Money Woes... while Pregnant and Parenting!!!!?

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Asked at 2012-09-11 19:15:07
I do not know what they want to hear , but I would like some kind words . I am 20 weeks preggo w / Baby # 2 and have been trading online for Graduate School in Medical Billing and Coding . I always wanted to get into the computer , but my situation does not allow it right now. My boyfriend is a hard worker , but is " between jobs " often . He just applied to be a line cook in a local restaurant , but it still worries me . I have no $ $ to buy maternity clothes now , let alone start shopping for baby . I've been working , but I can get some of that work , so my counselor career placement is helping me to find something better. My rent was due yesterday , my bills are 2-4 months late , I have school loans I have to put on patience , but I am confused with the process ; Arrghh ! The brakes are going out in the car , my son's b-day is coming .... What would you do ? Have you been here , in these shoes ? Please help ... Anything that helps ...
Answer1KorynAnswered at 2012-09-16 17:41:06
Depending on where you live , you can get releif interest school loans . I am from Canada , called OSAP ( Ontario Student Loan ) and sent me forms to fill out and gave me a time of 5 mths releif . That is, the government pays the interest on the loan and my principle simply not paid . Once im back on my feet the beginning then get paid . Also, you can try insurrance Employment (IE ) ? And if you're in more debt and still can not try out " Ontario Works " or " welfare" . Have you thought maybe the consolidation of accounts together? Maybe that would help too? Not sure of your situation , but talking to a financial adviser ... is free in some banks . We will guide and give advice u. MedlinePlus Keep your head up :)
Answer2sheliayoungAnswered at 2012-09-20 11:29:02
aww , sorry to hear that! or if I lived closer I bought everything for my new baby ! I would give u what I need ! MedlinePlus I had a baby tho ! MedlinePlus I'm sorry to hear that. which is hard . but thinks the lil baby ! The Lord bless you ! I promise! I hope everything goes well for you ! I know how it goes !
Answer3kwezi simelaneAnswered at 2012-09-23 13:47:14
I do not know if all states have this program , but it helped me a lot. ( WIC ) < / a>
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