My ex a cop wants the return of a gift?

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My ex bought me a car for 5 years and 11 months ago. suddenly after not talking to more than four years and a half it takes me to court? MedlinePlus Wants reimbursement for the car. 12,000 E! They said the car was a gift. I signed the contract of hire purchase and the car was registered in my name. The loan has been in his name through his credit union and I had to pay in three years after her credit union loan garda through.Approx came two years after buying the car we parted. Some time after this, he offered to buy the car above 8,000 e. I refused. He was constantly harassed him after he finished. He used to sleep out of my apartment and lack texters and sounds with abusive phone calls work, although it is and was also at that time-a garda. He said I could "sell the car or my partner could help pay the" loan "." My boyfriend is unemployed, not living with me and this is obviously not your responsibility. Also the car was written off in the snow last year. I received 1,750 for the car that I bought a new car for the same value. I am a single mother of a 3 year old girl and I am in 4th year of college finishing my degree. I recently lost my job in June, and so far have not received any benefit. I can not receive rent allownace as though I am a mother, I am of full-time education. If the courts decide that I have to return this gift and the money just is not there, did'nt, what will happen? I am very concerned as it is a garda. : (Also, if I have to pay back the "loan" I will have to pay 12,000 or the market value of the car now that is between 950 to 1.500 Please help I do not think he has any evidence of harassment was so long? Ago time or is a gift that he followed not paying for it. I can barely remember dates and details of when we were together and have no time or money to participate in a legal battle or pay lawyers.'ve received a subpoena from now "A a garda siochanna 'vs' a lady looking for 8000 and now he paid the USDA Agricultural Research remainder of the loan in a bank draft. Now he is claiming I asked him to clear the loan finance and said I would pay 30 weeks ago ea ... lies.if win is all I have to pay expenses of 1300 and what happens if I can not afford this ... that I can not really, are text messages admissible in Irish courts. I can get hard copies? Old prepaid sms if I have the old phone I used to have. ? I can report this man to the Garda Ombudsman has crushed many crimes for people and I wrote all garda essays some of which I have yet outside projects, he has done many horrible things as garda most of which I can not prove it that would probably be considered as rumors ... anyway the "loan" please advice am so scared he wants to finish college and do not want a huge debt hanging over me.
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Only give you the keys and take the bus for a while . Stop complaining .
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