I need help with the pay day loan trap?

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Asked at 2012-09-11 17:36:04
I've tried a debt settlement company in particular, but they suck . I need some serious information ! Someone or something that will help. I wat to pay cash, but I can not do everything at once . I owe about 1800.00 . I know I messed up so please ignore the comments smart . I can not take calls and threats anymore. I do not want to present B.K. . but that may be the only way out I just can , t see doing that for this amount of cash. Does anyone know of a legitimate program that can help? My situation is more complicated than I can express is: family illness , divorce , etc. I tried to negotiate with these people , but they are relentless in their demands . and refuse to work with me on some sort of monthly payment program . This is the only financial problem I have. I am aware of everything else , but I'm probably like most people these days living pay check to pay check , so do not have much cash on hand . This is driivg me nuts , I would appreciate any advice . Thank you !
Answer1LiamAnswered at 2012-09-13 09:35:04
You can not declare bankruptcy because its debt is very low . You need to get a personal loan from your bank or your family and pay it off quickly .
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