Can any one get me work and a VERY cheap place to stay in or near Connelly Springs, NC? related questions

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Can any one get me work and a VERY cheap place to stay in or near Connelly Springs, NC?0julee2012-09-09 06:32:03
I was recently engaged with a beautiful woman who lives in Connelly Springs , North Carolina . I have a place to stay in Woodleaf , North Carolina , which is about an hour of it and there is no work there and the guy I 'm staying with promise only $ 200 a month . Obvious that car taking school loans , nights with her, and the desire to save money for her and my future ... no way to do with $ 200 a month . Anyone in or near Connelly Springs offer me a good paying job and a very very very cheap place to stay? I am Torah observant to come into play too! Thank you so much! Please let me know !
How can I get a loan for a place to stay and to find a job?1marsha2012-08-22 07:37:02
I'll be kicked out of my bedroom as the semester is almost over and my parents are not going to give money as I will cut them. I basically need to find a way to get a quick loan so I can find an engine to move my things and pay the rent once you find a cheap room available. I have to do all this within a week . I have no car and very bad credit because my parents made a loan in my name and have not been paying on time. What I can do in this situation ? In addition , I have no car and no money at all. I do not know anyone who can lend me money. In addition , I have 20 years with a high school diploma , but I leave the university.
Where is a great place to go on a honeymoon cheap?0Richard S. del Rosario2012-09-24 13:06:03
I live in a city of y'all prolly have not heard . I live in Duluth MN and I got married in October and we still have to go on our honeymoon . We plan on going in February or March. I pay $ 17 an hour and I have to fix the car and buy a new bed and pay some of my student loans back , so I need all cheap. I wish other places to go besides Duluth honeymoon . I've never been out of Duluth . We want to go to some kind of close but not too close or too far . I would like a cheap destination and basically everything cheap . We do not want to go to Minneapolis MN , that kinda wana explore things. We are planning a honeymoon for maybe 4 or 5 days. I do not do those deals website for flights and hotels . I appreciate the help . And remember cheap and fun places to go and explore ! Thanks again y'all .
Best place to get a reliable cheap car or rental?0Clemen2012-09-24 22:13:01
trying to buy a car or possibly get an income MedlinePlus My uncle has a car lot at 441 but for example asks 19k for a 2008 honda MedlinePlus so that I would have to take out a loan so for me id be bettter to get a new Camaro or Challenger lols MedlinePlus your input would be appreciated
My friend needed a place to stay but now they won't leave.?3Annabeth2012-11-05 20:24:02
Ok , this could become a much longer history , but I will try to be brief . In August my friend broke up with her ​​boyfriend ( douche total) and poured . My friend is broken , not only broke, but broke literally zero money . She is a college student like me , but is about to lose its registration because their family has squandered all his money . His dad stole student loans to the tune of $ 60,000 ( I'm pretty sure that 's not legal ) but have already lost their home for now . She had an internship on campus we paid, but not enough to sustain an apartment or house . In addition , she is about to lose this internship because it will not be a student more . She can not get a job to support life , and they will do credit checks and , thanks to his father and his own bad decisions , your credit is abysmal . I tried to get them to understand and make some old fashioned hard work but do not think she would be able to stand on its own with a job well ( although I think she can ) . Anyway , because she needed a place to stay for a while back in August . Seeing that he had no other place to go and I would not let her sleep in your car I offered my couch . It's October . His stuff is everywhere . It cramps my privacy . And honestly made ​​me angry and upset with her and really force the friendship . But what I can do? I can not throw her to live in his car . But she has no definite date of work / residence and therefore theoretically could need for your stay until December. That's not right . Not be able to handle much longer . I need some help / advice / anything about what to do in this situation . Thank you guys .
I want to stay at home and work, help?!?3twilight rocks2012-10-19 12:05:01
So basically I have a child , and would like to work from home. I have the idea , I want to help schools and organizations raise money . However, I need some help with startup costs . With bad credit who can not get a loan . Does anyone know of any other ideas for financing of small business , I'm desperate .
Which country is cheap and best to work at?10Larr2012-09-12 17:52:04
I am from India, I am a man , I have 30 years, not married , I have no technical skills , all I know is direct sales (advertising, credit card , personal loans , insurance) and some application computer . I want to win fast and get married and settle down. I have not had any big savings since I'm from a big family . Now I want to go to another country, fast error and return to India in another 3-5 years time . what country I go? what kind of work is right for me ? my monthly savings goal is at least 1000 U.S. dollars. How much will it cost to get there? How fast I can go? Are there reputable consultants / reliable to guide me ? I know there are expectations of me toomany but please help me with the information.
