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What is involved in purchasing a home in NJ?0Sparkle2012-09-12 00:01:05
I'm moving to New Jersey from CA . I'm trying to find solid information about things like property taxes , if they use escrow or lawyers , How long closures take if the loan is approved in advance. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In CA homes are in escrow and all the checks and inspections will take place title below. How NJ real work of the law of property ? Is there somewhere online that showcase good NJ homes with pictures ?
After purchasing a home, how long must I wait before I can be approved for a Home Equity Loan?0Jasinia2012-10-27 07:11:27
I am interested in buying a property invesment but the house needs a little work . I'd like to get a loan to cover part of the cost of renovation . Would I be able to get a home equity loan immediately after the closing of the mortgage ? If not how long should I wait before being approved for the home equity loan ?
Would it be smart to buy a home? (math involved)?1Mankiw2012-10-20 06:08:02
I'm making 65k a year at this time and will make 53k in about two months because I'm quiting one of my jobs . MedlinePlus My mother and my brother are pushing for a house , yet I feel I have enough money and I do not want to live pay check to pay check MedlinePlus The house I am looking at is 125,000 MedlinePlus taxes are 3000 a year MedlinePlus -250 Maint fees one month MedlinePlus Initial payment - 10000 ( I almost willl end , my lease is up decemer , so you could end up paying twice ) MedlinePlus student loans and car notes MedlinePlus $ 600 per month MedlinePlus I do not see how I can pay this if you give me a large sum of money for my down payment. I passed by 125 , 000 . My brother and my mom I can not come to understand that I spend a lot of money for a down payment and then have to pay about $ 400 more a month and make about 1,200 a month. I currently save about 850 a month with two jobs that I have right now. MedlinePlus They keep saying the home prices will go up, I 'm saying there is no reason to buy something I can not afford and be unhappy .
Can I avail home loan - with 2 parties involved (50% each share), but through different banks ?0Gilly2012-10-19 11:19:41
My father has been urging me to reach an agreement to buy a flat - for the short term perceptive (1 year ) . I do not open my book with him . I can get a loan ? , 50% of me (probably from another bank ) and then use the amount required .
Purchasing 1st Home....?3damion2012-09-27 23:08:03
I'm currently thinking of buying a house, but I do not know if I qualify I can only make about $ 24,000 a year, but my boyfriend make around $ 30-35000 a year, but have bad credit so you can still use your income if he was wont to be on loan to me? We are not married. Also how much I can pay with these figures, no credit cards. I have a car payment of 500.00 ( which does not have to pay 500.00 I choose ) and insurance 100.00 a month but other than that I have nothing else to pay. What is the best advice ... I can buy a home now. My dad is waiting to sell your home in 5 years and told me to give about 20 to 30,000 as payment, but if I wait homes would be a scandal , the market looks cheap at the moment ....... . .. HELP !
Improving chances of purchasing a home?1AVNEET2012-10-19 22:58:02
I am interested in buying my first home. I've looked at several programs for down payment assistance and government programs . Any other suggestions would be appreciated . MedlinePlus Here is our situation . Married with a kid . I filed BK in 2002 . Since then , I've had four loans with the same bank . These loans are or were paid on time . I had 1 cc but settled for less than full payment. I have several medical bills that are in collections. I have a set monthly payment plan . Medical bills , I have established a budget for fruit in the coming months. My credit score 574-584 . Bf has bad credit just applied for cc . In 2001 he was REPOSSED car. Our financial situation is the following gross monthly fixed debts 3850 1000. Since unmarried watch us both of our credit reports or work with better and use the disposable income of the other . Any help will be appreciated . I know there is something out there somewhere. MedlinePlus Thank you all in advance .
Opinons on refinancing my car and purchasing a home?0Abas2012-09-26 04:51:03
I wonder if it's a good idea to refinance my car right now when I'm looking to buy a house ? Do you think it will look bad on credit history ? My loan is for $ 17,000.00 to pay 466.00 per month I have about 4 years . I'm looking to buy a house for about $ 85,000 - $ 100,000 .
Home purchasing and bank decisions?6lucas2012-09-05 08:21:04
I am buying a house and escrow closes in 3 days. My concern is everybody telling me that not a fact because the bank will conduct a credit check a day before the close of escrow. My question is that recently took out a loan to consolidate bills that will change the decision of banks to give me the loan I need to buy my house.
What is the process to purchasing a foreclosed home?0Gary.L2012-10-16 04:42:03
Can anyone give me a more detailed description of what I have been getting ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How do I know if a real estate agent or a real estate agent specializing in this category? Do I have to literally call every one of them and ask? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a couple of houses I have in mind , but its current state is " preforeclosure . " I know this makes things more doubtful because of the possibility that they can resolve the matter on their own and do not necessarily become a foreclosed home . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are they all auctioned ? How I can be alerted of these events ? At the auction , I have to have all the money in your hand? ( In a bank account , cash, etc) I can not get a loan to buy a foreclosed home ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I happened to have any current job but has just inherited a decent amount of money . Does that count me automatically ? Are there any requirements that place ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in the area of Orange County in California .
I'm looking into purchasing a foreclosed home but I have A LOT of questions.?0Lizzie Nelson2012-10-07 19:37:25
My first question is : "How I can get a list of foreclosed homes that are " ... and preferably free ? I live in North Carolina . My second question is : "Is it lawful for a loan to buy these homes or are cash only " ? Third, understand that if I find a home that is listed with 65,000 as the sale price , is this word that is what remains in the loan agreement ? And finally , I thought of buying a home in a straight line , but instead of paying 100k + for a house , I buy one that is foreclosed and get 60k example , would be a better option is a good idea for a buyer "first " ? I have understood that you have to weigh your options as to area , location, own homes , etc , but what is the advantage of going this route instead of buying one that is not tied to something like this ?
Purchasing a home with borrowed cash?2Leyla2012-11-02 06:59:03
My father has offered to pay cash for my home due to lack of time with the closing of the items on the side of sellers . What steps I have to take and the things I have to do about paying him for this loan ? What should I do and considered ? I can hire a mortgage on this house and pay him the money ? I'm not very well educated at all in this field and any views and ideas are appreciated.
Question regarding FHA loans and Purchasing a home with cash?0yhenne2012-09-25 05:48:02

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