What is the maximum legal interest rate for a car loan?"? related questions

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What is the maximum legal interest rate for a car loan?"?0ajg572012-09-09 12:40:02
I wonder what is the LEGAL Max . interest rate for a car loan in the state of Texas is and how it compares to other states? I hear it's 18% but not sure .
I would like to know what is the maximum interest a lender can charge on a secured loan is 35% legal?1Envy.s.o2012-09-13 10:56:03
I wonder what is the maximum interest a lender can charge for a secured loan is 35 % legal ?
What is the maximum interest rate a financial institution can charge?0makeda2012-10-11 08:34:13
A friend of mine was trying to get a loan of $ 5,000 to consolidate bills . She does not have the best credit because they have these bills , but you pay more than the minimum and never too late. He contacted a certain financial and payment would be $ 350 for 36 months. I did the math and she would have to pay back almost $ 13,000 ! I put this in a loan calculator and discovered he would pay 75% per year! Is this legal ? ( I realize I should not have got into this debt much at first , but still, this is ridiculous . ) Is there a limit to how much you can charge !
I was wondering what the LEGAL Max. interest rate for a car loan in North Carolina?2vonnia2012-11-05 03:34:02
I wonder what is the LEGAL Max . the interest rate for a car loan in North Carolina ?
Should we refinance from 6 1/8 interest rate to a 5.5 interest rate on our 30-year fixed rate loan?4tim2012-11-05 22:16:02
the value of the house : $ 600,000 Loan Amount : $ 477,000 Our loan officer said it's worth refinancing if you get a rate of 5.5 % or less. But we have no cash for closing costs of $ 5,000 ... suggested making a seprate HELOC to cover closing costs . Is this worth it? Or should we continue our 6 1/8 % rate ?
What is the maximum interest a car title loan place can charge?0Bryan Martin2012-09-14 09:17:04
My daughter will be $ 500 for a car title loan . When she went to make a payment , must now said 1500. She says it's illegal to charge her so much and was investigating whether he had to pay so much . I missed a payment . When he began to go to work this morning to find that he had taken his car. Now they say he owes 1900. The car is worth $ 10,000. Is not this usury ? What can you do? Where I can find the laws that protect you ?
My loan has 2 rates: Annual Percentage Rate & Interest Rate- I thought I would only be charged the interest!?0b rad2012-11-05 18:37:39
I have $20,937.01 in credit card debt. I know, I know, I really did myself over. My interest was off the charts on 3 separate cards, so I applied for a personal installment loan and received $20,000.00 at an interest rate of 6.99% over the course of 60 payments at $437.34 each. I have NEVER taken out a loan before and I tried to listen attentively and ask as many questions as possible in order to fully comprehend all the details, but I was never told about an Annual Percentage Rate of 7.223%, which I can now see on the paperwork I was given to take home with me. I am very confused. Why are there 2 rates? How is this decided? How much am I actually going to pay in interest then? I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks so much!
Will all the federal interest rate cuts happening lately effect my student loan interest rate?0eagle2012-08-25 04:44:02
Or I can consolidate what they do ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
What is the formula to calculate the rate of interest for flat rate or diminishing rate issued in the car loan?0aisya2012-10-19 09:32:36
What is the formula for calculating the interest rate fixed rate or rate of decline issued the car loan ?
Is prime interest rate or Laibor interest rate better when colsolidating private student loans?0lorie anderson2012-08-22 06:51:02
I consolidate my private student loans and in some places have a prime rate and others have Laibor inerest rate . What is a better choice ?
Is the comparison interest rate the same as the effective interest rate for a loan?0Mrs. T2012-11-03 18:29:59
For home loans, are they the same thing, or am I missing something?
Can the rate of Penal Interest be more than the normal interest rate for personal loans?0cheerlovee2012-11-03 15:15:42

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