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Help for single mothers ?0Maddy and Emma2012-09-11 07:19:05
Is there really charities or donations to help with student loan debt , rental assistance or to buy a car that is not fraud and not welfare .
Is there any programs in Tennessee (US) to help single mothers with car insurance?2Malik2012-10-22 10:04:03
I know this is not the right catagory ( as reported in the right as well) , but I usually get good answers , helpful here, so please try to help me ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a single mother and do the job , but it is only temporary , as of this moment ( there is talk that could be hired full time, but the hours would be very thin for a while after the holiday ... is low) . I was attending college online and pay six months of auto insurance with my monthly allowance of my student loans ... well .. my ( ex ) partner lost his job and we had to change and that I was spending too much stress with a newborn and moving and all I had to quit school ... now my insurance is due in December again and I will not have the money . I just started to work for what they have not made ​​any money yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anything to help me pay for auto insurance? I'm doing what I can to make a better life for my daughter and I , but becomes poor soo of work but still stressing soo much money . I'm trying to take care of my student loan , but I have come to like $ 1,500 to pay at least half of what you owe before getting another loan to go back to school and get a degree and I have that much money and with the support of the family soon nobody is going to pay much . Please help me I dont ' know what my options at this time.
Does anyone know of any kind of support for single mothers who want to go to school and have to work?0KABINI2012-09-13 15:37:05
I was separated from my child's father 10 months. I have no college degrees and haveno money . I have not been able to save money . I feel trapped living in a small town without oppurtunity . I want to go to Houston , Texas and get a job that pays enough to support life and work can progress . I want to go back to school . I was thinking of trying a dental assistant . My history is only working in the bar and waiting tables and stalls and little secretarial . I have bad credit , I owe a school loan and I have bad rental history all from when I was 20 years old. Now I have 26 and I have a three year old . I am very determined to make a better life for my son and me . I have also Adult Add which I am determined to conquer . My biggest concern is the care of the child money . I feel I could get a good job in Houston and make money taking online classes if I can find child care that I can afford . I only do it with my son and I. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you.
Is there a legitimate Small Business Loan for single mothers?4shikha2012-11-05 17:49:02
I will create a proposal for an online business , not only to help myself but to reach out and help other single mothers and housewives. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where I can find legitimate information on loans or grants that help single mothers who are trying to better themselves and others in turn ?
Do you know where to apply for grants given to single mothers to make house improvements?0Bluebird2012-09-20 17:12:02
I need a new roof on my house . I have bad credit so you can not get a loan. I make a lot of money for the support of the community. What am I supposed to do? My roof is very bad and is starting to ruin my underlyin structure .
Are there any online personal loan places to help single mothers with no proof of income?1Crazy2012-10-13 16:35:02
My husband just left me and our two children and I am in desperate need of $ 400 by tomorrow morning ! I have income from its treasury , but no receipts. I'm looking for any job at the moment I've spent hours to send my resume and went to a lot of place to have a marriage interview . but I need the money for some bills tomorrow that I thought were paid but were not. I am able to return in a week I am an honest person and I need to know where there is a place that would give me a loan for anything that helps ! thank you! God bless you !
Mothers and Daughters?9Rony2012-10-22 18:30:03
When I was younger I never did nothing but sit at home and go to school . Since turning 17, I have my license , a job , a boyfriend , and nearly a lifetime . Out much probably 6 out of 7 nights a week. I used to be very close with my mother , but since then I feel I have no connection at all. She gets so mad at me for everything. Yesterday I cried telling me that if I ever lost my Virginity I could never look at me. I'm getting ready for college and she's like, so I'm not paying for it . Which is fine I don
What do young mothers need?7Mankiw2012-09-23 19:14:04
my friend is seventeen years old and have a baby . it does not make much lately . she can not get a job , her boyfriend is an alcoholic and that is too afraid to leave because they do not think anyone 's going to want more . I gave my advice, lent money on several occasions and invited her to eat . I'm mad that I have to do any of this because he is a good friend and makes up for in other ways . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus she will not take my advice on anything , so I'm done trying to convince her to leave him. she will have to find herself . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, she is having a baby shower next month and I want to get her something really useful . money is not really a problem , I'll try to save him. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How about a young mother who really need ? I was thinking of getting a basket full of diapers , maybe some clothes . any good websites online for baby clothes ? to be a girl , and she has not named yet. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance! :)
What does this mean about my mothers loan?2nestor (l) monik 2012-09-30 12:14:02
Yesterday we went to Nissan dealer for a used car . My mother has a history with this dealer for new 2009 Nissan cube funded them almost a year ago . She has an average income but the dealer said since the car that picked us up was relatively inexpensive ($ 6000) would have no problem to get approval for the loan . We thought it would be no problem because it typically has a decent amount of cash to spend after taxes and bills , plus the fact that I would be paying your monthly car payment . Today we received a call from two different banks , ask us to confirm most of the request and a lime in the dealer asks us to lose some more information for them , despite being told that it was written in stone yesterday. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They do not tell us exactly what the problem was , as a problem of debt to income, but did as he asked the papers and brought some more for the dealer . The finance department said the bank would probably not him today and we can expect a call on Monday . Does this sound like the loan will not go through and it will take the car back ?
