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I want a bachelor degree in finance?0Phat Ass 2012-09-12 11:49:03
I want a 100% online university . MedlinePlus I want to do after two years . MedlinePlus I want it to be cheap. MedlinePlus I want to get a loan from the FAFSA . MedlinePlus What is the best deal out there and how much will it cost?
Does it make sense to get $40k in student loans to get a bachelor degree in finance/accounting online?3Mattie2022-06-06 07:51:12
I want to get an online degree in finance / accounting , I was thinking of doing it at the University of Missouri Columbia online . MedlinePlus I have 30 years old and has no other debt .
Should I go for the Bachelor's Degree?0Pandora2012-10-12 17:06:01
Greetings, MedlinePlus I've received my associate degree in it , but I wonder if I should continue to receive a degree ? Otherwise should I jump to the receipt of certificates updated knowledge on what I do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've also been looking at apartments . If I decide to go to the reception of the other branch going to be financially stable to get an apartment ? I do not own a car , however , I'm still doing well with just bus. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Say my annual income is $ 30k and the cost of a single apartment I want is
Bachelor's degree at age 50?1Jami2012-10-25 14:44:04
Would it be worth it for a middle-aged man to obtain a bachelor's degree ? 've Been thinking about it and have even applied and accepted by an online university . I Business - Management . What is the chance of getting a job with that degree ? How much would my age factor into it ? Do not wanna be an old man with a point , you have to work at Arby for the rest of your life to pay their student loans. Nothing against Arby , and I love them ! MedlinePlus There are a lot of big factories in my area . I work in the largest, and I would have a very hard time staying there , even with a better position . I know I should have received an early education in life , but I chose a path that does not go as planned. Is it too late to change things ?
I want to have a bachelor degree...Help?0Melinda Gomez2012-09-30 19:40:02
I graduated high school in the U.S. , he returned to Canada , to college , failed completely , was still missing some prerequisites , but was accepted into the program yet ... I was in Commerce at the time . I took this program because I used to be good at math . In college , I failed Math . Now , I finished my university certificate in Marketing , but I feel I need more to get a good job . Although I think I'm good at marketing , I get discouraged when I see my program graduates working in call centers that make some telemarketing , telephone surveys or some ... I'm thinking about finances now , but online , I have no choice but to work to pay the student loan . I need some guidance , if possible , God Bless
Can I get yet another student loan with a bachelor's degree?0Rosalind2012-10-27 12:07:17
I have approximately $ 30,000 in federal student loan debt and have completed a bachelor's degree . I would go to another undergraduate program . It is only a one-year program in web design certicate and costs about $ 14,000. I live in Pennsylvania . I thought I heard you can borrow up to $ 42,000 for undergraduate study . Is this true and you have more details ?
Is an Associate degree good enough, or should I get my Bachelor's?2Guadalupe2012-11-02 08:58:03
I am currently pursuing my Associate of Arts in Mass Communications through an online university . I've been thinking of pursuing my degree
Is a Bachelor's Degree worth it anymore?0doo2012-11-05 17:54:00
I'm about to transfer with my Associate degree to a four year college, with the intent of working towards my Bachelor's. The only problem is that I want to major in English (not to teach, though) because it's the only thing I'm consistently interested in, but I'll have to take out a loan upwards of $35,000. With the economy looking the way that it is, is it worth it anymore to take out a student loan for this type of degree? What jobs could I get right now with an Associate degree in English?
Can I become a Crime Scene Technician with a Bachelor's Degree?0Carolann2012-09-01 15:44:04
Hi . I'm a senior in college who is unfortunately going to have to spend another year so now is my last year part 1, part 2 and then after June 2011. This is because I added 35 quarter units ( the total number of units I have to finish is 88) to my specialty , adding an option or an accent . My right is important current BA Chemistry and I have decided to switch from that to Chem BS with Option in Forensic Science . I have read online and seen on TV that even people from the technical schools , which only gains an Associates may be part of the field . My question is , is my soon - to-be changed quite important for me to enter the field and work as forensic technology CS ? This work is also more entry level there .... well, maybe besides crime scene photographers . I also read that the minimum wage is $ 20/hr . For me , the pay is not an issue. I have only enough to house and feed myself , pay off student loans , personal expenses , some $ for animal shelter in grants and utility bills . Therefore , fine. Of course , somewhat higher is more likely haha appreciated. I know that if I just stick to BA in chemistry , not limited jobs would be in store for me and that does not include becoming a technician CS . Therefore, to make the important specific , which goes directly to what I'm trying to reach. Do you get what I mean ?
What is a bachelor's degree worth, as far as student loan debt?0Ashlyn2012-10-26 01:21:58
I know people who went to private schools or out of state went to college and now have about $ 70,000 - $ 90,000 in student loan debt . It is a single
How do I obtain my teaching certification after already receiving my bachelor's degree?0Maxiline2012-10-06 23:01:27
I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts , Graphic Design, in December 2007 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After working for 2.5 years, I decided that I would teach. Does anyone know what the requirements for teacher certification after receiving a bachelor's degree ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also a bad idea considering Art / Graphic Design teacher jobs are probably very difficult to get buy ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , what are my options given that would teach students for a semester and my student loans are already in payment? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you ! MedlinePlus Kari
Is there a college in Orlando, FL that I can get my Bachelor of Arts degree from online?0Jeesung2012-10-04 17:39:25
I'm ready to start school , and I would get my degree online . Because of my loans and financial aid , I have to start school before I am able to go to Orlando . So if there is a university in Orlando with this online degree , you can go online learning for college ? Thank you !

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