Vehicle Negative Equity / Trading/ Saling Question.?

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felicia taylor
Asked at 2012-09-10 12:38:02
Ok . I have 08 EXPLORER XLT 35k miles Fully Loaded . I 19,500.00 now . However, I 'm going to have to buy a warranty for another 36k extented to 1300. Making my salary now offered me 20,800.00 $ 17,500.00 for the car. I'm thinking of taking me to 17,500.00 leaving a balance of $ 2,000.00 - Taking a personal loan for 2k and paying out so I can be free of the loan . Then I will start again ( after the loan is paid off .. I would like to continue doing my note in which about 550 would take 3 months to pay ) Once completed go find a cheaper car use . The general agreement is that I really want something bigger and less pay . Do you think this made sense ? Or buy the additional security and keep the car until paid (3 years ) and direct selling ? I tried to refinance but nobody wants to touch it with neg . equity .. but not much .

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