of taking a car loan for about $ 9,000 soon . Are these loans negatively affect my credit score ? I am very concerned about getting a good deal on a mortgage when I graduate and start working . Thank you !
How does consolidated student loans affect your credit score if there is no payment due?0Faye2012-09-21 22:34:03
What effect have student loans in a credit account anyway? If you are new and not yet due or defferred for a while? Does having student loans go against your credit , but not due yet?
Does consolidating student loans look bad on your credit report, or affect your credit score?2Lecreshia2012-09-26 08:00:05
Also, what impact does having a savings account or money market have on your credit score , if any , does it matter how long the account has existed .
Will a bad credit score affect me getting a student loan in BC?0Tim S2012-08-27 01:51:17
I live in British Columbia , Canada , and have applied for a student loan. I am very worried that I will not get the loan because I have very bad credit . Will this affect me getting a student loan ? Does anyone in Canada received a student loan with bad credit ? I have never received student loans in my life . I just had a very bad credit credit cards above : s
How does student loan debt affect my credit score?3Nydia2012-11-04 05:40:03
I am in the final stage of paying credit card balances . Just one more month , yippee ! ! I've also already paid my car loan 7 months before the date of maturity . Anyway , still I have about $ 50,000 in student loan debt , federal and private . But that's it . Never had credit problems . Will all this student loan debt have a negative impact on my credit score and rating? MedlinePlus I always make payments on time every month .
I just got a private student loan -how will that affect my credit & score?0Hero2012-10-26 09:03:24
The loan must be paid back until I 'm out of school.Will the fact that I have this loan appears on my credit score now , or only when the loan is being repayed ? Will this improve my score or ruin because payments are deferred ?
Does co-signing for a student loan affect my credit score?1wesley2012-10-09 20:44:03
My son needs about $ 8K to get through this next academic year . We have completed three online applications for student loans , but without a guarantee that is rejected in milliseconds . How does it affect our credit score if you co - sign a student loan?
Does applying for student loan deferement affect your credit score?0Blaeten2012-11-02 10:17:53
How will being over 60 days late on student loan affect my credit score?1Ashley's Dad2012-10-24 21:33:02
I did not know that it started sending electronic statements and only had to investigate to discover that. When I entered the site and put in my info , put it until my bill was due on 1/5/08 ( now is 03/07/08 ) and now owes $ 803. How can you just stop sending paper statments without notifying me first? I'm building a house and I know this will affect my credit because in the last "online " The statement says that the account is seriously deliquent and are reporting to the credit bureaus . ? I can doubt it? HELP ! !
Will applying for (but not accepting) multiple loans affect my credit score?1petie2012-10-25 10:27:49
My current credit score is 750 . I applied for a loan of $ 10,000 with my federal credit union and they have responded with a decent offer that I have 30 days to accept . I like the option to borrow 15 - 20K , but do not offer personal loans beyond 10k . The money will be used to buy inventory. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am also a small business owner (which started last year ) and I realized that you can apply for a micro loan with a broker in my state through the SBA . I wonder what rates I offer a loan of 15k or 20k , but from what I've seen in banks and credit union , you can not get this information without seeking specific loan first. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I imagine the process is the same with the broker ... request at no charge , get offer, have the opportunity to take or reject the offer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) If I do this affect my credit score ? MedlinePlus 2) Is there a way to get a quote on what rates and terms will not apply to me ?

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