Why are certain companies allowed to only report unpaid bills to credit bureaus but not when you are making... related questions

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Why are certain companies allowed to only report unpaid bills to credit bureaus but not when you are making...0~{HAPPY FACE!!}~2012-09-13 16:56:03
... payments on time ? Does this seem really fair ? People try to build your credit until they have trouble because they can not get approved for a credit line . I know of secured cards / loans , but why are not these companies that report when you make your payments on time? I say for any company to report unpaid bills / loans for the first time must report to agencies when customers make their payments on time too. Looks like a one way street that is crippling credit ratings peoples.
I am a creditor how to I report to the credit bureaus ?4Harlery2017-09-15 17:51:46
I'll be giving small loans. Just in the business and business is good so far. How I can do to report to credit bureaus when the customer pays later time or
How does lenders report data to credit bureaus?1Rahid Haque2012-10-15 10:47:03
I was very curious about this. How lenders report to the credit bureaus . What documents via email , fax or mail , stating that the debtor pay as agreed or late ? Also , ( for example. ) if you do not pay a car loan , how quickly lenders get infomation to the credit bureaus and how long it takes for agencies to update the negative information ? Do lenders have to pay a monthly fee to inform agencies or what? I can report negative infomation to the credit bureaus and ruin someone , if I owe money ?
Do secured loans report to the credit bureaus?0Erol2012-09-10 00:09:03
What if you make a loan against a cd . MedlinePlus I wish to inform all bank credit bureaus MedlinePlus I think not - because the loan is guaranteed - guaranteed MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Anyone out there ever a secured loan ? MedlinePlus What was the interest rate ? MedlinePlus Do you inform the three agencies ?
Auto/car finance company that does NOT report to credit bureaus.?0Caitie2012-08-18 14:19:02
That have decent credit , but about graduate school and student loans around the corner I know that my debt to income ration will be high as tides ! I am looking for a car , preferably a brokerage firm with a car rental agency in the house not be reported to credit bureaus. There is one in Cleveland (Bass Fineberg Leasing) which dealt with two years and am interested in finding another .
How do you rid of bills that are not allowed in bankruptcy and rebuild credit?1matherik2012-09-13 01:46:04
We filed Chapter 7 and were not able to include student loans, taxes, and child support . We almost have paid taxes and are working to support. It's being carried out each check , plus you pay child support . Does anyone have any recommendations on how to start rebuilding your credit is not finance a car at a high rate of interest ?
Do credit card companies or loan/banks get ur car for unpaid debts /loans?0David2012-10-15 22:45:03
do credit card companies or loan / banks get ur car debts / credits ? Unfortunately I lost my job two years ago . Now I'm working but paid very little about a third of what he earned so I can not yet afford. I can only pay utility bills .
Do Companies that give bad credit personal loans allowed to ask for a couple months payment up front?1Isuckatmath2012-09-21 16:28:03
I applied for a loan online bad credit perosnal . A company called Birchmount Lending called saying he was approved for 5000.00 , with payments of 224.54 monthyl for 2 years . But since my credit was not the best I have to give 4 prepayments . Tell me what you think
Where do i go to look at my Companies Credit Report?0rmz2012-11-04 14:42:59
Hello, i just opened an small business credit card and bank account, which both were approved. I am wanting to know, how do i look up or order a copy of my companies credit report, so i can see its scores, or just the basis of what it has in it?
Will credit card companies let me not pay for 2 months to get caught up on my bills?1johnnetta2012-10-13 06:02:02
I'm over my head. I do not want to declare bankruptcy . I tried a debt consolidation loan but was rejected because " should too " .... duh ! That's why I wanted to consolidate . If I contact the credit card companies would not let me pay for 2 months so you can catch up on other bills and not start in the hole every month? ? ? Or what about those companies that negotiate for you with the credit card companies ? I've heard bad things about them . But I have to do something or I will be forced to declare bankruptcy .... HELP !
What's the deal with medical bills on your credit report?2rajshekhar2012-10-20 13:08:02
My husband had a car accident a few years ago ( before I met him ) and he never paid the medical expenses (I would have ordered to make payment arrangements , if I had been with him at the time) . I know I should have made ‚Äč‚Äčarrangements to pay for them , but he did not and now they are all in collections . The total is about $ 58,000. It really hurt your credit score and are forbidden to obtain a mortgage and a car loan . (I have bad credit from my mind to worry about my husband's past, that's a different story , so you can not get a loan either) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard that lenders are supposed to look the other way in medical bills and are not supposed to be on your credit report . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this true ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What can we do to get them off your credit report ? (No way to pay , the amount is too high )
Will they imprison me? I have a unpaid student loans, have no job and they are sending me bills?0karen smalss2012-11-01 21:45:34
The send me bills every month. I do not deny this debt. I just don't have the money or a job at this time. Been looking and applied here and there. What's the worst that could happen to me in this situation. Is bankruptcy an option for me? I owe less than 10,000.00 Dollars.

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