Whom would i contact to get more information about getting funding for this unique business venture? related questions

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Whom would i contact to get more information about getting funding for this unique business venture?0Nyeem2012-09-12 19:28:04
I bought three small businesses have increased their net income , and then sold to companies for profit. I'm thinking about doing this for about five more companies , but do not have the capital to buy the business . MedlinePlus So ...... MedlinePlus I talk to a bank for a loan, the angel investor group or venture capitalists ? MedlinePlus And MedlinePlus with whom I could talk about advice on the best way to attract these potential lenders ?
Where can I find contact information about a payday loan company called Interim Cash Ltd?0Paula2012-09-18 18:20:02
I need an address and a phone number for the interim cash Ltd
Business venture?0go to/失败2012-08-10 08:37:41
Business? I have a good job today and took a paycut 10,000 because they have not finished college yet. College, go to the prestigious arlight is not fair I guess .. I have a score of 736 Equifax Credit and I bought a house for rent and is currenty in the hiring process ... I just got a personal loan of $ 20,000 , plus 10 thousand of my own money to invest in interest in a restaurant that I always wanted to be associated with, but I'm afraid i becuause only make $ 14 an hour and I'm point of renting an apartment that is like $ 400 a month. Id rather work for myslef than anyone. im 24 years old and almost finished with school, but I will not take more than I can handle. Am I moving too fast? Should I drop the 20k loan I also come into play a.ss often, because I messed up a good opportunity in a forune 500 companies, but because I was in school , it took time and effort away from work, and therefore , I lost it and now .. i earn $ 14 ...
Fair Slice of the Business Venture Pie?1Gretta2012-11-04 07:11:02
I'm starting a new business with two friends . I get a massive loan to the project . Me and my friend the other will be the executive arms of the three , running the business . The last partner will chip in a hefty amount of money to renovate and upgrade the workplace . How should we split the profits ? If the last friend who is going to pay for renovations and improvements to the workplace is a long-term partner or just compensation for their investment of time , and something else ? Theirs not do any work ... and the company would pay for itself over time , at least . Your contribution makes us take off faster , however . MedlinePlus How can we be fair to everyone involved ?
How to get investors for a huge business venture?0Software Recommendatiosn2012-09-13 13:08:03
A friend of mine has a great idea for a bottled water business - so, here's my question - she wants to find investors to let him get the business up and running in a year . But she does not know what to expect to be fair - a high percentage loan , or part of the business , such as 1% of the company ? What is normal ? Thanks ...
Do you think it's best to start a company with Venture Capital or Business Loan?0Johnthyn2012-09-11 14:06:04
It is the best way to start a venture capital business which may include mentoring of executives with experience or get a bank loan . What about those who can not get a bank loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.GoodShephard.Free1up.com
I'm planning on asking my grandfather to invest in my new business venture. Any advice?1kacie2012-10-23 23:58:05
I'm starting a home life and health insurance brokerage also going to offer wealth management services . My overhead is low , but I want to invest some seed money in additional training for me and my business marketing . The main concern I have is that my grandfather invested $ 20k in business from my father for over 20 years and has done very uncomfortable holiday gatherings . My plan is to pay the capital you need to start ($ 6500) , but it may take three years or more if the business starts more slowly than we anticipated . 1) How do I apply for funding; ? And 2) If granted , how should I configure the willingness to pay ? As a loan , or should I give the investor a stake in the company ? What are the legal ramifications of the latter , as it is not licensed to sell life and health insurance ( commission sharing was considered if the company receives income ) ?
What is the best way to raise $25,000 to open a business? I have years of experience. SBA, Small Venture Caps?0Harla2012-09-24 01:39:04
Have you done this personally? MedlinePlus I see things such as microcredit on television, but know nothing about these MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is a type of consulting business, but selling a product. I have been in this line of work before and has an excellent reputation. However, now I'm in another city with few contacts to a private placement, LLC Type of Application MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I could probably do it for $ 15,000, but feel there is no risk on my part (to be successful) with $ 25,000. I have thoroughly researched the market and competition is pretty weak. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Again, I've done the same before. MedlinePlus Any idea who is in this business, has done what I hope to do ... raise is appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do venture companies only deal with more important things? MedlinePlus Is it necessary to use a figure of $ 50,000 to be taken seriously? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there regional considerations? I can do this business all over the phone ... It is based on an online presence and print ads to generate calls for a national audience. I know very little about the grants, but heard if you are a potential employer, it makes you more favorable MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The point is, I can live anywhere and do this. I hope to use only about 4-5 people and can generate a gross income of $ 300,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus favorable profit margin MedlinePlus Feel free to add any questions we should do, if it is insufficient information. Most likely (better and easier /) where the money I'm looking for. MedlinePlus I am willing to give up a position owenership / capital but will not help "partnerships" unless absolutely necessary. I have total control and decision making, only because I know exactly how to run this company. No experimentation necessary, without knowing what Alls MBA MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just need the money to get my first 20 customers. Everything is on autopilot near that point on MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
How do I get a small business loan? Who do I contact?0Blueberry2012-09-25 20:04:02
I'm trying to get a loan for an existing buisness that has been in buisness for 11 years , very profitable , the owners of deportation . We have 30 years experience and want to immediately buy this bakery . Who to contact ? I do not even know where to start !
Should I contact the Better Business Bureau about my car loan company?1kl2012-11-06 02:20:02
Lately I've been having trouble making full payment for my car loan . I was out of work for a month , and the month before that, I was in the process of losing my hours . I've had this car loan for at least two years. In June I made a special payment ( less than what would normally pay) I told my manager realized he was in the process of losing my job , and I needed my payments readjusted. My payments a month ago ( not in front , intentionally by the company ) and July was the most difficult because I was not an employee , and my unemployment is all fucked . So I asked for more time to the present. still Haden
Where can i get funding for a new business? UK?2elijah branton2012-08-24 05:08:02
Very good. I have an idea to start a cleaning business . My company will offer domestic and commercial cleaning , beside other small tasks, locally. My company will use organic and recycled whenever possible . I have no personal capital , as I am only 20 years, but have compiled a detailed business plan and we believe this will work. The company will require low start-up funds
Funding for a business?0BrXce2012-10-09 09:34:47
I'm in the process of creating a business plan for a company stable yard potential. I figure I need a mortgage of about

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