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What are my rights if a pawnshop is closed on loan maturity date?0Susanne2012-09-09 03:39:03
I live in Oregon and I have some time on a pawnshop loan a couple of things . ( I have renewed the loan , so there is a grace period of 30) . The maturity date of the loan is on a Sunday , and the pawn shop is closed on Sat . and Sun. Does the pawnshop to wait to claim my items overnight loans are open , or do I have to redeem the loan early on Friday ? MedlinePlus After searching online , I know Texas requires that the pawn shop to give you one more day if they are closed on the due date . However, I can find nothing in the statutes of Oregon ...
Can anyone explain 'maturity date' on a car loan and how it works?0Bheki2012-09-16 00:43:05
I know it will sound stupid , but I'm very confused . I've never paid a car off regular payments , we have paid a big chunk early and paid it off in a ' raid ' . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We financed the car for about $ 24,000 total. We paid for 4 years and our reward is about $ 12,000 right now, with our due date of 5/2012 . So how is that we paid $ 12,000 in four years and we are magically going to pay half in just two ? Does the fall of the interest rate at any given time ? I have not seen this anywhere in our documentation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm really surprised at how this works. Thanks for any help !
The total amount due on the maturity date is $?0Melonie2012-10-14 08:57:53
May 3, 2007 , Leven Corp. negotiated a short term loan of $ 685,000. The loan is due on October 1, 2007 , and an interest rate of 6.86 % . Use ordinary interest to calculate interest . What is the total amount paid in Leven expiration date ? ( Round your answer to two decimal places. Omit the "$" sign in your response . )
What is the total amount due on maturity date?0Vol2012-09-21 11:13:03
on May 12, 2007 , atlas corp . negotiated a short term loan of $ 785,000 . The loan was due 10/29/2007 and has an interest rate of 7.24 % . Use ordinary interest to calculate interest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the total amount the company would pay on due date ?
My rights payday lender closed, collection demanding payment?0kwante2012-11-04 11:07:39
I borrowed money for an emergency death. I paid first payment (over required amount) By time next payment due, company closed. I received two notices via mail, interest higher than original loan. What are my options
I closed my credit card accounts 3 months ago and am no longer able to pay. What are my legal rights now?0Mitchie2012-11-05 10:13:03
I had these credit card accounts for 3 to 5 years was late a few times but never missed a payment, needless to say my interest rates went through the roof. I closed the accounts on my own, I am no longer able to pay them even the minimum payment, they have been closed for 3 months now. I was unemployed for almost a year but managed to keep my accounts current. I went to a debt consolidation before closing the accounts. The payment was still $ 200.00 cannot afford to pay that. I now am no longer able to pay them I have sent a few payments of $10.00 dollars. I have called each one and let them no that due to new living arrangements ( circumstances beyond my control) and other problems that I was no longer able to pay the minimum payment and that in fact I did close the accounts on my own, that I would send a payment of $10.00 when I am able to, they said that that is unacceptable and wanted to make payment arrangements, I informed them that I have no extra money to make payment arrangements with, thats why I called them to let them that I would send what I can when I can afford it. They call me from 8 am to 9pm Mon. through Sat. I no longer speak with them. What is going to happen and what are my rights. Thank You, Steph M Ft lauderdale Fl
Acct Type: Secured Loan Acct Status: Closed Monthly Payment: Date Open: 12/1/2004 Balance:?0tameka2012-08-18 17:46:02
can u explain in laymans terms
My question is from what date does the first Delinquency start? Is it from the first late payment? Or date of?1arshi2012-11-06 05:10:02
I had an account with fireplace auto financing ( auto loan ) and was paid in the settlement , but the report shows credit bad credit . Due to delays in payments . My question is what date crime starts first? Is in default in the first place? Or date of last payment ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Because I have this car loan in 2002 , and the final payment of the first was in 2003 and again in 2004 , and so on , the final payment for the settlement was 2007 . They are reporting this won
If I pay by mail (US m.o.) before a due date and it is received by the due date. Could it be considered late?0Daviana2012-11-04 17:15:40
I got a payday loan and it is due on friday. I mailed their payment for the loan in full on monday of that week and it reaches them say by friday. Is it considered late because they state it will take them 2 weeks to post it. Funds are paid by legal tender US Postal money order.
Selling item at a pawnshop?0sammy boy!2012-08-24 03:30:04
Some time ago , I took my old ipod to the pawn shop and claimed back / cash loan paid before the month ended, but now I 've realized that I do not need it anymore. Do not know anyone who wants to buy and it is older, there have been no serious offers to buy online . I was wondering if I could sell to a pawn shop ( the same place or difference ) if I had committed once?
Explain the process of starting an online pawnshop?0ramin_1637 2012-09-27 11:42:03
hello , my name is John and I'm 18 . After graduating from high school, I just discovered a passion for the operation of a business. I generally have had difficulty following simple instructions in school , but also has intelligent ideas on how to solve solutions , and has the ability to think creatively out of the box . I had the idea of ​​an online pawnshop where I would take my current capital of $ 6,000 and pay a portion of it so you never need in exchange for an article of yours that would be used as collateral and is equal the value of my loan , and either pick interest in the future , or if not I still would enforce contract and resell the article . All this would take place online that imply a convenient way to make easy money . my earnings come from interest received, the resale of items that I have received through interest payments failed , and the sale of advertising space on the website . My inventory could be in my college dorm room , or my storage room in my house . While I have the ideas and vision , I admit that lack of logic and common sense step by step process to get this started . any expert out there who can give me either the answer or even suggestions on how to get this started ? Thank you.
Student loan disbursement date Help! What's this mean? Anticipated Disbursement date?1Blakee2012-10-05 03:12:03
Ok , have already been approved for Stafford loans . I checked my account online through AES ( loan through this company ) and is expected disbursement date is 1/4/08 . Well, that's today. It appeared as paid , will be only 1-4. Is there something wrong ? Or take time to be updated ? Or maybe it's Friday, it might not be shown until the next business day ? When should you get to my school ?

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