If you have EXCELLENT credit where can you get an Excellent loan percentage for a first time home buyer? related questions

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If you have EXCELLENT credit where can you get an Excellent loan percentage for a first time home buyer?2WeatherGirl2012-10-15 14:10:03
If you can suggest an online bank or something that would be great. Thank you very much !
Best re-finance for low loan amount, excellent credit and equity in home?0dp2012-09-19 11:24:03
Want to refinance soon . I have very low loan to pay , excellent credit and home equity . Several banks are offering low closing costs with a higher interest rate , allowing me to retain cash. Other banks offer higher closing costs and a lower rate . There just seems to be a few dollars difference in the monthly principal and interest if you pay the highest price or lowest closing . For my situation, how I can know which way to turn , lower closing costs or lower .
I make about 20-45k and have about 30k in total debt with excellent credit 700+ what home loan range will I?0mubin urgent2012-11-02 15:16:27
quailfy for, I'm trying for 165,000.00 Problem is my tax for last year show that I worked part-time (21k) personal, plus 8K from the business income. When I work full time I Can make 40-45K. I'm a self-employed business owner. Worked here for 7 years and bought the same business 3 years ago.
Where would I be able to loan $50-$70K, Excellent credit?5Marney2012-11-05 21:16:02
Is there anyone out there willing to invest some money? I am wanting to buy a franchise ($ 36K plus plus working capital ) Start funding is hard to find!
How do I get approved for a car loan without a job and excellent credit?1Ben !!!HELP!!!2012-09-14 02:15:03
He owed money collection agencies .. I returned it .. Now do not owe money to anyone .. Im i cant get a co -signer on my own ... I have no money to pay a decent amount for a new car cheaper , but I do not want to use my money
Car loan declined, excellent credit why?2ashish2012-09-29 09:38:02
I applied for a car loan for $ 19k . I have excellent credit, but so-so debt / income (technical ) So I asked my dad to co - sign load. He has impeccable credit with excellent debt / income. We are still denied. What ? I'm frustrated because we both have excellent credit , but rejected yet. The car loan is not that big of a deal anyway, but not yet.
If I am a co-signer for my son's car and have excellent credit, will I still be able to get a new car loan?1MTH2012-10-19 05:34:04
If I am a guarantor for my son 's car and have excellent credit , I will still be able to get a new car loan ?
Need loan have excellent credit but no cash and am self employed. Help!?1HARDEST MATH QUESTION IN THE UNIVERSE2012-09-28 10:15:03
I have a construction business with a lot of assests ( tools , trailers , trucks , etc. ) I need a loan to start a restaurant , but no one wants to talk to me because I'm self-employed, even with excellent credit. Any suggestions ?
What do you have to have to be considered as having "excellent credit"?3Adria2012-11-03 07:39:02
Well I was denied a loan today MedlinePlus My FICO is 785 MedlinePlus My credit report shows all accounts have been there for as long as possible , never No late payments . MedlinePlus Debt ratio below 18 % MedlinePlus A tax lien state on the report that was canceled as soon as I heard that he owed as 1994 . MedlinePlus Car loans (8) from 97, all paid in advance . MedlinePlus And the reasons for denial of the loan are MedlinePlus 1 derogatory public record . ( I guess that is not given credit for paying this off when informed of this) MedlinePlus 2 Proportion of balance to high credit . (Maybe what your 15% ? ) MedlinePlus 3 Length of time accounts . ( duh , they have all been established over what is reported on credit reports , 10 years ) MedlinePlus 4 Number of recent research ( 4 visits since 2005) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So what is exactly what you must have or be considered excellent ? 5 million in liquid funds ? Do you have to be Donald Trump or Bill Gates ? Someone answer this. Preferably a loan underwriter. I'm really looking forward to hearing a response .
We have excellent credit, refinance help?0Sammy J2012-08-08 14:30:03
Hi, my husband and I would like to refinance. However, we must find a bank to lend to us in just a computerized assessment , which is what the last guy did (and we're not sure our house is actually worth that amout ), the last time seen . The last time I did it my husband was doing well, and we went with a loan of 15 years instead of 30 . Now, he has been fired, and we need some more extra money to get lower payments, and perhaps return to a 30 year loan instead. Any help would be great , thanks.
I have fair credit wife has excellent but no job can we still get an auto loan?2Thai Jazmine2012-10-20 06:29:03
hey me and my wife is looking at getting a car loan and trade my truck in a newer truck can get a loan through local financial institutes any line B or to expect things no one has heard of getting a loan with the guarantee not having a job , but a credit score of about 800
Ok ive been looking for a loan for2500 with bad credit but have excellent collateral and banks wont help me .?6Gonzales2012-10-15 19:15:03
Insallments need and have had loans in the past you please help me and I need it fast fast

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