I am wanted to consolidate my student loans, but I do not know who I should consolidate with; and suggestions? related questions

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I am wanted to consolidate my student loans, but I do not know who I should consolidate with; and suggestions?3guzy2012-08-14 05:13:03
I want to consolidate my student loans, but I do not know who should be consolidated with and suggestions?
I need to know what a good way to consolidate my student loans. Any suggestions?0Pace2012-08-29 01:29:02
I need to know what is a good way to consolidate my student loans . Any suggestions ?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good company to consolidate private student loans?1Glen2012-08-31 12:08:02
Our kids have private student loans with Citibank . They had the best consolidation options when the loans were obtained and now they will not consolidate your own loans . Can anyone recommend a reputable company . I know Wells Fargo private loan consolidation elsewhere, but I know nothing of them .
I have tried for months to find a company willing to consolidate my private student loans, any suggestions?0dan pogi2012-08-06 04:54:46
I have bad credit, and have received numerous rejections.
Consolidating college loans. Anyone have any suggestions on who to consolidate with? Or what kind to get?0ELINA2012-09-11 18:55:06
The student loan consolidation . Does anyone have any suggestion that the consolidation ? Or what kind to get ?
Consolidate or don't consolidate student loans?0Tim S2012-09-08 09:26:02
if ... now I have a loan of approximately 4.5 % interest rate for students and student loans important . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why? Or why not ?
When should I consolidate my student loans and who should I consolidate with?1Elizabeth R.2012-08-08 07:29:05
I am a graduate student level with just a couple of months out of school . I have student loans from my undergraduate and graduate . I know I need to consolidate, but do not know how. Should I wait until I graduated to consolidate or should I do now? Also, I heard Nelnet goes ... So who should be consolidated with ? Thank you !
Can I consolidate sallie mae student loans? what is the best way to consolidate my student loans?1RAH RAH2012-08-13 13:26:03
Thanks for your time and help. May you and your family have a prosperous and blessed 2012!
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to consolidate my debt while refinancing?0Lydia2012-10-19 10:43:06
I'm tired of writing checks fifity different month and I would get only the payment of a debt as soon as possible . With all my ( and my husband ) have low debt 132,000.00 2000.00 per month can pay towards your debt ( and we still have our money for our expenses , such as utilities and food ) . The only problem I have is that our house is valued at 85,000. Is there anywhere that any of you know of that would lend much more than your home is worth ? My credit rating is fair , my bills are always paid on time, the debt just soooo much Boggs my rating down. Any suggestions ?
I am going to the bank for a loan.to consolidate. any suggestions?4Marry2012-10-07 13:05:02
I go to the bank to consolidate a loan.to . any suggestions ?
Should i consolidate my undergrad loans now or wait for my grad loans, then consolidate?0Emileigh2012-10-03 15:39:32
In fact , I finished school in October and I've been trying to get into graduate school in the last six months , but it looks like I will not start until August. I'll have to start paying my undergrad loan March 17. Should I consolidate what until now or I'm done with graduate school ? If I start to pay , would not allow me to consolidate my murderer and sub at all? Not sure ?
Any suggestions on the best way to get approved for a $25k loan to consolidate my high interest debt?2Emily (:2012-11-05 17:56:02
Hi all, MedlinePlus I'm trying to summarize my unsecured debt ( about $ 25k ) in one payment per month to a lower interest rate than my current avg . interest rate is (19 % ) . I gross $ 6kA months analyst at a utility company and are paid monthly. I have a credit score around 630, I can rent an apartment. and am financing my car . I'm paying about $ 1,500 a month for my unsecured debt, a small % goes to the current directors . Payments are due on different dates each month (I've already moved some dates of the billing cycle ) , which made me late or miss payments altogether. Finally my goals are to have a payment (about my payment date ) , have a higher % of the payments go to the capital to a better interest rate , reduce the payment of around $ 650 - $ 800 per month range and improve my credit score . I think the only hope I have is to try and get a loan with a co -applicant / co - signer. MedlinePlus With that being said , does anyone have any suggestions on a way forward ?

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