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What are available financial aids for University of California Irvine?0doo2012-09-10 10:17:02
I really do not know how to express my question because I have been living in the Philippines for two months after birth . I was born in the United States , so I have a U.S. passport and dual citizenship ( American and Filipino ) . Recently took a vacation there in America and I liked the lifestyle is not much better . I have an aunt who lives in Anaheim and his house is only 10 minutes drive from the UCI . I'm told that Aunt because my American citizenship , can have a loan plan or something. I really do not understand . I have 15 years and I am a sophomore in high school . I have graduated in March 2011 . My mom told me to start looking for financial aid or scholarships . Here in the Philippines , who are currently studying at De La Salle Zobel School ( if you know this, you can search your Wikipedia page or go to http://www.zobel.dlsu.edu.ph < / a> ) . I currently get a line of 90 degrees (highest possible would be 100) . More specifically , my grades range from 90 to 94 , which is A-. Sometimes I get 88 or 89.
Where to find a genuine financial aids or private sector parties providing real, unsecured consolidation loans?0Thanks to all Jiskha Teachers2012-08-11 09:46:02
Help needed urgently to help me to solve all my licensed lenders loans, these loans that had caused me many problems, the loss of my 4 years relationship , insomnia , difficulty concentrating my work , borrowing money from friends and family , causing it to start playing hide and seek " seems to end of the world , have mercy on my situation some1 can lead me to any place or person who can give me a loan, repayment in monthly installments , of course, with interest, by Please contact me as soon as possible [email protected] , contact yours does not . and requirements.unsecured only loans .
Study nursing in the Philippines or a Southern California university?0dories2012-10-09 02:20:56
Please help me decide ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you study through an online accredited course provides a satellite office here in Southern California , you can save money and finish faster . My concerns are paying for the study ( not a lot of options appear to exist for international student loans ) and the quality of the training offered by the course (I'll be able to kick butt with efficiency in U.S. hospitals as a foreign graduate ) ? MedlinePlus If you study through a university well . Cal , I can get financial aid and I am sure I will learn what it takes to excel in the field . However .. which is much more expensive and can take much longer ($ 27,000 per year compared to $ 8,500 per year through the online course of study 2.5 years vs. 1.5 years through the online course ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What would you do ?
Emergency Financial Help (California Nevada County)?0BRYANNA2012-08-18 07:04:02
My husband was laid off in May, his second work, since we live about 1/5 of what we were living in (rather than check and check). We're screwed, to put it as delicately as possible. Now we are in helping the county, not where we were after all this hard work for years ... married with 4 children on welfare ... great. However, it is still far from what we need. I am waiting on the slow process of the state disability and my husband is working full time at another company, which once was his second little extra work, once again far from what we were doing before. The rent is months late, luckily our home is very patient (family) but still, the truck has at least two months late payment so I guess we'll get (if we still have) a notice takeover at any time. Our electricity bill is far behind, you should see a disconnect notice soon. These are just the bills that are drastically important behind ... not to mention all the smaller bills less important but still important, they accumulate. We are just making enough to live here. Thank God for food stamps because we were going to the Food Bank! Before this is considered a moderate income! Now I feel ... we will be living in a fucking box before I do! I honestly do not know what else to do. Anyone know of any help, anything we can do? I have the intention of trying to get energy relief from a program that helps once a year (I think, if not once in life, if that's the case we're screwed). My husband worked for the family for most of his working life! This has left us devastated. We can not receive emergency assistance from the county, as it is a one time thing, if not already on regular county assistance. Loans are a joke, it just gets more of the debt, although we have considered in these circumstances, but my husband's credit is beyond horrible and mine is no longer considered that do not work.
How long do hearing aids last?22022-06-06 07:59:10
How long do hearing aids last? 
Is student federal aids good or bad?0Jack2012-10-26 07:59:52
I know that the acceptance of loans is bad because you have to pay , but also has to repay Federal Student AIDS as those offered by the FAFSA ?
University of Baltimore financial aid..........?0Avon2012-10-14 10:37:02
Can anyone here tell me that assists the process by which financial aid do ? .... I'm getting a grant and a loan to pay for tuition to spare, books , expenses, etc. How long it takes or me once I accept ? I do many things online . How I can help expedite getting my check ?
Does walden university take financial aid?0Darre2012-10-09 08:32:53
I want to go to college online and do not want to take a loan and want to know if financial aid to pay for everything . If you do not know any other online college financial aid and would not require SAT .
University of Phoenix financial Aid Question?0somadina2012-11-05 01:23:03
I have a friend who chose to manage her own funds and got direct deposit. The money was loans from the government and her and her husband have a joint account and her husband used the money to pay for something. She now does not have enough money to pay for her next block of classes which start in a few weeks. What will happen will the government come after her or only the school? Will she be able to attend another school while she is paying it back? The first block of classes was paid for she is in those classes now the next block hasnt started yet.
Has anyone else had financial aid problems with the University of Phoenix?0Latonie2012-10-13 02:38:08
I enrolled in the University of Phoenix in March 2008 for an associate degree in accounting. I had two math classes that are supposed to take at the end of my course syllabus, but tested for credits instead. I have tested and approved in December and classes were not scheduled to occur until February. I finished my last two classes at the end of January and both my academic and financial adviser were informed in advance. There was an excess of loan disbursement in store for these two math classes in my account by $ 2,080. My financial advisor said there was a possibility that the lender, Wells Fargo, I would back excessively. Last week I wrote and told me that the hotel was in the mail. . . not to mention Wells Fargo. Then I received a letter from the lender UOP was requesting a refund of $ 1546.38. They claim that the money sent to Wells Fargo, so I had to pay for it. I thought it was strange that I sent the return and then a separate check to the lender, rather than send the lender the amount requested and the difference to me. I called Wells Fargo and was informed by representatives of three different funds already disbursed never ask again and there is no record of such redemption request or university. My financial aid UOP representative tells me he does not know why I said that when they did request it. The bank is sending me two letters confirming our conversations. The third bank representative I spoke with offered a little insight to the odd number. He said there would be a payment for that amount at the end of February, but was never sent to UOP, so there is no logical reason that I will pay. I also said the prepayment requested by Wells Fargo are handled via letter directly to me and that the school should not be involved in the process of returning the federal loans. I do not know what to do because I'm afraid I will retain my title and send me to collections or something. Has anyone experienced anything like it, and what you did?
Is there an online university that is covered by financial aid?0flying fin 2012-09-16 12:19:03
I woud like to know if there is an online university that offers several master's programs ? They should be covered by financial aid (grants , etc. ) and have the option to get student loans if needed ?
Will I qualify for financial aid for a Cal State University?0Alizha2012-09-29 01:51:03
I am an older ( white man ) in high school with a GPA of 3.2 overall and my dad is a truck driver and makes about 40,000 a year and now there are five family members living at home who are my sisters and my step mom ( my two mothers are unemployed ) . I have also been working part-time at McDonalds , so hopefully this will help pay for my tuition . Basically, to say, my dad makes barely enough money to pay our mortgage and pay the bills and barley have any food in our house and I know there is no way we will be able to help me pay for college. Will I qualify? If I was accepted at Cal State hope to pay for it by financial aid, scholarships , and all the money you make working at McDonalds and maybe student loans ... :/ But I have to buy a car to get to college and pay for gas and insurance. Is this possible ? ? Will I receive financial aid?

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