Are my mothers debts my problem?12itza2012-10-04 06:32:03
Three years ago, I needed a car. I was stupid , but , however , bought a car that really was beyond my means. I needed a cosigner. Mom to the rescue. Because she also signed by my car , she lost her mortgage refinance . Now , I paid a large part of the car . She was able to get your mortgage. However, your payments are more than they can afford. She does it just because I'm living with it and pay half the bills. She also is a bitter woman , and it is very difficult to live with it. If you can not live with it , I feel bad to leave?
What is/was your relationship like with your mothers and fathers?3katelynn maosn2012-10-06 06:35:03
I just mentioned my relationship with my mother in another question which led me to this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How did you get along well with your parents? What have been your experiences? Do you find yourself favoring one over the other? (Not you love less, however, only in personality). MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ------------------ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mom is definitely my least favorite of the two. MedlinePlus lol I mean my mother and I have a strange relationship. Almost never get along, but still manage to talk about important things. I say more than most of my friends probably tell their mothers, and hear her talk about how their marriage is not working, neither the things that make you happy. I sympathize with her and I think they should get a divorce. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I mean talk to each other much at times, but usually end up arguing. I've always been closer to my father - daughter so small let me tell Dad! Growing up my father was my best friend (hes a guy as big as me) and we were together. They spoiled me rotten while my mother was always the witch on the bench trying to discipline. I love my mom, but we are too similar, then do not look at all, all at once! It's hard to explain. She seems to judge everything I do and I think the fact that I'm so open-minded and somewhat rebellious afraid. She would like me to do everything according to a plan that has for me, and it is too serious. Sometimes it can take a joke, but more often than not serious or not for nonsense. I'm the opposite, like my dad. Still, I love the moments that make me laugh and I know she does too. I think she admires my uniqueness, but still wish it was a bit more conventional. I'm going to law school in a couple of years - what more do you want?! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I talk to my dad every day. No scratch that, several times a day. I am always calling to talk about something. My father and I discussed as well, but only carried much better. He is much more relaxed and can joke at a time and mean the next. I also never feel like I'm being judged. Even when we do not agree that is intelligence. Even when disapproves something to do that does not shout or talk to me. He is willing to talk and see where I come from. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel like I'm stealing from my parents, which may annoy my mother. She is trying to deviate from his career by participating in another field, and would like to start your own small business. This takes money and she is putting her own desires on hold to take care of the bulk of the costs they have to bear. On paper, my parents are "upper middle class". They definitely make a deposit income and even heavier combined. However, that does not mean anything when you have two daughters (my sister is adopted) and many many expenses. We are not rich. My little sister goes to the same private school I went to: 25 000 a year. My university is about 45-50 thousand a year, plus my 1400 a month apartment, and then have the allowances. We have not received any money from FAFSA, and I've never taken the time to apply for scholarships. The scholarship from my school is only $ 10,000 a year. And my sister wants a car that does not need. She is so high maintenance. We live in New York take the subway. I mean ******* who have jobs but are pieces of mostly volunteer and am very involved in school. Then, the law school is just around the corner and it will not be cheap. Idk. I would be so lost without my parents and I am very grateful for all they do for me. I think it's incredibly admirable how these guys are paying their own student loan and putting themselves through college, but that's too much for me.
Can i put my name on my mothers current loan?1dogs!2012-08-20 23:13:26
I put my name on it as well so you can consolidate my loan and the company it customary to loan his company money unless it is in my name like that?

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