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I got approved for a car loan on by Wells Fargo. . .?3Marzi2012-10-23 11:31:02
I credit application through the dealer ( went through 7 or 8 lenders - Wells Fargo was the only one I approve because I have bad credit ) . Anyway , was approved for a loan , but the payment had to be 20 % of the loan amount , and the car I was seeing, it was a little more than I could afford at the time ( there was also a stipulation that the car had to be at least 06). This concession did not have many other cars that qualify to choose which came a little cheaper . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I 'm wondering is , since my app approved (although the credit application was withdrawn ) would it be reasonable to think that if I contacted Wells Fargo directly I would be able to obtain financing and then just go to any dealer I wanted ( which I wish I could find a slightly less expensive vehicle ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any reason that might reject me because I'm not asking for a loan through a dealer?
My car loan at wells fargo was approved, but with a "stipulation"?0 New Delhi2012-09-02 06:41:02
loan officer left a message on my voicemail today , Saturday . But I did not understand until after the bank closed. So now I 'm left wondering , what are the chances ? What is usually meant by stipulation? Any idea ? I applied for a used car loan . I have not yet chosen a car , applied for a 10K . hmmmm ....
Wells fargo is now refusing to give loan after the buyers were approved.?0dukegirl2012-09-09 11:42:02
I've been here for a while asking questions about this and here is another . My house had to close on or about March 31, 2009 , buyers are 100 % approved by Wells Fargo mortgage . After a lot of back and forth issues with Wells , ( the association is a matter that has no fiduciary bond , what we really have is called employee dishonesty .. something something . ) Bank learned of this today , and is now finally saying that they are not willing to lend money to anyone buying a condo in this development , after all this time and going back and forth . This is a very nice neighborhood , so it's not the problem , the bank does not like how the association is run , is what it boils down to . I've been paying two mortgages for two months and the first is just around the corner . How I can get the money that buyers of custody is 20,000 ? I know it's a difficult question to answer and depends on the contract , but I just throw it out there to see what people think. Is not there a law against this protect me since I lost many offers in recent months. I think this one of my fringe ammendments .. to live the American dream and start a family , own a home .. something :) Thanks for the answers you can give. Buyers will also have to start completely over with a new bank or may be a little quicker , since he's gone through a lot of the process with another bank ?
Does anyone have a loan with Wells Fargo Auto? HELP!?1fre2012-10-08 16:17:03
Does anyone else have loans through them ? Are they so rude to you as they are to me ? ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a little behind on my loan and they call me 25 times a day ( no exaggeration ! ) And then I wonder why I'm running late ? ? ? It is not your business. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What have you done to solve these problems with them ? ( Do not suggest refinancing , since nobody is financing cars right now) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help ! I can not deal with these rude people more !
Wells fargo refinance car loan?0Carmela2012-09-23 08:03:02
Just wondering if you have to have good credit to refinance your car or get a loan extension only have 23 months to go, but my payments are very high
How likely am i to get an auto loan from my bank (Wells Fargo)?4Re re2012-11-02 23:18:02
Do not have credit , has been at my job for about nine months , and generally make 1100 a month. at best it makes me like 5000 , but I really do not even need that, really only 1,000 ... think theyd negotiate. ? I approved online , but have yet to talk to them .
Wells Fargo, is a good place to ask for a loan?2Brina2012-10-15 17:04:03
My score is 605 and I'm in Chapter 7 ( released on 1/2003 ) , looking for a quick personal loan . Help please!
Will Wells Fargo Approve me for home loan?0Frederi2012-11-05 08:45:06
Our debt to income ratio (including house payment) is 46% and we're gonna try to go FHA if we can...we have 4 cars under our name of which 2 are not being paid for by us. One of them we have the 12 months bank statements that we don't have to pay for it-the other is a company truck and the company reimburses for it-but we don't have cancelled checks..what do we do to prove that. Also we have a 3k loan we plan on playin goff will they still prequalify us or will they wait til we actually pay it off?
Outstanding Auto Loan Wells Fargo?2title noun2012-09-20 19:48:03
I have a loan with Wells Fargo Dealer. I bought my 2006 Honda CRV in November 2007 out of a car lot for $ 18,000, no money down. I am no better at managing my money, but I've been much more interested in these days by what he was doing a little math, the other day and it really has gotten me worried. Do not know where my documentation, but I'll get it, but just from what I remember; I started paying my car loan a few months after I left the lot. That's when the payments kicked in. So I would say I've been paying $ 450 a month (I know my payment is high, but I had no down payment) from the beginning of 2008. It's been 4.5 years ... so estimated to have paid $ 5,400 per year and a total of $ 24,300. That's $ 6,300 more than they led him out of the many. I still owe about $ 7,500 remains so basically if you do not take into account the amount of interest you will still have to pay I'm paying $ 13,800 more than my car was originally a value in 2007 and is not even worth which is now in 2012. Kelly Blue I booked, and the highest is now sold around 12K. I will pay more than $ 30,000 for my Honda CRV worth less than half that amount ... and $ 10,000 more than the original loan amount. I tried to take it to a dealer uses to see what they pay me for it and barely cover the loan that I have ... approximately $ 7,100, so I have to pay a few hundred, but even have a car. I feel so exploited and naive to get a car from a portion of the representation with no money down on top of that. It's almost as if I've only been renting my car for the last 4.5 years. I was wondering if its something I can do. In my eyes the car must belong to me. I paid $ 27,000 to my loan and not even worth the money and still owes more than that just stresses me in my current financial situation. I was late a few times, so now that's also cost me more money, but the monthly payments are very high and almost every month is a bit of a struggle unless things go well. I love my car, but I'd just made a better decision at the beginning. I have asked over the phone to refinance and I am constantly given no answer. Any advice is very helpful.
Want to sell car with Wells Fargo auto loan.?2Alli P.2012-10-07 03:39:02
I have an auto loan for a used car I've had for about 2 years . I can not pay for gas and maintenance and wanted to sell the car . Unfortunately I have about $ 2,000 more in the car actually worth . ? I can sell the car for 2000 , then just keep paying the loan ?
Who Has Been Successful With A Wells Fargo Loan Modification?0Jasmine202012-11-02 22:10:46
I'm am dealing with Wells Fargo lost mitigation. And I've been having a horrible experience so far. If anyone has been successful modifying their loan please post your experience here. Thanks.
I got a car loan through wells fargo and they lost a payment?3yasha2012-08-10 21:29:02
I have been paying through Wells Fargo retirement payroll for the past 10 mths. They lost my payment date back in May this year. I just got a bill saying I'm behind and only a couple of weeks I went to apply for a new car and my credit report says I'm late for my payment to them. I keep asking that the office but I will return. Is there any way to fix this problem and get my credit score back up

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