My boss wants me to become a partner in his business. But his financial advice worries me.? related questions

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My boss wants me to become a partner in his business. But his financial advice worries me.?2Bhupendra2012-11-03 10:24:01
My boss owns his business and wants me to become his partner . I like the work I do and see an opportunity to make money from it , but its " financial advice " seems horrible. Does this make him a bad person to partner ? Your suggestions to save money : (1) leave my private health insurance , (2) reducing the auto insurance coverage to liability , and (3) cash in my IRA to pay off my debt - a shame tax of 43 % instead of the 5% tax deductible home loan participation took to consolidate. These seem , to me, to be one of the worst financial decisions you could make . To me, they are dangerous and represent a " live for today " . I think that doing these things would be financially irresponsible and play with my future . Failure to pay taxes ( business cash ) , do not use banks , checking customer receipts in a cash check not reported , recorded home and vehicles on behalf of his wife out of state , and pays me under the table . Am I crazy for even considering your offer?
Financial worries.?3clint2012-09-15 15:26:05
Financial worries . ? I'm working on a Recreation Center and am trying to consolidate bills. I have a mortgage , credit card bills , student loans , a dog and living expences weekly . I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how best to go about doing altogether? Thank you very much for the help received .
Financial worries.?0TETE2012-09-23 22:00:01
I'm working on a Recreation Center and am trying to consolidate my bills . I have a Mortgage , credit card bills , student loans , a dog and weekly expences life. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best way to go about doing altogether? Thank you very much for the help received .
Cosigned/partner a business loan, other person filed bankruptcy, now being sued? PLEASE ADVICE!!?0PHYSICS.....confused2012-11-05 01:15:02
PLEASE HELP ! 9 years ago , I helped a family in the purchase of a business and a private loan co-signed for 60k . I was there only for firms in the business and loan. because business was a failure , he sold the business and went bankrupt . Despite having paid half the loan , now I'm being sued by the lender for the loan of all private interests + ( 75k ) . I'm a student and I have my own debt . What I can do?
Financial worries - UK answers only?2Isaias g2012-09-30 14:45:02
I owe
Need Financial advice for starting art business...?0stephen2012-09-22 22:16:04
I am looking for a scholarship or something to help me get my business started art . Honestly does not take much just to get the supplies and materials and a stroage or something to start working . Can not get a loan because I need a guarantee and I have no money to start at all, since I have a job , one of the reasons why I am trying to create my own business because I can only find one that seems t . so any Gov't grants or something , or some advice on how to somehow get the money I need to get started . Remember that I have no money and I'm not interested in the " make money online usin this site " kind of thing , I just need some help gettin started , thanks ...
Will my boss fire me? How do I deal with a boss that is way too strict?3Graciela Ayala2012-10-27 05:59:04
Do you think my boss will fire me tomorrow? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have to be in this job for a company event for 10 weeks. It has to be easy and the boss is very strict and miserable. How I can get her out of my back , I have 22 years and it's my first job? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. I arrived late - but it was not my fault , I did not know how long it will take you to travel . My boss says I should of checked , that should tell you when I said I have to leave. MedlinePlus 2. The second time was late was not my fault . I forgot to bring the equipment needed until I had got on the train to London . My boss found another company in London , which could lend the team , but I missed going to Camden to pick it up and so I was late to work in Greenwich . MedlinePlus 3. The third edition of my boss has is that I forgot a little piece of my team on another day , I was really pissed off about it . MedlinePlus 4. My boss asked me to send a text to say that I arrived at the hotel when I go, she says this is for security reasons , you must know where your staff . But we often forget and then she phones me angry . MedlinePlus 5. My boss expects me to kiss **** with every customer , even if they are not well . If I dont get angry and goes on the needs of each client and the company is struggling , it's not my fault you do not have a good business .
Advice on lending money to partner?2Raina2012-09-29 11:54:02
My girlfriend I've been with more than 4 years ( im 22 she is 27) has always struggled with debt and she is really wanting to order now . Generally has
Am i right to stop paying for a business debt if my ex business partner will not provide the bank statements?3EricB's2012-11-04 02:17:02
I used to be a business partnership with my sister, no trade agreement was signed, and my name is not on any bank account or credit card, etc agreemnet separate ourselves from the company on June 30 last year, took half a customer of each. i have been paying a sum of money each month in the past trading account to cover outstanding debts. My sister and I no longer speak due to unrelated issues, has moved house and not know where I live, I text message and asked copys of all bank statements and outstanding balances on my records , has refused to let me copys of the statements , saying the business is no longer operational , is my business , even though the bank account is still in operation and has check books and cash cards for him , so I left to pay my half , I 'm putting this in a savings account for safe gaurd myself! Am I wrong to want to know that the debt is paid Beng, and I have the right to see the statements if my name is not on it?
My partner in a small business got a business loan and personally guaranteed it, question about this?0Helen2012-08-26 05:43:03
The loan was in the name of the company , but the loan officer made ​​him sign a personal guarantee on it . The loan was for $ 25,000 and now is saying , because he personally guaranteed the $ 25,000 that is being used as start-up towards money and percentage of the company that owns , even though the loan was in the name of companies . Can you use this $ 25,000 to property of the company , or to be used for operating costs and what not? The company is only worth about $ 60k , so this extra $ 25k you're getting a much more substantial amount of property.
Should I confront my boss on his poor business decisions?2mikecardoso1232012-11-06 05:09:02
So I'm taking a branch of the company along with three men. One is the "head of department". He has no experience in managing a company as big as we project ourselves to be. He also hired his best friends, friends who have known each other since elementary school, none of which are almost qualified to be handling the amount of money flowing through our hands. One only had a job as manager of fast food, and the other works in a call center for AT & T. We are a company that deals with millions of dollars in cash and loans given to people and determine eligibility. I worked in finance for a long time, cost and profit and have single-handedly hundreds of thousands of dollars controlled. None of these men have titles in any form beyond a high school diploma. They loosen and play online all day and not do the work required of them, and yet they are not given because of their realationship disipline personnel department head. I intruduced new, fast moving, cost efficiency ideas, but are dropped seconds later and we return to Halo in our weekly meetings. When something goes wrong, but I have no guilt, I get the heat. I am the last person in the department to learn of any changes or see our numbers. All these men room together on the road. I work 9-10 hour days because they wanted to get out of bed early and want to leave early to go get dinner. They all go to lunch together, leaving the department to handle all alone. I'm still so Underminded. The Department Head is taking advantage of my skills and work ethic, I'm also seriously underpaid. What whould I do? I left the department head know that I would prefer to hire outside their group of friends, but he assured me that whenever workers are great and very expirience. I have yet to see either. Should I start looking for a new job or express my concerns with a more imposing than that of a stranger. I truly feel that their business decisions will lower the company madness we created, losing millions in the process.
The boss has made a personal loan to an employee. Can the boss ask for the employee check to be held?4Pengu2012-10-04 20:20:03
The boss wants the employee to reach it for the paycheck so he can cash it and get some money from the employee . Is this legal ?

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