If I needed $300,000.00 investment to start a business in S California. Where might I find them.? related questions

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If I needed $300,000.00 investment to start a business in S California. Where might I find them.?1yppum2012-09-16 23:43:04
I've been wanting to go to Southern California to start a business . When I was there two years ago I realized missing something that has the potential to make millions . I wondered how I could find good investors investing in my company ( I would start ) . I've been searching the internet and reading about things . I have not seen anything in this regard . I can buy ? After if removed ? or you want to take me ? How I can get ? I tell you that this is in the food industry and love people something. I really do not see how it would not work , and location, location , location . For starters I have to rent, so I need a place to call option. So keep the location . I put a lot of thought into this. I have yet to work on my demographics to refine some a little more . I want this to be a string. With investors were never anywhere. Can anyone give me an idea ? I thought bank loan. assets need
What is a good business to start with little investment?0beecca2012-08-29 18:02:05
I really want the freedom of owning my own business , but I have a lot of money commissioning. I'm an electrician, but to start my own company is a lot of money and a lot of risks . If I had the money I would give it a try but I will not borrow . So I'm thinking of a smaller investment business to get money for my electrical business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I tried eBay . I could not compete with the low prices of other peoples
I am thinking of starting a small business and needed a loan to start my business. Can any one help me providi?1Dippy's daughter2012-08-15 23:41:02
I'm thinking of starting a small business and needed a loan to start my business. Can anyone help me provide the details?
How do I find investment capital for small business expansion?1Iryna2012-10-08 01:57:04
Existing loan small business wants to expand . Services industry .
How much would be needed in a bank loan to start a new business?0MaryBeth2012-09-20 04:24:02
* It would be a family owned and operated horse ranch MedlinePlus * We rehabilitate and rehome abused horses MedlinePlus * Classes offer (either on your own horse or one of ours ) and boarding * Offer summer camps and trail rides * Has a " Dude Ranch " , although I do not like what he calls - established . MedlinePlus * I have at least two racehorses at this time we have not seen the last of his days , so I would be too. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is multipurpose . We also want to live in the property . It is a property of 200 acres , for about $ 800,000 MedlinePlus There are two houses on the property ( This is a small one-story house , the other is even smaller ) . There is already a practice racetrack, and access to trails , 20 stall barn , and a 12 stall barn , paddocks , a place for classes indoor and outdoor water access. MedlinePlus We would have to build cabins for the ranch property . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How much we have to ask the bank for a loan if this was all possible ? We also have to buy at least 10 horses . Lesson 5 horses and 5 horses Dude Ranchers (to start ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We are eligible for the loan , but before returning to further discuss the things that are supposed to find out how much would be asking .
How do i start my own cleaning Business ,where do i start to find bids?0sawerysmom2012-09-13 02:39:08
i also like to know what to charge for a small office building to clean , how to write a proposal letter for my detail work , the charges that apply to the job description and where I can get small loans to start a business or grant?
Foreclosure on an Investment Home in California?7Zakiyya2012-10-13 18:21:02
I bought an investment house more than two years before the bubble burst but the neg am loan is eating up capital. Located in California as my principal residence . MedlinePlus The lender does not want to change the terms of the loan to make it more reasonable , within 12 months you owe more than their market value . MedlinePlus If we decide to let him go to the lender , either as a foreclosure sale or short, the lender is acting against my primary residence , which is not part of the note or deed . We ask the lender to work with us , simply are declining and seem to prefer to be in the rental business instead of the mortgage business . So California is going after your main home , which is not connected to the investment house in any way. By the way , are different lenders .
How would I find capital in which to start a business without resorting to small business loans?0Lin2012-09-16 18:22:03
I have no education beyond personal research and a high school diploma and I can not afford college . Due to these circumstances , the only real jobs that are available unskilled jobs that actually work will never get anywhere in life. I have several ideas for potential small business , but lack of money is still a recurring theme . Do any of you know a realistic approach to earn some money so I can start on my way ?
In California, what are my legal rights in terms of my husband's mom house, & would an investment be worth it?1pray_the_rosary2012-08-21 21:46:01
My mother-in-law owns a house owned by three, and my husband and I live in the main property with her mother (who is rarely at home, by the way, so not bad), while houses are rented back. The house is under a single name of my mother-in-law and the idea of ​​home ownership has never worried me, as I live very happy and comfortable only with the love of my husband, that is all I need. But recently, my mother-in-law has decided to refinance the house for $ 105,000 to pay for a reverse mortgage and consolidate all your debts. She says she wants to leave us out of debt, so that when she leaves, the property will be ours. If your help, she can pay quickly and we can live "happily ever after." Everything seems idyllic, but so does everything under the excitement of a new plan. My concern is that they want to invest in a house that is not legally mine. She says that someday the house will be ours, but to me that one day is not enough. I know it will be a day of my husband, but the divorce rate is very high right now, and if something were to happen to our relationship between now and when the house passed to him, basically, would stay in the street because the house is not legally yours until her mother dies. Nothing is going to make me think that way. We have a wonderful relationship and I have never given a reason to doubt him, but I'm pretty sure that all couples divorced at some point they believed they would be together forever. For that reason, need to feel safe. I do not want the house and its liabilities ... but if I hoped to contribute to the repayment of a loan which I never agreed, I can use that legal argument if, for example, my husband was tired of me in front of the house is legally in your name (which seems hopelessly NOW in love, and has been there for me through good times and bad, but history teaches us that such passions are not guaranteed to last a lifetime! For this reason, it is important to be smart about these things). I've been clear with the two and told them I can not invest in a property that is not legally mine. They say: "But one day be, its name is in it." I said, "Well, then comes that one day I start to lend a hand." His mother even wrote in his will that the house belongs to our children when they do, but do not want kids! So what will be my best line of defense other than just enjoying this with my husband, but always be alert and prepared for the worst?
To start a small business in Mysore with small investment?0Ker2012-08-30 03:38:14
I want to start a small business in Mysore ( Karnataka ) with a small investment : for example , for companies such as travel agencies , restaurants , etc. .. are inexpensive .. if there is any other business other than that please suggest me ..! Please , I have no land and am requesting a loan .. ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please suggest as soon as possible , I will be very thankful to you ..!
Looking to find investors or get a loan to start up business?0Gabby2012-09-27 14:58:05
I am wanting to start an all in a consignment shop in northern Florida. I'm taking some time to find an investor or a bank to get a loan . the problem ... I have no credit established. we have all bills of credit creation in my husbands name . when he got stuck with hospital bills also lost its credit crazy ... so I 'm running into a lot of sites that want to connect with investors I ... if they pay a monthly subscription fee . I think it's crazy because most likely you will not get any results from them . I have also tried local community sites and can not find anyone willing to invest locally . the issue is that I want to start this business as soon as possible , as the economy has stagnated these stores jammed packed with customers expedition trying to save money . It's a perfect time to build a customer base so that even when the economy recovers I will have loyal customers and continue to thrive . There are tons of earning potential and a very low start price. I need about 10,000 ... more or less depending on what I can get. The beauty of these consignment stores is that you can start small and build when ready. But I need some help from someone has some ideas? Thanks - & Dont Tell me build my credit that takes too long and I'm working on it .
Where can I find about government Grants to start a small business?1House2012-09-21 18:49:02
I'm trying to get my home business to the next step , but do not have the capital to make it happen , for reasons beyond me from getting a loan . I have to be able to advertise and pay the fee of suppliers in various shows but most importantly we need to establish a real store for people to come and where I can work on my product in a more effective environment for my work .

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