Does anyone know what these online games are?

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1) you play this stick man and starts with him sitting in a bar. There are three big guys behind him and you have to find a way to beat them without getting killed . after leaving the bar , I think you find this lady and she wants to find her daughter or something and in a moment you stay locked in this room with no weapons and have to leave. then when you do, I find woman's son but ends up not even being his son . that's all I remember . Also, I think this game is a sequel . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) I believe the first steps in her apartment building and you have to try and get out without being seen by the usurers . random part : when you finally get out of your room and enter the door of the apartment next door, you see a sheep with wives and lots of other weird things . anyway, I know that at any given time , you come to an alley with a homeless man and you have to find ways to overcome the barrier . I think when you do know , like being able to go to 4 different places . one thing is this station where this guy is trying to exploit the joint. other is a recreation center where you try to join a dance contest . that's all I remember . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that these descriptions were confusing , but please let me know if you have anyy idea what im talking about .

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