What is automatic premium loan provision in insurance? And in which section of insurance act it is written? related questions

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What is automatic premium loan provision in insurance? And in which section of insurance act it is written?0Hope2012-09-11 09:41:05
On top auto loan if the policyholder forgets his / her cousin is automatically adjusted from value.In cash / funds that act as written
Finance Company retro added Insurance Premium to loan principal already provided proof of Insurance?1aiyunna2012-09-10 01:42:03
I refinanced my car in September 2008. I received a notice in November that insurance had been added to the balance of my loan because I did not provide proof of insurance. Upon notification, I called my insurance company and asked to provide my financial company with proof of coverage. I said finance company received a letter once sure would be eliminated. A week later I got a call from my finance company stating that they have received proof of coverage, but not shown as leinholder so can not credit my account to be sure. Then I call my insurance company again and have updated my faxes leinholder agent another letter. I call my finance company back and say they have received a letter from my agent, but shows the policy effective date 10/28/08 so I can give only partial credit insurance premium that left added to my first loan of 630. Again I call my agent card statement showing request showing that the car was covered flawlessly since being acquired in 2007. I follow up the letter with the bank explained that despite demonstrating that have been covered since 2007 have the right to charge the premium for not having been listed as leinholder in my safe until 10/28/08. They told me that they were not protected if an accident had entered in September. I explain that they have the title of my car and displayed as leinholder in my title, plus they had full coverage on my vehicle in September. Plus it is now December are retro billing for services not rendered. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When asked if there is anything that can be done. They said no, because they were not listed as leinholder with my sure they have the right to bill lapse in coverage even though I recognize that my car was insured. I am currently trying to get my insurance to lein holder retro but that is proving difficult as well. I live in the state of Missouri I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with this situation, what are my rights as a consumer? Do I have any legal recourse? Because insurance finance company just charged me an additional amount on the payment of my regular car (You pay my normal car has been paid). I was warned if no payment within a week will consider paying my car later and add a additional late fee. What should I do? Any advice would be helpful Thanks in advance.
Getting a loan for a car insurance premium? UK?0Teah2012-08-12 09:31:03
I want to get a loan for 2,500 pounds of my bank. I've never been in debt to them , or anyone else . I live with my parents, and expenses are minimal. I have a full time job , Construction and desktop programming , computer hard drives and DVD duplicators . I pay between $ 200 - (. Depends on how busy it is) of 300 pounds per week Ok so the loan itself is a car insurance premium to insure my car for about 2500 pounds. As you earn around 1000 pounds a month , I so easily be able to afford the loan payments . Do you think I will give the loan? And if not why, and what he could do to improve my chances of getting this loan? Thanks for reading, I know it's a little long , so I appreciate any answer Replies greatly appreciated! Thank you !
Mortgage insurance premium not listed on form 1098?0Andraline2012-09-09 14:32:02
Doin taxes online at the moment and I realized that no mortgage insurance premiums that I paid my lender ar shown in 1098 that sent me . I can look into my acount and see that I paid about $ 600 worth , but not in the form. Our adjusted gross income is only about $ 50,000 and this was the residence primamry through an FHA loan '30s. Why not listed and does that mean it is not eligible for a deduction ?
Is there a mortgage insurance premium charge at closing for conventional loans?0Tamera L.2012-11-04 01:52:18
I know there is a mortgage insurance premium around 1.5% when you close on a FHA loan, but I was wondering if the same charge apply when you close on a conventional loan
Loan of car with no insurance to someone with non-owner's insurance?0Mason2012-08-28 21:37:04
I have a car that broke a month ago , so I canceled the insurance and turned on the labels ( as supposed to ) because they could not pay the garage bill more public transport prices and insurance . MedlinePlus The car is fixed, but no longer require it . Someone who knows that you are buying , but so far no uninsured owner . If they maintain that insurance for another 2 weeks will the requirement for six months to ... whatever it is , and get insurance on the car I'm selling is $ 50 cheaper per month . MedlinePlus The first thought is to wait until you can get insurance and sell it that way , but his current car is on the downswing and you need one now . His was a mechanic on several occasions in recent weeks and the repairs that would cost more than the value of the vehicle . MedlinePlus So I thought that I can pay him and keep the title in my name until it ends its six-month non-owners then transfer the title . The only information that can be found on a similar theme has to do with the car now have insurance and a license plate , in which case the costs would happen to fall into your lap , not mine . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is, what lends the uninsured car insurance someone not of legal owner for 2 weeks ?
