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Repairing my bad credit problems will take how long???1Erika2012-09-16 21:25:04
My wife and I got some credit cards , buy a house , a couple of new cars, then unexpectedly got laid off from work (3 years ) . The first winter we live off our credit cards and we've paid June 2 cards worth about $ 5,000 of debt to go . I'm going upstairs to get a big tax return this year , but we were thinking of putting a new roof on our house this spring , with that money . Is it better to pay right next to the other cards in the next year or pay them off once. These cards will have to pay for two years and all have left intrest and fees due to be gone to collections . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I pay all my debts in March of 08 , how long do you think it will be before you can get a loan to cover in my house ?
How long after repairing bad credit could you be eligible for a new loan for school/training?0jolomi2012-08-17 03:58:03
I have terrible credit . 2 by default , the various revolving credit accounts , and numerous collections that have made ​​their way into the report. It also does not have a co - sign. During most of the last 3 years I have had recurring conditions , misdiagnosed me from working steadily. I want to fly helicopters, but the cost of school is it would be faster to pay your debts and get a loan to complete the training (leg > commercial pilot ), than it would save money and pay out of pocket . It is also perhaps what to do. I know that the items remain in the report of less than 7 years, but even with a bad story , if not actually owe anyone else would have a better chance it would entail. Even if you are not helicopters , I have to finish school. I have 70 hours to 8 hours associated with the lack of science in aviation ( air traffic control ), but I have not been able to get a job in the field. So instead of " finishing" school tell me I have to go back and get another type of training.
What to do about family problems (Kind of Long)?0looking for someone to varify my work please2012-09-09 03:35:02
during the summer I got put ed off because the company is a temporary service and the company I was working for was not looking to hire anyone. So I decided to go to a provincial university . I go to school Monday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays 16:00-20:00. Last month , my dad and I had a fight and had to go to court because he was yelling at me, so I was going to do something with my life . But he did not understand I enrolled in college and the school did not start until September 2 . So now it's October and everything has been fine . I applied for a stafford loan and should come in the mail in a couple of weeks . Now he complains that I should find a part time job . I applied in almost all fast food or grocery store around my area and I still have not received any calls . I told him I would loan some money , but again he does not understand or does not trust me . So what should I do ? He has always complained that he should go to college when I was working for a year and now I am university that wants to find a job ? I do not understand what you want of me at all . In addition , he and my mom got into a fight over a bill that were lost that month . My mother hit him a few times . I was about to hit , but quickly broke . I always ask my mom why she does not divorce . But she said " Who is going to pay the mortgage ? " Do not know what to do someone is always yelling . I'm thinking it's because he does not have allot of money . But he spends about $ 70 per week for cigarettes , food and gas before going to work . I do not know what to do with him always picking on us. Should I try to avoid when you're home ?
Help repairing credit, what do I do now?12anda2012-11-04 22:09:03
I have 23 years - . old and I'm desperately trying to repair my credit . I paid for all my collection accounts except two medical bills totaling $ 1,800.00 . These two stories are 4 years old. However , I recently obtained a car loan and a secured credit card from April 2006 . I will pay both before the due date and pay the full balance on my secured credit card . My credit score has moved from 580 to 620. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have unpaid student loans that are in extension . In all I have only 4 accounts in good condition . What do I do now ? I was wondering should I apply for a credit card department store to earn another account open or should I try to pay my medical bills in collections ? I know I have hurt my score but I have the $ 1,800.00 . MedlinePlus Would I be able to get a department store card w / a score of 620. I would appreciate any help I can get . I'm graduating from graduate school soon and would like to score more favorable for large purchases .
Repairing bad credit?1soksan2012-09-18 18:00:02
I had some credit problems in the past and have been working very hard to get things . I've been paying all my bills on time for at least the last three years . My credit has improved. Also, my student loans defferment just leave and I had moved , so I had no knowledge that they were due. They have now been reported late on my credit report . I reached down loans. I would like to refinance my house in about a year . What else I can do to improve my credit and how bad the recent negative affect me?
Repairing Credit?3Kiss 。。。2012-10-05 00:23:02
Any suggestions on a company that can consolidate the debt of the card, but do it for free ? How I can rebuild my credit score ? I have student loans and someone told me that the best way would be to pay off credit card debt and then slowly pay off my student loan debt that is stealing bigger. Is this true ?
Question about repairing my credit?1jw2012-08-08 14:49:43
my credit score is currently 568, and I have only 22. I made some mistakes , and has got 2 credit cards when I was 18 I stop and unpaid , in 2008. I'm about 2,700 in debt because of credit cards . I 'm from another 3,000 in debt due to a closed bank account , money owed ​​to a cable company , and an account of one small. My questions are: In what order should I pay these bills off ? Smaller first to get more payment accounts faster, or larger for the first time ? Or even the oldest first? or the most recent? What is the best way to increase my score? I do not believe that payment of these accounts will boost my score , especially if you do, not much. It is a secured credit card the best way to go? I can not get approved for a credit card . Will the credit monitoring programs , such as TransUnion for me? I already I have a credit report , simply conform. Would it be better to have a company that will consolidate for me? Or would I be better just to pay the principal and the pursuit of a draft and my cable. and everyone myself? Please help , I have about 16 months to increase my score by 568 to a low of 630, so you can get an FHA loan to buy a home , finally.
