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How do I know if I was approved for a loan from APF Services?0HEMANT2012-11-05 17:30:02
I applied online for a loan of $ 7,600 APF Services Friday, 18/09/2009 . How / when will I know if I have passed ? How I can check the status of my application ?
Has anyone ever used pdl services and if so are their services legit or is this just a rip-off?1serenity2021-11-18 19:00:21
Contact them so I could get my payday loans consolidated into a lower monthly payment and they want you to send them $ 200 just for starters. The way he said it sounded good , but I'm still stuck in this initial $ 200 fee they want to pay them in contact with lenders from me I mean I can do it myself . I am asking anyone who has done this is or know someone who has please let me know if this is a good service to use or not. I have read several things some good some bad please help . I have three payday loans online and the interest is killing me .
How come I got approved for a car loan and financing with Dell but I can't get approved for a credit card?1Zero2012-10-20 17:49:57
How is it that I approved for a car loan and financing with Dell , but can not get approved for a credit card ?
How was I approved for another car loan yet cannot get approved to refinance current vehicle?0bull2012-09-11 15:06:05
Scenario : I have 19 years . I got my first car last summer and my dad cosigned for it. Despite all my payments have been on time , no bank or credit union has been willing to refinance the car for me , as they require at least two years of credit history and just have one . However, today I went to two different car dealerships and was told I could get approved for a car that is '05 onwards , less than 50k miles and about $ 7 - 8k to keep around what my payment current cost , all without a guarantee . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How is this possible? Just went to the bank last week and they said 'no' to refinancing , dealers are now saying that I am authorized to other loans .. ?
Is there Loan services out there who really can help!?1res2012-09-01 01:47:04
My credit history is so bad began three years ago . before it was great ! I have been trying to consolidate many times with all this bank that says you can help! In return , I even offered to take my payment automatically taken from my acount exceptional , but I still discualified . What the hell is wrong with these people ! They offered to help , but disappointed you in return , even has a legitimate way to pay your monthly fee . Is there really anyone out there who really want help.
What are the best bad-credit car loan services?0Island boy2012-09-30 14:17:03
I've been trying to apply online for a loan for a car , but most places just redirect me to a " no credit check " site. I have no good credit , so I'm looking for a loan company that can help without having to pay me 300% of a loan .
I want to buy a home and was approved for a loan, but once i got married I could not be approved. Need help!?2UZOWULU CHARLES2012-11-03 17:19:02
Me and my husband wants to buy a house , but have bad credit so you can only be in the loan application . So I applied and was approved. We got married two weeks ago and found a home. The problem now married I do not qualify for the loan because your car payment and child support to be mine so its like you do not make enough money to support all this . We were told to get the house divorce and remarry . Has anyone been through this or have advice ?
If i got approved for a car loan can i get this approved after 20 days of purchase?1Sherif2012-10-04 13:37:03
I bought a car for $ 5000 and has since been adopted by the rest of the loan . drove the car for 20 days , now the dealer tells me I've been rejected for a loan and I 'm going to lose my down paymentsi
I got approved for 15k for a car loan w out a co signer. If my mom co signs will I get approved for more? ?0Biren bahkta2012-10-13 04:31:43
The car I want is 21k . My mom has a little bad credit , but it makes a lot of money
Best cash til payday loan services?2Jaimy2012-09-02 11:11:02
Can anyone tell me the best service cash until payday loans that is online . I do not like companies payday advance cash in my neighborhood and rather apply online for my cash advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know most of these companies charge very high interest rates and that is why I want to know from a cash advance company merchandise not rip you off . I live in Maryland ...
Anyone every had a sesured loan with portfield financial services????1Borjan2012-10-24 09:38:00
I'm looking for a secured loan , but I have bad credit when it was used ! so I'm willing to pay everything off , so there is only one and pay my bill . MedlinePlus Anyone know of any companies that deal with good loan with bad credit ? the only iu can find right now is the financial services Portfield and looks good , but could do with the advice , and I know my house repossessed if bi dnt wil keep up with the payments , I'm going ! Thank you.
Are there any good online quick loan services ?1Yana2012-09-24 03:47:02
Are there any good online services payday loan ?

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