Repo car question. what if the loan co. does't find the car and then charges off the acct. not as a repo? related questions

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Repo car question. what if the loan co. does't find the car and then charges off the acct. not as a repo?2island boy Calling GURRU BLUE2012-10-03 03:10:03
The person still has the car in the credit report shows a closed / load Acct. Maybe the person who is applying for a new car title?
Can loan company press theft charges for not surrendering car when they want to repo?2Frederi2012-11-06 08:03:02
Can the loan company press theft charges for not giving up when they want to repo car ?
Can a repo service say that they won't take the car, but does; then charges me for storing my private property?1zachary stanich2012-11-05 19:52:02
My car has been recovered. The first time I received a phone call saying "Pete Mitchell " , saying that he is the attorney for the bank (the bank that I have a loan for my vehicle financed ) . He says he wants to re-hire the vehicle , so we can help refinance the last $ 6000, but will have to take " temporary custody " of the vehicle and must submit documentation 12pm. He said he'll send his check the vehicle type ( write some statistics ) and no vehicle movement unless the inspection area is not safe . He made it very clear ( he even said he " wants to make it very clear " ) is not going to recover the vehicle . The vehicle is not going anywhere . If there is any movement of the vehicle, to be no more than 5-10 minutes. I agreed . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " The guy " appears about 11 . I gave him the keys and your privacy on my street to do their " inspection." I suspected what he was seeing the guy from my window . I turn around for a second, the car disappears . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After 10 minutes , I tried to call the lawyer , the line has been disconnected . I took a little time before calling 911. When I called 911 , the operator told me my car was impounded ( I got the lucky number ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I called the luck , I was told that I have to make an appointment for the same day to pick up my private property and are already booked for the day . Is $ 35 for the first day , then $ 10 for each additional day . Every time I tried to call , say they are full , or that due to public holidays closed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can they do that ?
Auto Repo wanted to know what happens if I have no engine in the car and they repo it.?1Student 1552012-09-11 03:12:03
I have an auto loan that had the car to add a little more than a year since I 've been able to make payments. The engine just blew and the engine is not in it at this time what will happen if they come take the car and see that it has no engine in which all the money out you owe on the loan ?
What happens if they never find my car for repo?1Esmeralda2012-09-23 15:16:03
I thought my car was repoed last December was 4 months behind on payments. the swap rates came several times ... then the car disappeared , so I figured it was . I have not heard anything from the guys repo / bank until last week ( a year later . ) The finance company got the court to issue a "writ of possession " and left some kind of warning, in a family house , while was at work . It says something about the sheriff's office there. I think these guys are coming to my house next door . the writ of possession had my company listed as defendant, my name was not anywhere. I know I can be at home and not deal with these guys , even if the cops are out there, because this is a civil matter ... as you can not kick my door and drag me out. My problem is I have no idea where the car thought I repoed a year ago , so I canceled my insurance and registration right after the car disappeared , I also ran my credit report in January , and showed Paid car loan " and closed" , so there was no reason to think anything other than the bank repurchased the car ... what's going on here ? What should I do ? I lawyered , and told the guys that do not have the car ... will simply disappear , then sue me for the full balance ? I can go BK ? Your judgment ?
How long does the repo man keep trying to recover a car he cant find?1dirty red2012-09-20 10:45:03
I have not made ​​a payment since June 2009. They stopped trying to REPO in November 2009 . A man appeared in June 2010 asking questions , but I have not heard anything since. I have no car and have no idea what happened to him. A lawyer has told me not to answer my door or talk to the repo rate . I have no plans to cooperate at all. The vehicle was not insured or registered , so I have no reason to file a police report as there was no insurance . If they sue me and a judge gives them a " mandate repleven " I can not give what I have in my possession , and I have no idea where the car so I 'm home free, right? All they can do is sue me for the full amount of the loan and get a judgment against me? At this point , I'm pretty low lying and buy time until it can go to Chapter 7 BK and end all my bills and start over ... I have one of those " Cash Only" go mobile and registered under the name " Barney the Cat" lol ... I can pay cash , so no more harassing calls . Did not answer my door , and send cease and desist letters to collectors when mailed me . I pay my bills , but in a nutshell , I can not at this time. What is the best way to keep the repo rate / bank until you can save enough money to go BK ?
Answer repo question?1Suzette2012-11-03 20:49:02
I know what everyone is saying about not repo , but I had to deliver , was upside down in my car , due 5000. Most of what was worth.then On top I put 1500 in repairs in the last two months 00 now broke again, plus my car payment is 3/4 of my take home every two weeks, my credit is bad and so I could not get a loan and nobody wanted to buy the vehicle for 8000.00.when is only worth 2200.00 . So the end result is similar to what your situation is.And I have no money to put out uless not want to eat or a place to live , When I bought the truck was making more money
I just received my REPO CAR . MedlinePlus 1st question is : . I just got married THIS AND EFFECT OF WIFE IN ANY WAY CREDIT LOAN NO CAR IS IN YOUR NAME MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2nd question : The loan guarantor BY A FAMILY MEMBER WILL BE PUBLISHED IN CREDIT REPO BUT NOT THIS PERSON IS REALLY GOOD CREDIT BAD AS THEY LOOK . Its 2 CAR LOAN MORTGAGE AND HOME -3 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know mine will look really bad .
Fha getting a loan with a car repo?2Letha2012-09-14 13:25:04
Ok I'm trying to get an FHA loan and I have a car to 11000.00 REPOSSED was a lemon law but not enough for one month . It is a 5-year debt has been charged off , but the only bad debt on my credit.I have 1 to the soldiers who have been paying faithfully for a year and a half and everyone else has been paid ... . I've been working on this for three years so this thing one rejects me ?
Credit repo bad credit question?1Smitty2012-11-06 01:48:03
REPOSSED had a car when I was 19 years old when he fell out of credit or when does my credit improve? I lost my job and moved around. I can not get credit cards or loans . I make 60k a year and have no accounts . What should I do ? Is there any way to build up my credit ? Why the bad credit record fall in seven years ? any help is appreciated
If your car was repo is there someone like car loan care to help?0conjunction2012-10-15 02:22:14
took car for repairs and two days after I was told that my car was the repo you have not seen my car since
Can I get a student loan If I have a repo?2kalene2012-09-06 17:40:07
I'm going through a divorce and I gave my car for you to rent a apartment.I to finish my career .

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