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Private Student loans Repayment/Saving Options?0ajones512012-09-10 06:30:06
Is there anyone out there who knows how to handle private student loans / alternative? I was 17 when I left out a loan for school and 18K 11K for living expenses , times that by two years and compound interest makes me 60K , $ 500 a month payments. There is simply no way to pay that and be able to afford the most basic living expenses . The only thing I've found is the deferment or graduated payment only going to put me in a worse situation . Does anyone know if there is a savings plan for people like me ? Or change the credit card debt , or anything ? ! Any information will be helpful to lenders believe that borrowers fault and have no options for me . How dare you not be an industry to take advantage of high school students , ruining the next 20-30 years of his life and nobody talks about it ? ! They are much more evil then ever the credit card companies , making you think that you are investing in your future , it shows that his salary will never be enough to pay off your loan early .
For my student loans, dealing with Sallie Mae, with the various repayment options, how much will my monthly?0addowlin212012-08-11 17:43:01
payment will be , if I bring in the year 2000 a month . Income-sensitive payment ? Extension ? I have at least $ 120,000 in debt and living expenses.
What options are available to people who hold private student loans as a way to lower payments?0Shara2012-11-03 15:20:17
It seems as though the only programs available to student debt holders only apply to Federal Loans. Just wandering if there is anything available to private student loan holders.
What are my options for Sallie Mae private signature loan repayment?0Gwendolyn2012-10-12 17:20:12
I'll start paying soon, but my payments are 920 per month and I can not afford that. Are there programs based on income for the payment of private loan ? I am willing to volunteer or do whatever you can to help. I'm working 2 jobs .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How / where I can find how much you owe and to whom? I dont really know how much I owe in federal loans vs. private MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there a financial advisor who could sit with that specializes in this? The web site directories might help. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I paid a lot. Please keep your comments on that yourself. Just answer if you help . Thank you.
I have private student loans with sallie mae I can't afford the payment $1400 a month! what options do I have3mary king2012-09-08 06:58:03
I can not consolidate because I have bad credit due to these loans and have no guarantee. The interest is between 9 % and 12.75 . If only pay what you can afford each month , then the loans still go into default . Is there anyone out there with a solution to help me ? I just want to make sure I 'm not missing something !
Private Student Loans Repayment Question?0CRR2012-08-06 23:29:47
I have about $ 50,000 in federal student loans , and consolidated. But I have another $ 70k in private with two lenders who can not get consolidated. I tried several times and if you can still get a positive decision, the interest rate and payment is too high ( thanks recession ). And right now, full payments each month are enormous. I spent periods of interest only payment . So I'm thinking about this. Sending a $ 50 fee for each private loan for the rest of my life , like it or not. I have read online of $ 50 a month keeps you out of default and the legal ramifications . Now I know will trash my credit card , but at least , keeping the federal to date , can not get my annual tax returns or make attachments, etc. . So basically , I would put in a kind of private payment always forced . Anyone know if this will work ? Or how it could be a success.
Can you recommend a company that consolidates both private & federal student loans in repayment?0Mounika Kunnuri2012-08-30 09:45:04
I have quite a few student loans, both federal and private that are in repayment. I feel like I'm sending a million payments a million different loan companies each month . The problem is that the combined total amount of all loans that I have of the university are to much , and I'm having trouble with a company to consolidate a single payment . Another thing I like to have a payment is that I can control interest rates , and make sure that some of the key being paid . Can you recommend a company / bank that you have used in the past with great results ?
Does the army student loan repayment program cover private loans1zakir2012-08-09 08:48:42
Or just pay for federal loans ? I have about $ 21,000 in student loans SallieMae (a credible lender . )
Student loan repayment options?0Jon2012-10-04 13:36:48
So I went to college for a year and last year obtained a loan in two tranches . I have plans to go back this spring semester , but today I received a letter telling me I had to start paying back in April 2010 ... If I return it will again postpone ?
I need a private student loan. What are my options?0Rebbeckha2012-11-03 12:53:05
I recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. I cannot find a job anywhere and mainly went into the field because everyone told me I was good at it (stupid, I know). I am going back to school to pursue education. I have run into a few problems, however. I am going to go to a local Community College to earn some cheaper and easier credits that would transfer to my main University for my general ed. requirements. In order to afford this, I still need to take out a private student loan to pay for the community college because I don't have the cash and STILL cannot find a job. My dad has been laid off and my mom doesn't think she wants to cosign for me because she's afraid of me dying and her having to pay it back (how twisted is that?) She's the only other person with good enough credit history and long term job that would cosign. I don't want to ask my boyfriend's parents - that'd be awkward. I don't have a decent enough credit score to get a loan on my own. Without a private student loan of some sort, I cannot afford to go to the community college OR my university. Who offers student loans that would help meet my needs? A lot of people, like Chase, aren't even accepting student loan applications right now. I'm not entirely certain as to what to do. So here's ultimately what I need to pay for: 1. My community college classes, including books. 2. Minor living expenses, like gas and food. I live with my parents, but have to purchase these things on my own. 3. Pay for books and supplies for my university, including additional tuition costs that my scholarships, grants and federal student loans will not cover. What are my options?
Best private student loan options?0mmmheartbreak2012-10-26 08:18:38
so I'll be a freshman in college this fall , and although I understand the private loans are not the best to get involved , I have no federal loans / grants available to me . so my question is , what is the best private loan to consider ? Also , the loan is in my name or my parents' names ? because my dad does not have the best credit and has been worried that it would be rejected . best private student loan ? is in my name or my parents ? I'm 18 if that matters . thank you!
Extended student loan repayment or any other options?1Miriam2012-10-15 17:56:02
I recently applied to my student loan payment spread monthly over 25 years instead of the standard 10 years. I was rejected due to the fact that my old loan originated from October 7, 1998 (1997 started school ! ) . Since you can not afford to pay $ 800 per month , what other options do I have ? MedlinePlus Thanks in advance,

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