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While working a few months ago, a guy who was acting as a sub / co-worker was meant to be supervised by me but others in my team. There was no reason to make friends, just ask my questions again what to do, how to help, the skills needed to work, so far as he knew, he was almost single-handedly most of my instruction. What I did though was one night, passing by him and some friends (I was with a friend), I smiled and said hello. Just for being decent and kept walking. Very soon, the next day, started a conversation with me and asked me many things about myself. It seemed a bit strange, because usually, no subs (and esp. The type of person who is maintaining a low profile type) gets to talk well. To cut things short, the talks went into prolonged conversations out, flirting, laughing, etc. I even heard a guy who works with me, asked if I still liked (after 2 weeks) and he smiled and said yes. This man was really reflecting my actions and it is very obvious. But we also knew that the country was going in a few months. He left my computer on schedule to join another, but we kept in touch. I sent a message maybe once / twice, for what he did. He had opened a lot to me when we were talking and I thought, maybe maybeee ........ MedlinePlus Anyway, during the last days I was there, asked me to come hang out. I was working that night so I did not say I would not do it or I would, just to encourage the band that was playing that night (I knew I was playing). He did not ask to meet another time and then the next day I saw him and I said it was not. So nothing came of that. I had lent something to him and on Friday, it happened to someone I knew and ran to the rear of the train to its base (3 hours away). He told me to take care of me and if I'm in the area, give him a shout. MedlinePlus Then he asked me to hang out, I thought it was very strange / unusual because we never hung after-hours had a bit of a professional relationship, but easier to use than professional. So, here it was buttered and stirred and then wrote a few days later he asked if there would be more relaxed, because we never did. I guess I was being nice? I really do not know, but it was his response: Oh, as I found an interesting person I'd like to know? Then he told me that there were many people in the office there, few who knew what I asked. (We thought it was strange because at that time he had been before, so why do you ask me now, too, his guyfriends were with him, well, would people around!) Anyway, that conversation turned out to be coffee arranged the following week, if it was free. I was coming to the area for my own stuff, agreed. We did not know organized an hour or so on, I wondered why he did not call on Friday or SAT. Later he texted tha Sat and he told me some bad news - a parent diagnosed with terminal cancer close so it was the next morning. He had suspected something like that in the past two weeks while working on the other computer. So he left, I kept in touch with him on a website and the first week I wrote a few lines, but said nothing for two weeks. I had seen him go online, but the figure, which was the time on their mobiles. I had other things to do outside the home and then fly back to see his father when he was free. Eventually, I wrote a long letter explaining what had happened and we corresponded alittle more often. So I said nothing for a few days and then spoke again. We would like also some internet conversations that lasted hours. Then he returned to his base at home away from home. We were talking, and I asked if we could meet. He said sure, but the weekend was coming, he was out of town again. He went back and talked (but again, I would be the beginning of a conversation), but never had a way to reach me and he is also doing his final year college exams. This was 4 months from the first time we talked in person. So that bothered me a bit because I thought from the way this guy's talking to me, sharing with me both on itself, in addition to me, making me feel that I am special to him, I wondered why I was not making attempts meet me again why I would ask her out about 4/5 times, but it never occurred to him than ever, not just walk. So I said I found this all very confusing. Then he said he was interested, but because he was, because he wanted to spend more time with parents immediately after the exams, because I knew where I was going to work after that and it was not free yet this exam preparation, thought it would be unfair for me. So I asked him what he wanted and if he wants a coffee or a meal if you are still interested in meeting. I told him we could work out, work around it-well, in my opinion, it's not fair to me. He left me hanging and then when I gave him saying, if this is the
Answer1dansileAnswered at 2012-09-09 23:12:02
i bet u hate MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS if u pubplish that question with any questions u have a bestseller
Answer2NUSAnswered at 2012-09-12 17:00:04
Wow that's a long time lol MedlinePlus And that guy is weired
Answer3KhululekileAnswered at 2012-09-17 01:37:06
What are you thinking , where is the end of his sentance ! MedlinePlus Anyway , the guy has lots and lots of things on the plate. MedlinePlus Terminal cancer exams , travel , new job .... It really sounds like you want to do things with you . It just could not be able to. MedlinePlus He may be a great guy , very sweet , but if you 're dealing with some of their own problems , and then leave . You can not really push something in this situation . Not really know the man , and he is always busy . the imminent death of parents , etc. MedlinePlus hello , from time to time and if things are going to happen , they will. But in due course.
Answer4Judy HoffmanAnswered at 2012-09-18 11:51:02
I prefer 2 points = 10 points )
Answer5MickaelaAnswered at 2012-09-20 02:00:04
Well, he's a loser ! MedlinePlus Ignore him as much as possible! MedlinePlus When I see him at work , whether civil , but not hopeless ! MedlinePlus Good Luck ! MedlinePlus Hope this helps !
Answer6need help please!!Answered at 2012-09-25 11:08:03
You ran out of space at the end . 10 points please.
Answer7Karol GoneyAnswered at 2012-10-08 07:42:12
hun sounds like you might be wasting time on it , he does not know whot dose whonts by the sound of it . but if you really whont keep trying that is all you can do
Answer8Please check my answersAnswered at 2012-10-22 08:11:25
My question is why are you exposing yourself to be disappointed every time I deal with this guy. Obviously , either has too many things going on in your life , or simply not interested in being in a relationship . Stop being so hung up on a guy and another date , if you sit there and try to read both in their actions , you are only writing another question that is twice as long . Sometimes , if someone in your life is too confusing to understand , stop trying! Too many people in this world that will not be easy to do this with you all merry - go-round routine you're going with this guy ! Nobody can say why it is doing this , all I can see is that has you wrapped around her finger and on standby for when he decides to meet . So now is the time for you to do the dance to their tune and not be so available to him , the next time you want to meet , let him know when he is free to commit to actually hang out after they know , but unless you actually occurs , not expecting it and then stop there . Do not give the opportunity to keep stringing you along again and for God's sake , find other people . It really sounds like he was desperate to get a boyfriend and I really hope it's not the case . There are many opportunities out there to explore a little hung a busy man and unreliable .
Answer9fabAnswered at 2012-10-24 11:26:15
He is attracted to you, but you probably do not want a relationship right now . However, it is not fair to keep tossing around and driving you , so you may want to pass someone who is willing to take a little more time . 30 minutes is not much time and if you have 30 minutes to stop and have a coffee , he does not have time to maintain a solid relationship.
Answer10paragonAnswered at 2012-11-04 02:30:16
oookay that is sooo long lmaoo. but he didnt leave you hanging by doing that i understand where he was coming from i would have done the same thing. a relationship between you two will workout just believe, itll take work, but you can do iit : )
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