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What kind of intrest rate should I expect on my car loan?0JOEY2012-09-13 02:38:03
I have very bad credit , 3000 down, and proof of income , I would like a car loan 7000
What intrest rate can i expect??? car loan?1aalyssa2012-09-14 15:48:05
Hi ... so I called the dealer about a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali with 103,000 miles and was told to apply for a loan from the web existence . I did and emaild and said it was approved . Now , before making the hour drive to see the truck I want to know what intrest rate not going to hit me with all I can say is that I have very little credit credit certainly is not bad . Now whate rate what you think is wrong and get you call the dealer would be willing to tell me before entering ? Thanks ahead of time guys
What kind of interest rate should I expect for a car loan?0Marpaq0072012-10-19 14:41:53
I have bad credit .. about 600 ( 68k in student loans and no job for 18 months .. ) . What kind of interest rate should be expecting ? Just looking for some 5km of a loan to be repaid in 36 months. Now I make enough to cover all my expenses . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance ! Just looking for a general ballpark of what should be
What kind of interest rate can I expect to get for a new car loan with no credit?0Valentine's Sweetheart2012-08-27 13:54:03
Being 18 ( and about to join the army ) I would buy my own car (rather than bumming rides off people ) . I plan to buy after I finish my initial training . I'll make about $ 1600 per month ( accommodation and meals are provided by the military ) and plan to buy my new car . I'll put down $ 1750 and I would like the loan is for 48 months - 60 months. Being only 18 I have no credit . I have planned to go through a dealer or through Chase Bank and Bank of America . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what kind of interest rate I can expect to get a new car loan with no credit and a guarantee ( how about without a guarantee ) ?
What kind of interest rate should i expect when getting a car loan at a dealership?0guinea, fowl2012-10-06 16:34:10
I have 21 years old , no credit (0) ( which is apparently the same as having bad credit ) . I work part time making $ 10 an hour . And I 'm looking for a used car in the range of $ 5,000 - $ 10,000. I can not find anyone to co-sign a loan for me in my bank , so my only option is to get a loan from the dealer . What kind of interest rate should I expect from a dealer ?
What kind of interest rate can I expect on a personal loan?0Ade2012-08-26 14:01:06
I have no idea what is in the range of unsecured personal loans about $ 5,000
What kind of interest rate should i expect on a private loan for law school?0emileh2012-08-10 18:06:03
I have good credit , probably about 750, has a car loan of $ 14,000, the mortgage does not, and already has $ 35,000 in student loans. I'm looking to borrow up to $ 18,500 from the federal government and another $ 15,000 from a private company. What interest rate should I accept?
With A credit score of 698 what kind of interest rate should I expect for a used car loan?1Adele2012-09-25 08:55:03
I'm looking at a 1999 4x4 vehicle for winter . It sells for $ 6000, has only 89,000 miles on it . A bank still approve a loan of this type ?
What kind of auto loan interest rate can a 582 credit score expect?0twela2012-11-03 07:16:50
What kind of loan can i expect?1Nicky 2012-10-24 08:35:04
I'm looking to buy a car I have 19 and still live with my parents have agreed to cooperate sign if I need too . I really do not have bad credit and no credit is I have only one credit card that I have made regular payments of credit. I own a car, aurora 1995 for guarantees . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was hoping to at least 12,000
What kind of apr can I expect on a new car loan with no credit?1Gertrude Sanders2012-09-28 12:06:02
I'm looking to get a new nissan 370z base model for about 32000. I can not understand what is expected in April without credit. I'll have to get a surety know. I have no credit because I've always believed if you have the money do not buy it so no credit cards for me . I will put at least up to 8000 I have been saving for the past six months .
What kind of A.P.R. should i expect for a car loan with a credit score of 721?0Phoebe2012-09-20 14:22:02
I recently went to a dealer and my credit score is 721. And of course , how dealers told me it was better than the 8.0 % achieved good finacing GMAC me . After a few minutes later , the Investment Manager . dropped to 7.87% . But that still seems high for a score of 721. If anyone has any knowledge of what ideally should be offered to me will be appreciated. ( I understand that 's how dealers make money , I just want to know how bad I'm getting cheated ... lol .

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