What to do about family problems (Kind of Long)?

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looking for someone to varify my work please
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during the summer I got put ed off because the company is a temporary service and the company I was working for was not looking to hire anyone. So I decided to go to a provincial university . I go to school Monday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays 16:00-20:00. Last month , my dad and I had a fight and had to go to court because he was yelling at me, so I was going to do something with my life . But he did not understand I enrolled in college and the school did not start until September 2 . So now it's October and everything has been fine . I applied for a stafford loan and should come in the mail in a couple of weeks . Now he complains that I should find a part time job . I applied in almost all fast food or grocery store around my area and I still have not received any calls . I told him I would loan some money , but again he does not understand or does not trust me . So what should I do ? He has always complained that he should go to college when I was working for a year and now I am university that wants to find a job ? I do not understand what you want of me at all . In addition , he and my mom got into a fight over a bill that were lost that month . My mother hit him a few times . I was about to hit , but quickly broke . I always ask my mom why she does not divorce . But she said " Who is going to pay the mortgage ? " Do not know what to do someone is always yelling . I'm thinking it's because he does not have allot of money . But he spends about $ 70 per week for cigarettes , food and gas before going to work . I do not know what to do with him always picking on us. Should I try to avoid when you're home ?

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