My company loaned me $5,000 to pay medical expenses. Now my loan is being taxed... please help??? related questions

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My company loaned me $5,000 to pay medical expenses. Now my loan is being taxed... please help???0fearkiller2012-09-11 16:36:05
My company would give me $ 2,000 as part of its profit-sharing plan . I told them to keep it and apply it to my loan to them . However, my taxed on $ 2,000 ... Is that correct ? Consider profit sharing money as a gift to employees , but now suddenly my loan is considered a cash advance and handled as income. Something does not make sense here ! Can the IRS legally make money with paying my personal loan ? I thought personal loans were not taxable? Not loan repayment only my responsibility? I feel like I'm paying interest to the IRS for this loan and seems wishy washy for me .
Im filing for bankruptcy... medical and other expenses. its under $100 thousand. i have a car loan...?0mmj2012-08-15 12:08:34
My car loan is $ 10 000 . I also attached to I have a $ 20 000 for a previous car that I have traded in a ton on a car not worth it. How the rules apply to me ragarding this? I can you claim the $ 20 000 ? both the $ 10 billion and $ 20 000 ? I'll keep my car ? I lose my car ? I'll keep my car only if I keep all $ 30 000 ? I'll keep my car without additional payments required? thanks !
How do you afford living expenses while going to medical school with a wife and child?0Medi2012-11-01 20:20:52
My husband is applying to medical school this year. I am a stay-at-home Mom to a two year old, and one on the way. Medical school doesn't allow students to work, so we will be living off loans. However, I've seen some estimates of maximum loan amounts, and with tuition nearing $40,000, there isn't even close to enough to even afford rent, let alone anything else. Most of the schools are in big cities, which makes the cost of living even higher. If you've been in this situation, or know someone else who has, what did you do? Would we qualify for section 8 or housing vouchers just until he gets into residency? What is the maximum amount of loans someone can get per year for medical school (subsidized + unsubsidized)? Any info would be appreciated.
What is the name of the loan company that you can get loans from for medical treatment?2txkid2012-11-03 07:43:02
want to get some cosmetic surgery and do not want to wait until I've saved all the money to do
My friend "loaned" her corporation 90,000 for start up. The company makes payments on it.?1Peggy2012-10-12 01:30:02
Because a windfall this year , the company has the money to pay the loan . Your accountant tells you that this payment will not reduce your earnings for the year . My question is, loan payment reduced the gain ?
How come Obama loaned billions of dollars to Brazil's state-owned oil company, Petrobras?1xhajix2012-11-01 19:16:02
Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You read correctly holder . Unfortunately , the Obama Administration is oil exploration in Brazil financing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The U.S. going to lend billions of dollars to Brazil's state oil company Petrobras , to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in the Tupi oil field in Brazil's Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro . Brazil's planning minister confirmed that White House National Security Adviser James Jones met this month with Brazilian officials to talk about the loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Mother loaned money to me for my company thru a line of credit against her house and business shut down.Help!?0Coolio Dude 2012-10-16 22:58:30
I owned a small business and my mother took out an interest only loan line of credit against your home free and clear , and lent it to me for my business . my business failed and was forced to close down.Is thier any way my loan forgivin mothers may be either due to a " bad investment " without losing their house.Is thier something I could do or any channel i can go down to further investigated ? I 'm now paying only the interest each month on it personally .
On medical leave from college due to surgery & student loan company is giving me problems. Please, help?0Crazy2012-11-05 12:15:10
I've been going through different treatments for the past 5 months for my back, finding out that I might need surgery and will be off for some time, I called the student loan company before the next semester started. I asked them what I should do in this situation considering that I don't want to start paying the student loan but how hard it is to concentrate on school work with pain in my back. I had 2 different ladies tell me about this forbearance that will help so I won't have to pay on the loan in this time of need. Trusting what these ladies had said (I called them at different times) I went through with this and called off this spring semester for medical reasons. I just called the company today since I got a letter in the mail. They pretty much threatened me with student loan payments that will be coming in July and were not the nicest of people. I am so upset, I've never felt so much dishonesty literally I am crying. Has anyone ever had this situation or can explain so I can understand? - - Please be kind
How can I claim back my expenses from my company in singapore?1Ronaldo2012-09-07 01:46:02
I have been paying on behalf of my company expenses totaling $ 900 for the last 6 months and I do not see any refund to be done. What I can do to claim back my money ? After all , I'm working for the company , not to lend money to the company ...
Should I get my medical coding certificate before my AAS in Medical Billing?0rubi2012-09-15 06:48:04
I am currently going to school in my local college for medical billing . I have really wanted to do medical coding , and there is an option where I can take online through my training center for local labor , universities ( and not offered to a degree ) . I would have to pay cash for it , but I am quite willing to pay my taxes to get the certificate. I am currently working in a call center , and my husband lost his job a year ago and going to school full time. I'm just doing enough to pay our bills and we will have to live on student loans. If I pay for the program code , and get it done within the next few months and get a job , I would do part-time classes at my university , and I would be able to pay my bills without student loans because our federal funds to pay for my husband and my tuition and books . Advice?
How will a $50,000 personal cash loan be taxed by the IRS?7raine2012-11-05 12:21:07
My boyfriend's father is paying $ 50,000 in cash to end a down payment on a house . live in california . his father is concerned about the amount you will pay taxes on this money .
I HAVE taxed by the IRS for " amortization and " HOPE IN FHA LOAN GUARANTEE "?

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