Does anyone have any experience applying for an SBA start-up business loan? related questions

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Does anyone have any experience applying for an SBA start-up business loan?0Mary Troy2012-09-12 07:58:02
I am wanting to apply for a small business loan . I have a solid business plan , great location , good credit , but I have no guarantee . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone been in a similar situation ? How was it ?
Where can someone with only a good idea and relevant experience get a $5000.00 loan to start a new business?0Taylor Ramez2012-09-21 22:20:04
have been in the automotive industry in the last 13 years and is now ready to work hard in my own business idea already secured the garage needed to operate the business that we need action now
What are the points to write in a letter to the bank when applying for loan to start a business?0ceri-anne2012-08-29 23:08:13
Please list all major and minor points that would help loan approval for a small business such as opening a restaurant .
I want to start a loan brokerage biz but have no experience but am a qualified accountant. Where do i start?2Aidan2012-11-03 11:19:04
I am an expert , with over 5 years of post qualification experience . I want to start a mortgage / collateral / guarantee lending. I know that for mortgage brokering , I'll have to take some tests. But I can put my business once you have taken the tests or meet other conditions exist ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For loans with guarantee / warranty , I have to take the tests? Are there other conditions be met?
Who does one go about applying for a small business grant to start a small business?2Fabia2012-10-05 00:13:03
I live in Alaska and want to start a dog - and dogwash care . I found the website states on grants and loans but do not know which ones apply to the types of companies do not know how to write a letter of grant application.
How hard would it be to get an loan OR investments for a small business with no experience?3nish2012-11-05 19:56:01
But you have an education in the operation of that particular business enterprise and a business plan
What is the process for applying for a small business loan, in order to buy an existing business?2Jiggly Dog2012-10-27 17:43:07
What is the process for applying for a small business loan in order to buy an existing business ?
Will my experience at a nursing home count towards "experience" to get a hospital job?1makalay2012-10-21 14:34:03
I am a recent graduate age : 24. I graduated from an associate degree program . MedlinePlus I've seen tons of online ads and websites that say hospitals prefer nurses with a bachelor's degree and who want a minimum of 1-2 years experience . I can not afford a degree and I refuse to get one , we all had to sit for state boards themselves and have the same knowledge base . Im 30k in debt and my student loans went to collections and that the labor market for nurses was little or nothing for my state of New England . MedlinePlus I recently got a job in a per diem nursing home type . It's in an older home and require little care residents , had drugs , nursing notes and do a fair amount of work LNA . It is the opposite of a nursing home type business management . MedlinePlus this still count as experience. I've seen people get online publication of jobs as new graduates as " surgical nurse " , " oncology nurse ," Pediatric ICU " how are these new graduates to get jobs ? Will I have an opportunity in this?
I have applied for uni, sent of my UCAS form online.When is the best time to start applying for..?0Osmon2012-08-31 05:06:03
student loans and scholarships ? (I'm in the UK ) . MedlinePlus And also , how I can get my LEA, or the LEA in the county I go to college ?
How do I go about getting a small bus loan for a start up bakery business, with no start up money on my own?1lila2012-10-24 13:59:03
I'm a single mom , looking to start a bakery business . My personal credit is not the best, and not implementing cash availability. But great community needs a bakery . The benefit would be great in this business . Are there grants or loans that can help?
How can i start my own cash loan if i don't have money to start the business?0Sue Ann2012-10-11 03:10:35
bettymasile[email protected]
Lagit unsecured small business loans? personal experience's please.?0HELP ME PLEASEEEE2012-08-17 14:31:30
I want to start a business, but I have to find a loan. I know I can return the money but I have calateral except what I can buy with the loan , and I do not have to begin repaying the loan for four to six months. I'm going to be moving to 3 hours and start from scratch. but I would like to pay it back monthly after his departure . any suggestions

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