Stay at home or go back to work?2mathsen2012-10-15 23:26:02
Hi all . I had a question. Before I got pregnant with my daughter now 11 months old , was working right out of college with my degree . 6 months later, she was pregnant . I went to the maternity leave at 8 months preggo and never returned. My husband and I decided that I stay home with our baby . Well , we decided things looked well financially and with our family , so we decided to get pregnant again . As soon as I get pregnant (I'm almost 6 weeks) things start to unravel. Our safe haven shot so we put our daughter in Medicaid . My husband throws in a few extra hours and my daughter starts Medicaid ! Now we are in the process of trying to get in KidCare ( an alternative to Medicaid ) , but cheaper than insurance. Unexpected bills just decided to always appear as if from nowhere . We have luxury expenditures , except maybe ... no cable car payments , nothing like that . Only needs my student loans and I defer until next year , when I have no choice but to pay . Now I feel so guilty because I 'm the one with the degree and I 'm not using . We firmly believe that it would be best for the children that I stay with them . We have no family to see our children so the alternative would be the nursery ... What do you think ? .. Should we continue to live paycheck to paycheck to pay for our children to have their mother at home or should I go back to work to live more comfortable ? Please , opinions are appreciated ! Thank you !
How do I ask my friend to let me stay with her until I can find work?0shanticia2012-09-03 21:06:02
I never thought that I would like a roommate, but I wanted to live with my friend who is a doctor. She is very nice and tolerant as I click so well. It was my idea to live with it for the first time since I have a temporary job at a clinic in the area. I initially hired last summer, but only began this year (sucks, I know). My friend has been wanting to live with it for several months and I felt uncomfortable about it for several reasons, mainly wanted to secure income or at least enough money saved to move in. I was working close to where she lived, but was that a temporary job I wanted to quit but tried to stay (it was an open position without specific timeline) Basically the job was a joke that was never trained to do the job I was hired for (Patient Coordinator) and ended up doing something more (Medical Billing Clerk / Receptionist). The mission ended in April. Since then, I have not been able to find anything in my area where I live. I requested any employment office even hotel clerk jobs, which is not my preference, but a job is a job right now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I received job leads, but are usually too far and I have bad credit (student loans, credit card debt small) so its harder to find a decent career. I have a degree but did not help much in terms of finding work so now I feel like I have no choice but to do temporary work to gain exp. I can not fix my debt problem unless you have a steady income. I do not get unemployment benefits. My birthday recently passed and I have been basically taking the little b-day money I received to keep gas in the car, buy basic necessities and food. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another issue is that my father was recently released from a mental hospital and my mother wants a break for her plans to leave for two months. I know my dad will start to complain about me not working, sooner or later, so I feel a lot of pressure. Whenever I'm applying to jobs and I get interviews, but generally feel good'm overqualified (b / c grade) or do not have enough exp. When I pass my grade is when I can get an interview easier. I think I'll stop assuming or wants more money, but that's not true. I need a steady job, I want to grow within the company. I graduated from college at 21 and did not get a job until a year later in a correctional facility: .. (I'm in my 20s and I live with my parents, which is depressing after living in my own apartment in college I really want to move but no $ $ rather not move in (most of the money he earned in the last job used to fix the car of my father "gave" me so that I could handle, I have yet to pay the insurance also is not cheap either because it is a luxury car that costs so much to maintain.) do not know what to do. I feel that I have nothing to lose. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If my parents are angry, they can always help me then? I would God forbid homeless. So I have to do something. Trust me I seek daily work but always the same problem. Even volunteer often, so can network and potentially get positive referals. I have really wanted to work in the service sector non-profit/social but there are few opportunities where I live so that movement is my best bet. She is close to the places that have more career positions a person with my background. It's a matter of convincing for me to stay maybe if I explained my situation would understand idk but I have to do something fast. I know I could use the money so she can eventually leave also. She decided to renew his contract until January 2012. Hopefully she did not get a new roommate for the moment. I'm a little worried if I do not move in what will likely only find someone else to move in: (I understand that not "move on" by any means until I had a stable job but keep it a week or so to see how and why the job search could be better for me ... idk
How do bonds work how cheap do they get and how much they make?2 Dear Tak. flowery -2012-11-02 20:15:02
how they work , where I can get the time to take them , how much are they worth . How will I do with $ 250 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is also a good alternative link low risk to buy securities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I use the 250 to make a loan secured by my father to raise your credit? have bad credit and are struggling .
Should I move to California for work or stay in my hometown?5 ⺌ (. -2012-09-03 03:02:04
I have 22 years and I have a chance to work ( as a graphic designer ) in California .. but I'm sure if you should take it or not. I'm from the East Coast, so it would be a big change to go through there. I am very settled here : I have a boyfriend , a condo that I just paid off (because I sold my business online in January) , a dog , family and many friends. However , I am currently unemployed since I sold my business and I'm living on savings. I need a job .. but since I paid my mortgage loan does not need to be doing a lot more money .. just enough to pay the bills ... but do not get me wrong I love to be making good money again. I am also very shy and has trouble making friends .. so you might be lonely and miserable in Cali and lose all my friends in the house. Cali Should I give it a try, or wait for an opportunity to come closer to home ? One more thing , I have a college degree, so it offers as this custom back often for me .. help!
We Buy Houses Colorado Springs0levac2022-05-09 23:49:35
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