Fender bender - Lapsed insurance on friends truck - but I have insurance on my truck.?0aaniya gill2012-11-03 22:57:50
I have had a car on "loan" (perminent) at the house, I needed to use it to get to work, as a situation arose where I could not use my truck. 1.5 miles from home, I rear ended the person infront of me, (foot slipped from break) at a yield sign. I was going 5 mph. The vehicle I was driving was a 80's light truck - the grille and head lamps got smooshed. Driver #2 was driving a big huge suburban. pulled over, police came, report was written - it was discovered the insurance was lapsed on my friends truck. CRUD! I let the officer and the driver know that I would be happy to take care of anything that need to be done, so, all was OK. Driver #2 , The officer and I saw no visable damage to her SUV. I said, have it checked out, and let me know. I get a phone call from Driver #2 - with a 750.00 estimate on her bumper. Remember no visable damage. What should I do from here, I have Insurance on my Vehicle, but what if this estimate is for esthetics? Shouldnt her insurance contact me?
In a new car loan, what is PAD insurance?0beaver2012-09-12 02:54:04
I bought a new car in the credit agreement extended warranty there is a charge for $ 300.00, and a second line that showes PAD $ 500.00 insurance . What insurance is PAD? The Dealor is closed on Sundays . Thanks MedlinePlus Mellybabe .
Do you HAVE to be on insurance if you own a loan for a car?0Kheang2012-09-03 04:38:04
They co - signed a car with my parents a few years ago because I needed a car and could not afford it , I am now an occasional driver in it - which is about $ 90 a month for insurance ( my insurance wants me to stop doing , and go full time and that the company is pushing me to get my G - I'll get in the summer of this year ) . MedlinePlus Anyway ... when I move my parents are going to keep the car in place ... yet help me to pay for it ( about $ 300 a month for me) Buuut , I was told that actually can ' t never off the insurance, partly because you can not own a car and not be in the safe . Is that true ? I will not be driving the thing , just helping to pay for it . I turned off the safe when I move ( not for another year anyway) , so I save at least $ 90 . Help anyone?
Loan Insurance?0Raz2012-10-12 04:02:17
Can I cancel my insurance with a loan ( Lloyds TSB Bank ) payments are higher than what I 'm expected.i a secure job in the council , and I get completely sick pay.i will not go on the next five years . Is it safe to cancel my insurance ? .
Insurance for a Car Loan..?2couriousgirl.2012-11-01 22:34:02
The thing is .. I just recently got my aunt to co - sign a loan on a 2001 Chrysler Sebring lxi . My boyfriend and I will be those with the car , but I on the other hand , I have a learner's permit , so I am unable to handle it , but my boyfriend has a license so he can . So to the finance company that we are paying the money I have on file , because I'm the only one with income , since he has no job. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem I have is that the financial institution has my information , but " I" can not get insurance for myself as I will not be driving the car , just my boyfriend . So my question is , I have a learner's permit and have the driver's license and be, I can just put your name by insurance? The finance company called " proof of insurance " , but I'm not going to let him have insurance on your behalf , as the loan is in mine ? I do not want to get denied because a factor as it was accepted by the loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sorry, I'm new at all this :/ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated, Thank you !
Need help with proof of insurance for car loan?1nikita2012-10-26 01:46:02
I'm trying to buy a car . I was told by the bank that I need proof of insurance before you can get loans . Can someone help me understand this and tell me what I have to do. thanks

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