My brother's mother in law is budgeting his money and his wife money but something is not adding up!!!?

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Asked at 2012-09-13 17:43:04
hi my brother has been separated from his wife that causes not know if she still loves him idk but my brother came to my house and had this I can see threw u look .. and was saddened by what he asked what's wrong and told me his private matters.he told me that in the last 11 years, his mother n law has been managing funds to pay are not home faster and pay off student loans of his wife so he left the mother n law and Handel do that all household expenditures and budget and you would pay them but were too each week and month give checks there because my wife teaches mother's brother n law I also had to do direct deposit if possible, but he says that today she told him to go and just take your clothes just nothing and my brother pay for his car too and she said she did not ether.cause take was pissed because their children are removed there by bike to school and thank God they did through traffic miles a brother was at work and she was home no school today. my brother like wtf was she could not see are the children she found fault he had disappeared 45 minutes after 2 twins as found idk. my brother is saying how do you know what the law n takes all the money each month to be? it only gives my brother $ 20 is just to much idk gas.and wife gets brothers don 't want to say at all what my sister n law nothing.if spends money she wheres some says my brother or I should happiness n such that the mother n law my brother like wtf so we are not spending $ 1,200 month say.there will shape mother n law more than that each month. What I can do to help my brother no matter what he says if separate support their children and give money and support them in every way possible, but also have to live too, but he feels as if his words wool is passing over the eyes for years and never again it.I just hope that hes always trusted the bad thing is that they said goodbye to his wife thought the house was there was because the mother n laws name she was the co-debtor. hes like wtf did i sign then I just signed im so we can find out where all there money goes each month is all in the mother n laws name, possibly his wife too, but they do not show anything they told him to stop direct deposit and give the wife controls and opening an account is so hard to see people either love or hurt so deep, what I can do something suppina launched a lawyer: (
Answer1billy bobAnswered at 2012-09-21 09:29:03
Check online whose name ( s ) are on the deed to the house . This is public information . If mom co-signed by the loan that your name can not be the fact . That would be my first thing on the list. Second open another account and have direct deposit into a different account . Moreover , these are two grown adults do not understand why they would give this control to anyone. If she wanted to help them learn how to budget money was going to teach them , not take over. Finally , see where all the money is gone, I would check to see any money was taken. Good Luck .
Answer2ShawndaAnswered at 2012-10-04 03:35:47
1 - None of your business ..... MedlinePlus 2 really think many people will read this long boring drama ....
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