I need to borrow money for a car loan,but filled chapter 13 a year and a half ago.Can I still borrow ? related questions

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I need to borrow money for a car loan,but filled chapter 13 a year and a half ago.Can I still borrow ?1moe2012-10-02 09:10:03
I know someone will say that borrowing is what got into bankruptcy.That true.Being partially layed out did not help either.We never been late on a payment from the presentation and I'm not looking to borrow 20,000, but somewhere 10,000 to buy a decent used car that will last .
If you were to borrow money for longer than 1yr would it make sense for you to borrow short/long term loans?0timmathy2012-09-24 03:44:02
On the basis of a yield curve positively sloped government securities .
Were can I borrow money with really bad credit? I filed bankruptcy Chapter 7 it was discharged in Aug. 2006.?3SENiOR '092012-11-05 09:23:02
I have three accounts opened with a good credit standing in them , but no one will give me a personal loan or finance a vechile . I'm in a difficult situation right now with rent and need a car or need to get mine repaired . If anyone has any suggestions , please let me know .
I am planning on going to college next year and i need to borrow money do i need to take out a student loan?6Ilma2012-09-29 13:53:04
Also, if I was planning to buy a car , and do not have enough to make it right, it's going to be another type of loan ? or I can get a loan to cover both ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Best Choice for 19 year old to Borrow money for vehicle purchase?0 flowers if Xiangxi -2012-09-19 15:36:02
I have a car payment in full, but I have a bike , as they are fun to drive , and cheap to run. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The only problem is to get a loan at 19 is annoying to say the least . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know if decent loan companies probably accept me for my age ? ( Since I 'm younger than I have a lower credit profile ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
If I am filing for Chapter 7 and not including my student loans can I still borrow?0AD2012-09-19 08:41:04
I have bad credit , but I'm on good terms with my student loans . I've never missed a payment and I'm including them my bankruptcy . I can borrow ? Them yet ? I can not wait to finish my career and borrowing is the only way I'll be able to pay for them .
I need to borrow $60,000 will my apr be lower if I borrow as a home equity or auto loan? I do own a home.?0CHIKIRSHU2012-11-02 01:07:38
How much can a first year college student borrow using a unsubsidized Stafford Loan?0cici2012-10-19 07:47:30
I'm a college freshman online application for unsubsidized Stafford Loan . I'm confused as to how much I may borrow. I'm classified as a dependent . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I earn 22000 a year can I borrow 200000?1Emma Leigh2012-11-02 01:22:02
Currently I'm saving with looking to buy a place in LDN in the near future . I am a single woman earning 22,000 ( My sign does not work ! ) Per year and hoping to get a deposit of 20,000 by year end . Anything decent look seems to be at least 200,000 . I realize banks lend only 5 times your income realistically would I be able to get a 200.00 accommodation would someone with me to cover the payments . I've looked and I'd be able to afford the repayments , ( with a constant tenant in London farily easy ) its MedlinePlus just a case of getting the loan ! MedlinePlus Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Maximum amount of private student loans you can borrow a year?0fox2012-11-02 01:47:56
I was just wondering what the maximum amount of money you can borrow from lenders in private student loans is estimated to be. I know it depends on credit, etc, and if you've exhausted your federal loan options. For example, would I be able to borrow around 20,000 for one year if credit history allowed it?
Your company is planning to borrow $1,250,000 on a 3-year, 12%, annual payment, fully amortized term loan. Wha?0Pierre Romo2012-08-11 05:14:40
His company is planning to borrow $ 1,250,000 in three years , 12% , the annual payment , fully amortized loan term . What fraction of the payment made at the end of the second year will represent repayment of principal ? Round your answer to two decimal places.
My ex wife called wanting to borrow money to get her car tagged should I loan/give her the money?1new2012-09-14 10:28:02
We've been divorced for almost three years . She just lost her mother last year . When he called said that he learned that she was pregnant and her boyfriend left her when she told him . She is not close with his father and his sister is mad that she is pregnant .

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