How can i get a higher credit score?

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I recently had my credit report and was reaaallly bad! I did not miss any payments on my credit card , but the cause is the number of attempts a loan application . Look, I 'm just living here in Canada for over a year and last year I tried to buy a new car. I went to a dealer and they helped me get a loan , said they would give a lot of money down, since I have no credit history but what I will get the loan approval. And so I did, and I was approved . but I did not know they came in contact with almost all the banks here , and most of them I refused because I have no credit history yet! and now my credit score is so low : . . ( I was not irresponsible to handle my credit if I only knew the dealer would, then you should not have gotten a loan for a car and you have some idea of how long it takes to get my credit score higher?

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