Does my education plan sound good or is it a bad idea?

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I have already made ​​my first year of my human services associate degree and was thinking maybe I should take my 2nd year and take a biology class when I'm done so that I can go right to take medical laboratory assistant course , which is longer than 4 months is 6500. $ For tuition than I can get a job in the hospital drawing blood from patients and make $ 16 / hour ( which is money well where I live ) and I can pay what you owe in loans so far to take two years online college to get my degree driving back and forth to a university near me to take my bachelor of education (which must have a bachelor's degree before you can take education where I live ) and teach, but while I'm getting my two college degrees I can work in the hospital with my medical career lab assistant .
MedlinePlus Sounds like a good plan? or think I'm wasting my time taking the course lab medical assistant ? I have to take online college for 2 years , it is the only college I can get credit transfer , but is accredited and I know people who have taken the same action . What do you think about my plan? and suggestions or comments you can share with me ?

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