Credit Report Repairing?0eleqsander2012-09-15 13:25:04
In 2007, he was approved for a car loan of $ 20k and opened five credit card accounts that I set for the plan to take out a business loan in 2015 (not to mention before all I had 07 / ha was student loan balance of 60k ) so far is the only thing now is not in collections . Due to the long lost my job and receive a small amount of unemployment that only covered my basic living expenses , I told myself the bill is presented to student loans the car . The car , of course , is repo'd and as I mentioned the other five accounts are in collections . Here is my debt of $ 50k in student loans, $ 6,800 for the car ( even though I have no car ) , CC1 $ 3400 , $ 2500 cc2 , cc3 $ 900, $ 480 CC4 and CC5 $ 475. In my 8/2011 establishes freeannual credit report that my debt to credit ratio is 150 %, which is dangerously embarrassing. WANT NO MORE CREDIT , so what I would like to know where should I start to increase my credit score repair my credit report ? What counts to start with first ? Largest to smallest to largest or smaller? Credit Karma provides my credit score is 542 OUCH ! What big fat F ---- . Thanks in advance . Another thing , I found out that it may be possible to apply for a paid account to be deleted , so it seems like it never has been . Will this hurt my credit score or is better left in the account to show, even though the collections that were paid ? I have really wanted to have a good credit history again. Thank you again .
Where should I start when it comes to repairing my credit?1ssmomo2012-09-11 07:02:04
I've been trying to fix my credit for years , but I can not . I have 27 years and the debt I have is mostly from when I was 18-21. I have a credit card from capital one that is 800 dollars, they have student loans that were paid from 2003 , but still remain negative comments on my report . Also I have medical bills when he was 21 because he was hospitalized , but no insurance, which is about $ 12,000 . I have an old cell phone bill for 500 . I also had a car repossessed and was sued them too and I have a judgment on my credit and I'm almost done paying it and garnish my wages . I was a mess in my early 20's , and now that I'm older I realize , but I do not know where to start to fix it. I know I have to pay my bills on time and all that, but I have understood that satisfies not necessarily removed from my account right? Accounts I have now , and I have not been late for everything. I have a credit card with a limit of 250 because it is supposed to help, but not so. I also bought a car that I paid off in three years , and was never late , but my score is still around 580. How I can repair and where should I start? What should I pay the first card , credit or medical bills ? Can anyone be of any help ? Do workplaces credit repair ? thank you!
Can someone offer me advice about my family problems (financial, kinda long story). PLEASE I HAVE NO ONE TO?1iza2012-10-15 05:56:02
No one to speak . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I work full time and commuting to work two hours each way . I live with my parents . I do not pay rent, but I will pay for your car that I use . I buy my own food . Anyway my dad does not work . My mom works but it is short on the mortgage by $ 1,000 each month . After all my expenses I'll take $ 500 at the end of the month , but I've been paying my student loan debt ( totaling $ 55,000, which is very disheartening to me + I paid $ 4,000 in credit card debt ) . Anyway my parents always hasseling money and call me selfish . I hate coming home b / c I'mconstantly told how selfish I am. My mother lost her mortgage last month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You think I'm being selfish ? I'm trying to pay my own debt as quickly as possible . It's not like you have much money either. I want a better future for myself than what my parents had . I'm so stressed . I work full time and travel, work hard for my money . I do not think it's fair .
Where do I start with repairing my damage to my credit?2shawnta2012-09-26 15:45:03
Well everyone - here's my story. MedlinePlus Get some popcorn. MedlinePlus My husband and I have our house and have been going to college. Just graduated and got a fantastic job making good money. I graduate in December and I am hired to work as I graduate (RN). Needless to say, we struggled for a few years to pay our bills and our credit specically damaged in the last year. It's pretty bad, so please do not make me feel worse than I already do. MedlinePlus 1. April 30 days late on my mortgage payments. MedlinePlus 2. $ 9,000 in credit card debt with a limit of 10,000 (that's a huge 90% debt) MedlinePlus 3. 4 accounts in collections for $ 50 each MedlinePlus 4. 437 in a position in which I am disputing collections because this is when my credit card was stolen MedlinePlus 5. An active credit card has a day of 30, 60 and 90 delayed due to me thinking that the card has been paid off and you do not pay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Then have student loan debts (50,000) and our auto loan with no lates. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Needless to say, our credit plummited of 680 last year to 500! I am horrified and cried over this. I am not financially irresponsible, the stress of the two graduating college, I had a baby, and my mother is dying hard done this year. Enough of my sad story. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone can guide me on where to start fixing this mess. My plan is to start paying down credit debt. How do I manage the collections? How I can get the late payment of my credit report? MedlinePlus The reason I'm so upset - we have to move in a year and a half due to my husbands work. We have to go to Washington DC. I hope I can get our credit up to 680 - ish so we can get a home loan. Any advice would help. Am I crazy to think I can do this kind of improvement in a year and a half? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help! A family in PA who want to get our lives back on track I need some advice. Thank you!
Repairing bad credit, consolidating loans?1Lis2012-10-12 12:15:02
Try to make this story a little long ... My boyfriend and I are thinking of buying a new home . I have great credit , he makes money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that he cosigned on a car of his ex, you have to repay the loan , and also has some credit cards that was missed when he was much younger . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He wants to get it all squared away , so you can repair your credit , and I purchased our dream home to start our life together . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , where do you start ? We've received your three credit reports and accounts , and know what is out there . It has some credit card balances are relatively low ( $ 100-600 ) , who have already been charged off , we go ahead and pay for those? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any way he could get a loan for them with your credit is so low ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I assure you make payments at this time of life are not a problem , just do not know where to start .

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